it started out so innocent. the way that lydia could command a room was nothing new, but allison found that it always ran down her spine and electrified her when that attention was turned on her. she was blushed after their first kiss, and was almost afraid to proposition what she really wanted to try with lydia. but lydia knew what her girl needed and it wasn’t long before they were exploring things they didn’t even know about themselves. allison’s submissive nature finally able to show through with someone and lydia was more than eager to dominate and take care of the person she loved the most. 


There are a bunch of people in this fandom that I am very grateful for having the opportunity to get to know.  There are so many fantastic, talented, kind individuals that I wanted to do a little promo/follow forever series to give thanks to these people.  This is part 2 of (at least) 8.

daunt:  Megan is one of my top top top favorite artists in the Teen Wolf fandom.  She is amazingly talented at what she does; every one of her drawings leaves me breathless.  She also happens to be one of the kindest and most endearing individuals I’ve come to know, and I hate to go too long without speaking to her (she’s got a very busy schedule D:).  I love her though so it’s okay.

morganderek:  Shelby is such an incredible person.  Whenever she graces me with her attention my mood is uplifted.  Shelby is one of the fiercest lady-character stans in this fandom, and will fight you for the position of Laura Hale’s #1 Fan.  Shelby makes me laugh and she makes me smile and she is a priceless addition to my tumblr experience.

obrozey:  Levvie’s Photoshop skills are mind-blowing.  Seriously, I can’t even comprehend half of the things she pumps out.  She is a very, very talented person, and I would let her be my ruler (ruler).  Levvie is Queen of Skittles, and that position is rightfully earned with her intense love and devotion to the beautiful ship.  Thank you Levvie for being… so you.  (Also bless you for introducing me to Brooklyn Nine-Nine ♥)

ohhelga: Oh lord, where do I even begin with Kirstin.  I can’t even explain how talented she is; I have no list of adjectives that I could apply to her capability that would live up to her actual level of skill.  Kirstin blows me away with everything she creates, no matter if it’s Teen Wolf, Harry Potter, or any other fandom-related business.

softywolf:  TES!!!!!  Tes is my Piccolo, my Dragonball Z buddy (speaking of - we need to watch more sometime!).  Tes is a multi-talented wonder, with incredible writing and Photoshop abilities.  My love for Tes is endless and I admire her for all she is.

idk why fandom expects actors to be perfect all the time???? you make mistakes. i make mistakes. we all make mistakes??? we all say things we regret. we all say things and don’t realize the consequences straight away. whining about how they “should’ve known better” just makes us sound like angry parents like: “you should have thought about that before you did ______!!!” you know how unfair that is? how little that helps??? how about we strive to educate people when they make mistakes, when they clearly don’t know better. let’s aim for patience and instead do our best to be inclusive in our knowledge and awareness. just because someone’s face is on tv doesn’t mean they’re all-knowing, and just because we have a blog on a website with a couple thousand followers doesn’t mean that we’re all-knowing, either.