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Hello, sorry to bother you but I was hoping you could help me. I'd really like to be able to do my hair the way Morgana has it during the ball in The Dragon's Call. I've been trying to find good quality pics of it from the back but I haven't got anything I can use as a guide. Do you maybe have any images/gifs or tips that could help? Thanks so much!

It’s no bother! These were the best pictures I could find of her hair:

this was the closest picture i could find that would accurately depict the way her hair is done. judging from this picture, there are two options that i can see for how she did her hair:
>>>>1. it appears that they took the back portion of her hair, and separated her hair into a ton of small strands (probably 3-5 inches thick).  each of these strands was then twisted, and arranged into small buns and pinned to her scalp. beaded string was pinned throughout the hair afterwards, and small pieces of hair were pulled out to frame her face… the results should be similar to this:

>>>> 2. they did something similar to this and beaded string was pinned throughout the hair afterwards.  pieces of the hair were pulled out to frame her face. this is probably the more likely option, because the third picture really does look like it was braided.

hope that helps!!