Expectations vs Reality of what would happen to Lars in Wanted
  • Expectations: Lars and Steven are going to fuse!
  • Reality: Lars is no longer fully human and have a magical portal inside of his hair. Plus he may now have an expanded lifespan due to the how old Lion possibly is thanks to what was revealed in the episode "Buddy's Book"

Beryl Adopts!
(description below contains small spoilers from the SU 6 leaks)

I had the sudden urge to design a bunch of Beryl’s based on Aquamarine’s body type so… these are the ones I ended up liking, Bixbite, Emerald, Heliodor, Morganite & Goshenite! It was fun to design them, but I barely use the characters I have so, it’s adopt time :‘>

If you’d like to adopt any of these guys just flick me a DM
Paypal only though - I’ll probably price them at… $5 each?
They all gone sorry guyz


Meet Rhodonite, she’s a fusion of a pearl and a ruby. She has a bit of an anxiety problem. We know a little about her back story, the pearl’s previous owner was a Morganite. She was cast aside and replace when her owner found out that her pearl liked to fuse. I would like some more back story about how Ruby and Pearl met and how they first fused. I also really want her and Garnet to meet.