headcanon (but actually canon) that the reason morganas hair looked like shit when she left camelot was because gwen did it for her all the time and she had no idea how to do it herself

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morgana x reader where they are engaged (forced to marry) by uther and morgana is shocked that her fiance is a woman. morgana is hesitant but ends up falling hard for the reader and vice versa

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So, this has a lot of time skips because it takes place over a longer period of time than usual. I wanted to make them falling in love take a little longer than a day (which was what I had originally planned). I hope it’s okay!

P.S. Guess who finished Supergirl! I did! -Admin Lily

And I’m a proud mom. Go Lily! - Admin Cam

Morgana was not happy.

She was being forced to marry. Marry a son of a lord of some neighboring kingdom to make peace. Why should she? Shouldn’t she be able to decide her future?

She frowned as she sat next to Uther. Today she was to meet her betrothed. Like she would actually go through with this marriage. Not in her life.

It was a few more minutes before the trumpets sounded and the valet stepped up.

“Introducing Lord Anthony, Baron of Essetir and his child, fiance of Lady Morgana, Lady (Y/N), Baroness of Essetir!”

The lady could not stop staring.

You weren’t a son of someone important. No, you were a daughter. And you couldn’t look any less like that. You were dressed as a man, which Morgana envied, in armour and pants. Hair was pushed out of your face and your face and your eyes meet hers.

Morgana blushed as you bow and say, “It’s an honor to meet you, my lady. I hope to get to know you better in the time before our wedding.”

The brunette smiled and stood before speaking, “As do I, Lady (Y/N).”

The king was happy with the turn of events. You could tell with how he smiled at you and Morgana. Arthur cleared his throat.

“Let me have my manservant, Merlin, show you to your rooms.”

You head to your room with Merlin, the prince’s manservant. You both make pleasant conversation on your way.

“You’ll love the lady Morgana! She’s very nice and pretty, and I think you’ll be very happy with her!”

You chuckle at Merlin. He seems like a good person, not even questioning your clothing or betrothal to another woman.

“You make it sound as if you want to marry her,” you say teasingly, and the boy blushes.

“No, she’s just a good friend,” Merlin denied.

You could tell he was saying the truth because as he looked away you could almost see him physically thinking of another.

“Well, I look forward to getting to know Lady Morgana. She seems like a good partner to have. I can only hope she’ll think the same of me.”

“My lady!” Gwen calls out as she enters Morgana’s chambers.

“Yes?” the brunette questions from her bed.

Gwen frowns to see her still in bed, but quickly hurries around the room getting things ready.

“Today you are to have breakfast with Lady (Y/N).”

Morgana groans, “Do I have to? The bed is so comfy!”

Gwen pulls her out of bed.

“Yes, you can not give any more excuses not to! The Lady has already been here for a few days. You knew this was coming. Now hurry or you’ll be late to breakfast!”

You wait at the table patiently for Morgana to join you. She had been avoiding you ever since you arrived in Camelot, and it was concerning. Even if your marriage was an arranged one, you would like to have a wife that would at least talk to you.

You couldn’t get too mad, though. You had made fast friends with Merlin, and soon after that Gwen, Morgana’s servant. She had told you the lady was not told of her betrothal to you until the day when you arrived, and she wasn’t even told you were a woman! You would be angry too, but you figured it would work out. She needed time to adjust.

Suddenly, Morgana entered the room followed by Gwen.

You stand and bow, “Good morning, my lady.”

“Hello, Lady (Y/N). Will we be having breakfast in here? In your chambers?” Morgana sounds skeptical, but you smile.

“I thought it would be better to get to know you away from the public eye including the king’s and prince’s, and Gwen will chaperone us.”

The brunette looks shocked and then flushes in embarrassment.

“Sorry, I just thought…” Morgana trails off.

“That I had impure intentions?” you grin, “I would never dishonor a lady like that. Even one that avoids me.”

Morgana blushes and sits down while you laugh.

‘Breakfast wasn’t terrible,’ Morgana thought, looking at you.

The sun glows through the window illuminating your hair causing Morgana to smile at the sight.

“What is it? Do I have something on my face?”

Morgana laughs as you wipe at your face, “No, I was just thinking.”

“If you don’t mind me asking, what about?”

“You’re not so bad after all,” Morgana says smiling causing you to chuckle.

“Well, thank you, my lady.”

As time went by, you grew closer to Merlin, Gwen, and Morgana. You eventually made friends with Arthur as well. He was mad that you could beat him in sword fighting at first, but he did warm up to you. You attend knight training regularly now and often spar with the prince.

You were happy with your life in Camelot. Yours and Morgana’s relationship has grown, and today, you were going to surprise her.

The Lady wasn’t doing anything when you entered her chambers. She looked pleasantly surprised to see you. You smile wide at her.

“Come on!” you exclaim, grabbing Morgana’s hand.

“Where are we going?” she asks, laughing as you drag her through the corridors.

You give her a grin and then turn into a serious look.

“Top secret. Can’t tell.”

She gives you an eyebrow raise and once again bursts out laughing. You’re thrilled at making her laugh so much. It finally dies down as you reach the stables.

“What is this?” Morgana asks as you let go of her hand.

You gesture for her to wait.

“Hold on. I have this planned,” you say and run into the stables.

When you return, it’s with two horses and a picnic basket. Morgana smiles as if amused. She puts a hand on her hip in a sassy fashion.

“And what is this, Lady (Y/N)?” she asks.

“This,” you say, “is our afternoon. A nice horseback ride and picnic lunch. Even nice enough for royalty.”

You end your talking with a bow for dramatic effect. Morgana laughs again.

“I didn’t know we were scheduled for such an outing,” the brunette says.

“Aw, well,” you blush before continuing, “I wanted it to be special, and not so… official. More personal. I don’t have anyone planned to go with us… just you and me. But, only if that’s okay!”

You stumble over your sentences and end looking flushed, but Morgana seems to be just as nervous as you.

“I… Yes, it will be fine to take me out. Alone. With you. Have to get used to it if you are to be my wife. Not saying I don’t enjoy spending time with you! It’s just… yeah…” Morgana may be blushing more than you at this point.

“Then we’re off!” you announce and hand the lady her steed. As soon as she has it, you jump on the horse, turn it around, and start galloping towards the gate. You can hear Morgana laughing as she tries to catch up with you.

The two of you ride through the forest talking and laughing until you arrive at a beautiful clearing you scouted out a couple days ago.

Morgana gasps, “This is beautiful! I’ve never been to this part of the forest before.”

“Well, it is quite deep into it. A good ride from Camelot, but we’ll be fine. I’ll protect you, my lady,” you say smiling.

“Who says I need protecting,” Morgana crosses her arms sassily, “I can do fine on my own, thank you.”

You dismount and look at the brunette adoringly, “I have no doubt.”

Morgana blushes and dismounts as well.

After getting the picnic sorted, you both sit down to eat. You have some cold meat and various fruits and vegetables packed, and Morgana seems to be having a good time.

“I have a special treat,” you say after both of you seem finished eating.

“Oh (Y/N),” the lady says, “don’t start spoiling me!”

You give her a grin, “Never! I simply wanted to share these with you.”

You hold out a wrapped bowl of strawberries.

“Strawberries! Oh, (Y/N), you shouldn’t have. We barely have any left in Camelot. How did you get them?”

“I have a couple friends in Essetir who grow them. I just asked for some. No big deal.”

“It is! You are so nice to me, (Y/N),” Morgana says, only partly teasing.

You blush, but continue, “And what else am I, your ladyship?”

Morgana blushes and gives you an amused look at the name. She then starts speaking.

“Well, you’re kind and brave and courageous. And awfully good with a sword as well. I quite like you, you know. One might even say I love you.’

Morgana rambles out an answer and then realizes what she has said. She immediately turns scarlet. You, on the other hand, blush but not quite as deeply. You can do this.

“I suppose one might say I love you as well, Lady Morgana. I am quite happy to be marrying you,” you say, offering your feelings to her.

Morgana looks shocked, but it quickly changes to a seductive look.

“If that’s the case…” Morgana leans in to kiss you, but suddenly, people start coming out if the trees.

“Stay where you are ladies,” the leader says, “and no one gets hurt.”

‘Bandits,’ your mind supplies in a panic. This wasn’t suppose to happen. You had to protect your lady.

“Stay back,” you say, unleashing your sword.

“Or I will slay you all where you stand.”

The men all laugh at you and the leader speaks again, “What will a lady pretending to be a knight do?”

You grind your teeth together an annoyance. These are the kind of things you didn’t have to deal with in Camelot, but now these men in rags were bringing it up again.

“She can do it,” Morgana steps forward, “I’ve seen her train. I would stay back.”

The bandits take no notice and crowd around you two. You turn to Morgana.

‘Ready?’ your eyes say.

‘Ready,” her eyes answer back.

Then, it was chaos.

You swing and take out one man in a single swoop. As soon as he drops, Morgana takes the sword off him and stabs another bandit. You’re impressed by her skill, but you’re quickly distraction by the men trying to kill you.

You and Morgana fight the men off for a few minutes until finally all are dead or have ran away. You and Morgana stand side by side huffing when it’s over.

“Are you okay?” you turn to face the brunette, but the lady’s face has changed into a panic again.

“Look out!”

Morgana pushes you and herself, so it’s more like tackling, and an arrow flies right by where your head was. You’re still dazed on the ground as Morgana shouts at the attacker.

“Hey,” she yells, and the man starts running away before she throws her sword and manages to hit him right in the chest. You look up to find her smiling.

“Now where were we?”

You don’t even make it off the ground before Morgana is back on you again.

A month later, after weeks of planning, you and Morgana’s wedding day arrives. You stand at the front of the throne room waiting for Morgana.

The lady finally starts walking towards you in a beautiful white dress. You smile as she steps in front of you and take your hands in hers.

Your eyes meet her blue ones, and you can’t wait for the future you’re going to have with her.

hey so why doesnt yosuke have a cameo in p5????

any theories???????????? u guys?????

The Tears of Uther Pendragon part 1

Episode: 3x01
Commentary curtesy of Bradley James (who plays Arthur) and Katie McGrath (who plays Morgana)

Highlights/my commentary of the commentary:
- “Hi Merlin fans. This is the first commentary of series 3, and the dudes at the lab need to sinc up the title for us,” Bradley
- *giggles* Katie
- (Lol Bradley)
- “I’m Bradley James,” Bradley
“I’m Katie McGrath,” Katie
[scene of dead soldiers on battlefield]
“And this is Brecon Beacons, and the coldest I’ve been in my entire life,” Bradley
- “I heard about this. Those poor extras lying there all day in Wales in the middle of March,” Katie
- “Yes. It’s early March. In Wales. Colin can’t use his mouth properly. We had to do a load of takes because no one could understand what Colin was saying,” Bradley
- *Katie laughing*
- (Aww poor Colin)
- [Merlin & Arthur banter, riding on horseback with knights behind them]
- “Slow mo, something’s going to happen!” Katie
- (That’s always the cue)
- [Morgana appears]
- “I look a bit rough,” Katie
“I think you look better like that,” Bradley
“So many people said that! A distressing amount,” Katie
“It looks more natural,” Bradley
*Katie laughing*
“Apparently everyone in Merlin thinks so!” Katie
“Not everyone can pull it off,” Bradley
(Katie can pull everything off tbh)
- [Morgana back in her room]
- “I didn’t know the episode was called ‘The Tears of Uther Pendragon’ until recently because they never give us the title on the script,” Bradley
“It’s more fun that way though,” Katie
“It could be called ‘Evil Returns’ or 'Evil Begins,’” Katie
“Or Arthur gets knocked unconscious, again,” Bradley
“Part 7,” Katie
“Part 7,” Bradley

- (more like part 100)
- “I was dragged out of bed very early this morning to do this,” Bradley
“And it’s our last week of filming after eight months, so we might not be as perky as usual. But we’re doing it because we love you guys. And I want some one-on-one time with Bradley. We haven’t gotten much scenes together, have we?” Katie
“No, and I hope this doesn’t give anything away, but we won’t be doing much scenes together next year either,” Bradley
- (cause that’s when Morgana moves into her hovel)
- [Arthur and Morgana talking. Merlin lurking] [“Everything’s going to be alright,” Arthur]
- “Aww,” Katie
- “It’s not you’re lying,” Katie
- [“You’re safe now,” Arthur]
“No I’m not,” Katie
- (Lol Katie)
- [Merlin cleaning Arthur’s chamber, smiling. Arthur asks what he’s smiling about.]
- “Why are you so mean to Merlin?” Katie
- “I think it’s just one of those things that worked, um, early on, and they’ve stuck with it. If you notice I’m less and less mean to him,” Bradley
- [Arthur takes his shirt off]
- (oooooh)
- “This is pretty new what you do here though. Topless!” Katie
- “Yeah,” Bradley
- “Nice hair,” Katie
- “The best hair in Camelot. All the ladies love it,” Bradley
- “Hey mine is good too don’t take that away from me!” Katie
- “Have you seen Gwaine’s hair though?” Bradley
- “Yah it’s like a Pantene commercial! So swishy,” Katie
- (Gwaine won the hair competition)
- [Morgana makes an evil look after hugging Uther]
- “Do you think I might be evil?” Katie asks sarcastically
- “You’ve got a few of those looks,” Bradley
- *laughing*
- (the famous evil smirk)
- [Morgause and Morgana making the mandrake root]
- “We named this Manny,” Katie
- “You named a rubber prop Manny..?” Bradley
- “Yah, because it’s a mandrake root,” Katie
- *in a mocking and odd voice* “On set were you like 'how’s Manny? How’s he going?” Bradley
- (Bradley’s voice impressions are hilarious seriously his voice XD)

- [Blindfolded Arthur fighting. Goes up to Merlin and asks Merlin what he thought. Merlin says he was alright]
[Arthurs upset. He makes fun of Merlin by saying he’s going to fight like him then, and mocks him by whimpering]
*Bradley laughing*
- “That’s just cruel,” Katie
- “That was so much fun,” Bradley
- “You were just enjoying doing that to Colin,” Katie
- *Bradley giggling*
- “I didn’t realize we were filming,” Bradley
- (Bradley bullying Colin again smh :P)
- [Morgause riding into Cenred’s palace]
- “This is a great shot,” Bradley
- “Is this the one with Milly going up the steps?” Katie
- “Yah it’s good. She looks hot,” Katie
- (Agreed)
- [Morgause walking up steps]
- “There we go,” Katie
- (Yas Katie unleash the gay)
- [In Cenred’s throne room. Cenred turns around]
- “Here’s Mr. Ellis,” Bradley
- “Head to toe in skin tight leather,” Katie
- “Yah,” Bradley
- “Yah there was a collective gasp when he turned up in costume from all the women,” Katie
- “I like the two swords crossing over his back,” Bradley
- *Katie laughing*
- “He actually couldn’t reach the swords because the costume was so tight. So what we had to do was set them up half way through the shot of him taking them off,” Katie
- [Camelot throne room]
- “The biggest cheer when we were watching this for the first time was not for any of us, but for an out of focus shot of Rupert sending a message to Uther,” Bradley
- (Woooooo Sir Leon!!!!)
- [Merlin following Morgana. Music starts]
- “Oooooh. The music is great,” Katie
- “Colin kept nudging me the entire time saying 'isn’t this great, isn’t this great,” Bradley
- “The music is great!” Katie
- “The whole way through I was like 'yes it is mate I heard you the first six times.’ He was really excited,” Bradley
- “Aww come on look at his little face,” Katie
- (Colin is adorable)
- *Bradley stretches and makes loud noise*
- “Good stretch,” Katie
- “Well I didn’t have one of those this morning because I was woken up so early,” Bradley
- (you should take a nap after this commentary, Bradley. Sleep is important…not counting my own sleep..)
- [Arthur and Gaius talking. Arthur has ring on his thumb]
- “Is that a ring?” Katie
- “Ygraines ring,” Bradley
- “Was that your idea?” Katie
- “It was, yah,” Bradley
- “Nice idea. I like that Arthur wears something of his mums,” Katie
- (I agree. It shows that Arthur’s emotional that he tries so hard to hide on the outside.)
- [final shot of Merlin and the great dragon]
- “I believe this is our final shot,” Katie
- *in narrator voice* “Merlin,” Bradley
- “There’s gonna be a next time…” Katie
- *next time on Merlin starts playing* “Dun dun dun dun dun dun,” Katie and Bradley
- “Thanks for listening, sorry,” Bradley
- *laughing*
- “We want to apologize for our talking. Sorry if it didn’t make sense, or didn’t have anything to do with the show,” Katie
- (aww don’t apologize I loved you guys!)
- “Bye!”

Final thoughts:
That was so fun and entertaining! I love Bradley. I love Katie. I love the entire cast. Everyone is attractive. Everyone is amazing. Oh my gosh. I love them.

A Heartbeat for a Demon - Rank 3: Break it Down

Souls are born. Lives pass. You will be touched by the black talons of death, but life goes on.

[Akira x Reader]


The plot begins.  The youkai chosen are simply at my own discretion and interest.  Yusuke in particular was based off of the Hawaii trip and a certain comment from Ryuji.

A pained wince escaped your lips, but you did your best to stifle the rest of the rising whine.  A concerned hand came to give your shoulder a comforting squeeze and you glanced up at the owner with a thankful smile.  The wheaten-haired girl smiled back at you.

“How much longer is it going to take, Morgana?” she addressed the cat situated by your right leg.

“‘Most done,” he replied around the paper talisman between his jaws.  A cerulean glow emanated from the ofuda and the warm light was pleasant against the injured flesh of your pierced thigh.

“You’ll be good as new with Morgana treating you!  Is there anything you want to drink?  Eat?” the blonde asked as she patted you reassuringly.

“Thank you.  I’m okay though, um, Ann, right?” you replied, a little unsure, and the girl gave you a soft smile.

“Just let us know if there’s anything we can do,” Ann offered once more before she left you be.  A little off to the back of the quaint cafe you were sheltered in, a small group of students about your age were gathered in a huddle as they discussed something in mostly hushed voices.

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New Lover

They whispered it all through the castle.

They say the King’s Ward has a new lover.

They say he fills her rooms with flowers.

They say he visits in the night.

Morgana only laughs and shakes her head and holds the purple petals under her nose. She shows no shame. She gives away no secrets. And she squeezes her new lover’s hand under the table, laughing bright.

Could it be that Merlin boy?

Always lurking about her rooms.

Always places he shouldn’t be.

She and Merlin grin like fools when they hear the rumors. Merlin is someone’s lover, but certainly not Morgana’s. They were all blind if they couldn’t see the way Arthur sought him out in a crowd. Perhaps they were too busy watching Morgana, like obsessed nagging nannies. So much watching, and yet they never saw.

She turned down every suitor.

The rumors must be true.

What will Uther say?

Morgana holds Gwen’s hand and kisses her fingertips. They watch the candlelight dance across the room and whisper love into their skin. Gwen holds her tighter when the nightmares come and Morgana breathes in the lilac scent of Gwen’s hair.

And Morgana is happy.