The Fires of Idirsholas (2x12): Merlin poisons Morgana to save Camelot.

Prompt Day 10 || Path I - Favorite Moments 

It is such a tragic and heartbreaking scene and it’s the moment I realized this show had massive potential because instead of just finding another solution, the show went there in turning Merlin into someone who would sacrifice a friend for the greater good and Morgana into the “villain” we know.

I also love the intimacy of this moment - the way Morgana looks at Merlin when she realizes the truth, the way she futilely pushes him away when he tries to hold her, the way Merlin holds her close to try and offer some comfort even as she struggles against him - it’s all so poignant.

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Theory/Headcanon: Morgana's origin is in Britain/Ireland, Lucy Westenra was born in London, Lena was adopted and everybody's headcanon is that she's originally from Ireland. We know nothing about Lena's mother so. . .Lena is the descendent of Morgana and Lucy which would make her this crazy hybrid between Vampire/witch.



Headcanon accepted!