headcanon (but actually canon) that the reason morganas hair looked like shit when she left camelot was because gwen did it for her all the time and she had no idea how to do it herself

hey so why doesnt yosuke have a cameo in p5????

any theories???????????? u guys?????

New Lover

They whispered it all through the castle.

They say the King’s Ward has a new lover.

They say he fills her rooms with flowers.

They say he visits in the night.

Morgana only laughs and shakes her head and holds the purple petals under her nose. She shows no shame. She gives away no secrets. And she squeezes her new lover’s hand under the table, laughing bright.

Could it be that Merlin boy?

Always lurking about her rooms.

Always places he shouldn’t be.

She and Merlin grin like fools when they hear the rumors. Merlin is someone’s lover, but certainly not Morgana’s. They were all blind if they couldn’t see the way Arthur sought him out in a crowd. Perhaps they were too busy watching Morgana, like obsessed nagging nannies. So much watching, and yet they never saw.

She turned down every suitor.

The rumors must be true.

What will Uther say?

Morgana holds Gwen’s hand and kisses her fingertips. They watch the candlelight dance across the room and whisper love into their skin. Gwen holds her tighter when the nightmares come and Morgana breathes in the lilac scent of Gwen’s hair.

And Morgana is happy.

Twice a Drabble

Merlin Memory Month, Day 3 - Path I: Hands, Fingers

Morgana’s eyes often found themselves gazing over her maidservant, and as of late, mostly on her hands. Though calloused by years of scrubbing floors, and scratched by stitching clothes, Gwen’s hand movements made the work she did almost elegant. With a near rhythmic feeling, her hands brushed through Morgana’s room, clothes, hair, against skin. As Morgana watched Gwen scrub the floors almost furiously, the lady near-wished, but barely, that Gwen would opt for a more tender approach to handling her. She would caress her, yes. Morgana wished to be caressed. With graceful, slow, and gentle movements would Gwen touch her.

Meanwhile Gwen just wished she had a day off. Scrubbing stone castle floors had always annoyed her gravely. The soap would dry out her palms and knuckles, and she would have to apply more of that expensive lotion to make sure they didn’t crack up white. If she could trade hands for a day, by God what a weird proposition, she would love to have Morgana’s hands. On her. Not on her but to be part of her. They always seemed so soft to the touch, pretty and long like who they belonged to. Yes. She would love to have those hands… On her.

A/N: Enjoy the morgwen you guys :) Also please get lotion for Gwen my wife does not deserve ashy hands. I don’t know the rating but you can interpret the touching & caressing involved in any way you’d like ;)