sonicadventurebattle-deactivate asked:

3, 12 & 22 (but these questions are really cool so if you want you should do them all!)

3) which villain would you most like to fight

Kisame tbh. I’d like the friendly/passive aggressive banter X3

12) what would your ninjutsu be

I’d love to have a jutsu like Sai’s *A* Though I dont think it’d be half as threatening pff…I think my chakra nature would probably be water?? idk

22) who would you want your partner to be in the akatsuki

Itachi (bet ya saw that coming)

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morganfreakman replied to your post: “me and my friends are a lot more alike to the Always Sunny gang than the Study Group. we don’t have diversity, just a bunch of white, unhealthy, retarded, drunks that live in a shitty city that smells like homeless and miscellaneous drug use”

It looks like you need a token black guy.

well we have several black people but none of them are like stereotypical black people 

a few of them of flaming homosexuals

and one is a lot like me except with darker skin and a bigger booty