Books with well-written, canonically autistic characters

If you’re autistic, you’re probably tired of the only representation you see being a four-year-old little brother, or mysterious eccentric savant. I know I am, and that’s why I’ve decided to compile this list of three-dimensional autistic people in books. This was originally intended to be a masterpost, but there aren’t really enough for a masterpost, so feel free to add on if you’d like!

On the Edge of Gone- Corinne Duyvis

     Book Description- January 29, 2035. That’s the day the comet is scheduled to hit—the big one.

 Denise and her mother and sister, Iris, have been assigned to a temporary shelter near their hometown of Amsterdam to wait out the blast, but Iris is nowhere to be found, and at the rate Denise’s addicted mother is going, they’ll never reach the shelter in time.Then a last-minute encounter leads them to something better than a temporary shelter: a generation ship that’s scheduled to leave Earth behind and colonize new worlds after the comet hits.

 But each passenger must have a practical skill to contribute. Denise is autistic and fears that she’ll never be allowed to stay. Can she obtain a spot before the ship takes flight? What about her mother and sister?

When the future of the human race is at stake, whose lives matter most?

     My Review- I really, really, love this book. I’ve recommended it to everyone I know. Denise is Black, making this the first book I’ve found, and possibly the only book so far, to have a Black autistic character. Her autism is never seen as something that makes her lesser, and it’s a part of her she firmly refuses to apologize for, and even something that helps her out a few times. She’s also unquestionably a hero- putting her lives at risk to save others, and defying authority to do so. Her sister is trans, and it’s addressed very respectfully- she’s her own person, and an extraordinary one at that. It’s not a huge deal, and you never even find out her deadname, which is super nice. As an added bonus, the author herself is autistic! I would rip out my own heart for a sequel. 

In the Absence of Light- Adrienne Wilder

 Book Description-  For years Grant Kessler has smuggled goods from one end of the world to the next. When business turns in a direction Grant isn’t willing to follow he decides to retire and by all appearances he settles down in a nowhere town called Durstrand. But his real plan is to wait a few years and let the FBI lose interest, then move on to the distant coastal life he’s always dreamed of.

Severely autistic, Morgan cannot look people in the eye, tell left from right, and has uncontrolled tics. Yet he’s beaten every obstacle life has thrown his way. And when Grant Kessler moves into town Morgan isn’t a bit shy in letting the man know how much he wants him.

While the attraction is mutual, Grant pushes Morgan away. Like the rest of the world he can’t see past Morgan’s odd behaviors.

Then Morgan shows Grant how light lets you see but it also leaves you blind. And once Grant opens his eyes, he loses his heart to the beautiful enigma of a man who changes the course of his life.

 My Review- This book was really refreshing. I can’t put into words how much it means to me to have an autistic character, especially a high-support one, written as a love interest. The book is told from Grant’s point of view, not Morgan’s, and he holds some really ableist viewpoints earlier on, but Morgan doesn’t hesitate to put him (or anyone else) in their places. I loved his snark and how he plays off people’s assumptions to put them in their places. Warnings for graphic descriptions of past abuse, and ableism from the characters and some unintentional ableist language (i.e. “severely autistic”) from the author.

Anything But Typical- Nora Baskin

 Book Description- Jason Blake is an autistic 12-year-old living in a neurotypical world. Most days it’s just a matter of time before something goes wrong. But Jason finds a glimmer of understanding when he comes across PhoenixBird, who posts stories to the same online site as he does.

Jason can be himself when he writes and he thinks that PhoneixBird-her name is Rebecca-could be his first real friend. But as desperate as Jason is to met her, he’s terrified that if they do meet, Rebecca will only see his autism and not who Jason really is.

My Review- I was a little wary going in, expecting it to be an inaccurate and dismal portrayal of autism, but I was pleasantly surprised! Jason is well-written and really resonated with me- I’m not sure if the author herself is autistic, but she definitely did her homework. It’s nice to see an autistic character portrayed as creative, and the book also addresses issues with ‘cure’ mentality and pressure put on autistic people to act more socially acceptable.

Prequel Teaser: Kingpins

Negan’s full prequel will be released in a couple of weeks. Until then I hope you enjoy reading this little excerpt. 

21 months ago

Negan was riding to the clubhouse just as the sun was starting to dip behind the horizon, marking the start of a night not unlike any other. He was about to take his turning when he spotted a little blonde broken down by the side of the road. She was wearing a pair of trousers that fit in all the right places and heels that were made for fucking so it would have been damn rude not to offer his assistance like the ever gracious gentleman he was. He missed his turning and rode right up to where she was pulled over.

When his engine cut out she glanced at him, carrying her carjack like she knew what she was doing before staring at her flat tyre like she didn’t. He’d never seen her before and he’d seen everyone this side of Darling, this was his part of town after all. He removed his helmet, sitting it on the seat of his bike and strolled over. “Looks to me like you might need a hand here sweetheart.”

She shifted on her skyscraper heels, her gaze falling to his cut before flicking back to his eyes. “If it isn’t too much trouble Mr…”

The sound of her voice went straight to his dick, sweet and soft and definitely not from around here. “Just Negan,” he smiled, licking his lips, wondering if hers tasted as enticing as they looked. “So, you gonna break my heart and tell me you’re just passing through?” he winked, holding out his hand for the jack and enjoying the way she fumbled as she passed it over.

“Actually, I just moved here.”


“Mmm hmm.”

Negan took a kneel to hide his shit eating grin. After a while a man runs out of interesting tail to chase especially in a small town like Darling. And here was Blondie moving her pretty little butt into his corner of Georgia like an opportunity not to be missed. He slid the jack into place and crooned, “so why don’t you tell me your name baby doll?”

Author: @superprincesspea


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omg ok can you perhaps explain laf's side eye he gave washington?? because i truly dont understand why he did that lmaoooo



Buckle your seatbelt nony bc I’m about to go O F F. And maybe I’m reading into this too much, but I don’t care, bc that’s what gives a show depth and makes it fun.

So if you watch the clip, and perhaps this is just me who sees it thusly, it really does sound/appear that Benedict is being snide in his comment “so you’re on your way to meet the French?”. More than snide, actually. He was, for that split second, downright rude, and Lafayette completely noticed, which was (most likely) Benedict’s aim.

If you go back and rewatch said clip (which I urge you to do, and pause it a lot for facial expression bc it all happens so quickly), the emphasis he puts on “French”, the blatant cynicism in his tone, coupled with the degrading, almost scathing look Benedict throws Lafayette’s way… it’s entirely indicative that he meant (however underhandedly) to insult. Why? Remember in season 2 when Lafayette and Washington rode into camp amidst the cheers of the soldiers? Remember Washington kissing Laf on both cheeks and Arnold witnessing with a look on his face that walked a thin line between scathing and hurt? And now here comes Washington, with his normally unpowered hair powered exactly like Lafayette’s.

C O I N C I D E N C E?

Arnold’s jealous. He want’s the fame, the glory– the attention the Washington his giving Lafayette and the acclaim that the little French dork has received for helping secure the French army’s allegiance.

In the first still we see Lafayette’s reaction to Benedict’s bullshit. And I’ve gotta say, it’s a pretty elegant reaction at that. You can see the shock on his face, in the rise of his eyebrows, but Laf manages to hide it for the most part. Which is entirely what I’d expect from a kid that braved the halls of Versailles as an awkward adolescent. I feel bad for the kid. He’s just sat down, not even for a second, and already Benedict is laying into him. There’s one particular moment (esp. if you pause the clip) where you can see all his shock and hurt accumulated at once. The scene even takes the time to pause on his face for a heartbeat before Dad swoops in to the rescue.

just look at his face, he’s literally like “wait wait, what?

By the looks of it, Gwash isn’t too happy @ Benedict either. His response is cold, voice emotionless. His face carefully controlled into a blank slate.

(also lol look at Ham just casually chilling in the back with his wine in one hand and the other casually on a sword bc no one gets to fuck with his French dork except him and Laurens)

So Gilbert’s “side eye” to George is entirely that. A side eye. A “did you just fucking hear that dad” side eye. An “is this guy shitting me?” side eye. A “dadWash what do I do??“ side eye. It’s also, possibly, a surprised glance at Washington, since, y’know, he defended Laf and all pretty clearly. You have to remember that Lafayette is basically a kid. He’s in his early twenties, he’s foreign, (historically he was in constant need of reassurance… not the best confidence) and what’s worse, one of Washington’s best general’s just insulted him. But Washington defended him, stuck up for him, albeit with minimal words (but I think that’s for the best…). What’s more, before the clip cuts to a wide shot you can even see the recognition on Laf’s face.

“holy shit papa washington loves me holyshIT”

Gilbert honestly came out to have a good time and was feeling so attacked.

Or, as @shieldmaiden-tabris​ put it, the side eye was basically a silent conversation wherein the entire time Laf contemplated roasting Benedict’s ass and Wash said “N O SON”.


I hope this cleared things up :)

Wanna bet

Here it is anon I hope you like it

can i request a drabble of you and morgan teasing each other seeing who will snap first on a case

Derek x Reader

“Wheels up in 30” Hotch said to the team as he walked out of the room. The rest of the team filed out but before you went through the door Derek grabbed your hand and pulled you back.

“Y’/n none of what happened last time, you hear me” he said a serious expression on his face.

You smiled last time you had teased and made fun of Derek because it bothered him so much and you loved to irritate him. “What Morgan can’t handle it” you said laughing.

“That’s not it y/n, we have a job to do and I can’t get distracted like that, you would hate it if I messed you with during a mission, so please just don’t” he said giving you his I’m mean it look.

You rolled your eyes “Please I could too take it, you’re just not man enough to handle it” You said.

“Oh I don’t think so, you have no idea how distracting it is” he said getting up in your face.

Whatever Morgan you’re just being dramatic, it wasn’t even that bad Morgan I could so take it. You said your anger growing.

Morgan gave you a dirty look “Wanna bet”

“We have two deceased females, they are both 17 both blonde hair, blue eyes, one was found in a dumpster one mile from where her friends last saw her, the other was found about a mile and a half from her home in alley” Hotch said flipping through a file and diving out assignments.

There was about another 10 minutes before you landed and you decided that it was time to make good on the bet you and Morgan made, loser bought dinner at one of the fanciest restaurants in town.

“Hey Morgan what you listening too”, you said pulling off his headphones and putting them on you.

“Seriously y/n is that all you got” came his quiet words

You could only hear a little because of the music but you knew what he said, you smiled and took them off “Oh honey you haven’t seen anything yet” you said giving him a wink.

“Whatever if you think your getting me to pay for dinner you’re wrong, I haven’t even started yet and baby you’re gonna regret that I ever did”.

Now off the plane you and Derek were in one of the S.U.V’S heading to the victims houses, Morgan was driving and you were in the passenger seat flipping through the radio stations when suddenly the car jerked to the left a little. 

You looked up in surprise, you looked around and then looked at Morgan, he had a big grin on his face.

That made you angry “ Seriously Morgan that scared me to death, what were you thinking” 

I Was thinking that I’m going to order the most expensive thing on the menu” he said laughing “you ready to give up?”.

“Please that wasn’t even bad you said giving him a wicked wink” besides this is just getting started” 

“Hey y/n, y/n, y/n come on look at me, come on, I’m over here, It’s really important I swear” Morgan said while you were working through a case file doing research.

He was starting to get on your nerves, he had kept this up non stop since we got back to the police station, and it wasn’t only that but he kept touching you and poking you You almost lost it a few times but you still remained in check, and you also got a few good blows in as well.

Like when he was talking to Hotch and Hotch’s back was turned to you and you made funny faces and he started to laugh and get in trouble, or when he was in the middle of something you would bump into him and make him drop things, it looked pretty even.

At least that’s what you thought until Morgan started singing, he would sing right in your ear and horribly off key on purpose, at first you thought you could handle it but seriously how many songs did the guy know, he even scared you a few times which put you even more on egge.

You were finally on the plane the home stretch when he ampt it up and sang on the whole plane, Reid and jayjay burst out laughing seeing your less than happy respons and hotch just smiled and rolled his eyes.

But after a while of this they all got irritated with him, then they turned to you, telling you to just give in, they all wore you down until finally you couldn’t take it anymore and you screamed “PLEASE STOP, YOU WIN I GIVE UP JUST STOP!”

He immediately shut up and sat down in his seat “Make sure you make reservations baby, and don’t forget your wallet, tomorrow I’m eating like a king” He said with a smug look on his face.

You rolled your eyes at him and plugged in your earphones, you knew you were never going to hear the end of this.

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did u find out what the gamechanger was pls tell me

Alright, fine, I give up, I’ll tell you, but only because I’ve been geeking out over how good it is and I’ve been dying to spill:

Okay, so Lucas actually did die while trying to ride Tombstone the bull back in Texas, but Farkle was completely unable to deal with it. He was unprepared for the reality of death itself, let alone his best friend dying at age 15. His mind refuses to accept that as truth, has blocked the memories of the hospital and funeral from his consciousness, and pieced together a ‘storyline’ that Farkle feels would have organically happened anyway if Lucas hadn’t died. Farkle has basically been hallucinating the past year and a half!

That’s why it takes Lucas so long to “pick” between the girls- Farkle’s subconscious is trying it’s hardest to come up with the most realistic storyline possible so Farkle doesn’t have to deal with the heartache of death and loss. But since Farkle could never decide between the Riley and Maya, he has no idea how Lucas would decide between them! The cognitive power for something like that just isn’t there, and that’s why Lucas seems to flip-flop between the girls at times. It’s awful, but the triangle is the only organic sequence of events his brain could come up with for the three- he had already been a little suspicious of seemingly flirty moments between Maya and Lucas, and in the Texan hospital he overheard a crying Maya confessing her true feelings over Lucas’ lifeless body. His conscious mind blocked that memory, of course, but selective memories can be a bitch and her confirmed feelings needed a way to be tied into this elaborate hallucination, because he needed to keep Lucas alive and he wants him and his friends to grow so this seemed like the only solution. And this is all happening subconsciously, Farkle isn’t intentionally imagining something that deeply hurts all of his friends, but his mind is trying so hard to protect him. The human brain is truly amazing, tbh.

All his other friends have been dealing and coping with their grief in relatively normal ways, but the hallucination adds Lucas into every scenario, and creates reasons for his friends to be acting the way they are without Lucas being dead. Riley seeming so depressed and everyone fighting the first week of high school? Had nothing to do with them all feeling a hole in the group where Lucas used to be and feeling guilty that they’re starting high school without him, no, it was all some stupid seniors making them fight for cheap laughs. Maya having an identity crisis and getting caught for vandalism? It’s the triangle, it’s always this stupid triangle’s fault, it totally can’t be because she blames herself for Lucas’ death and she’s reacting negatively. Zay hanging around more often than usual? They just finally bonded, that’s all, totally not like they’re all clinging to him and he’s clinging to them just because they all knew Lucas and they all miss Lucas and Lucas feels like he’s fading more and more every single day. Hell, Farkle’s subconscious is even willing to let his girlfriend flirt with Lucas as long as it means Lucas is there! Don’t lie to yourself, ever since Texas this has seemed more and more like the Lucas Show, despite the boy barely doing anything, ever. Most assumed that was because the romantic drama of the triangle kicked into highkey time, and since the show is in Riley’s POV, that’s what’s going to get focused on more. That’s what the writers wanted you to assume, to focus on, meanwhile we’re getting force fed perception vs reality lessons at every turn! Farkle’s mind is perceiving every little problem that occurs tracing back to a triangle he invented, rather than the reality of everyone around him acting like they do because of grief and mourning and growing up in ways Lucas never will. We hear more and more about Farkle’s insecurity issues, and how they even relate to Lucas, and what happens after Texas? Farkle gets less and less screen time, less lines, becomes someone who watches and observes more than anything. Farkle was always, always a main character in Riley’s life. He was in every single episode, he always had lines. But this is a view from Farkle’s life, and he’s so insecure and focused on keeping that friend alive that Farkle becomes a mere side character in his own ‘show’ (he’s still ‘perceiving’ it as Riley’s show, however, because he doesn’t want anything to really change) .  And from one side you might wonder how that makes sense, how can Farkle’s mind justify him not being a main character in his own mind? But Farkle is broken and sad and sick, and he was never prepared for any minor inconvenience at all, let alone the harsh reality of death, and he’s never felt important next to Lucas anyway, and right now keeping Lucas alive is the most important thing, so who cares about the nerdy sidekick? Of course, on another level at the same time, Farkle probably realizes that if he says too much, if he lets people know he’s hallucinating Lucas, his dream is going to have to shatter and he’s going to have to face the facts. For the first time in his life, Farkle doesn’t want facts.

Everyone around him knows Farkle hasn’t been handling the death well, he’s taken it very hard and he’s responding to grief a lot differently than they are. But they don’t know HOW BAD it is- they don’t know he’s all but been living in an intricate hallucination for almost a year and a half. Sweet Sixteen is when they finally find out, all those hints about ‘not paying attention’ to Farkle, taking Canada for granted, even hallucination-Lucas dubbed him “Mt. Farkle-Uvious” because somewhere in the back of his mind, he knew he couldn’t hold it in much longer. All those “Farkle will explode” speculations that having been flying around tumblr left and right come to fruition in this episode, finally. The episode is titled Sweet Sixteen because it’s what would have been Lucas’ sixteenth birthday- and everyone is understandably upset and in mourning. But as the episode plays on, Farkle fails to notice or understand everyone’s sad moods, because he can’t notice or understand them. So he asks them if they were planning a surprise party for Lucas’ upcoming big day, asks them if they have any ideas what he could get the cowboy for a present, the usual birthday talk. At first, the group thinks he’s joking, Zay gets really mad at him, but as they notice Farkle being genuinely confused by what they’re upset about, the friends realize how far gone their friend really is over this whole thing. They all spring into action because, shit, they’ve been ignoring their friend too much but ohmyGodtheycan’tloosehimtoo. Riley takes this harder than everyone, I think, because Farkle’s always been a rock for her emotionally and this is making it dawn on her that she was never there for him in the same way. They have a very touching scene together, if you’re a riarkle shipper get the tissues ready! Maya tells Stuart about this and he’s horrified that he’s been so busy he missed obvious signs of his son’s mental health declining, and tries to help. Cory goes as far as to call his sister Morgan into town, as she’s a child psychologist. The episode consists of everyone dealing with the news of Farkle’s hallucination in their own way, and dealing with all the pain of Lucas’ death all over again, and of trying to piece together the ‘storyline’ that Farkle created to keep himself safe. The episode ends on a cliffhanger, the ‘game changer’- everyone sitting Farkle down and telling him that Lucas died in Texas, that he’s made all this up and they wanna help him and he needs to deal with this. The next episode, the season finale, is when the true ‘explosion’ happens- Farkle completely breaks down. Because he doesn’t want to believe this, he can’t believe this, but the curtain has already been drawn back, the glass is breaking, his hallucination falling apart, and shit, he’s remembering the bull ride and the ambulance and the hospital and the funeral and he doesn’t want to remember it! He doesn’t want to have to lose his friend all over again!

The episode continues on around this, and honestly, it’s a real tear jerker so get ready. Maya can’t stand to see Farkle break like this- she was already blaming herself for Lucas’ death, and she was just starting to maybe move on from it, but now her best friend of 9 years is so broken because of it and obviously this has to be her fault too. Stuart’s in full worried parent mode and Topanga and Shawn try to help him figure out what to do about Farkle- Cory is so heartbroken and angry at himself that he didn’t notice how bad this was, this is Farkle, one of his favorite students, the kid who’s at his dinner table three times a week, the one he’s been seeing on a daily basis for almost a decade. He became a teacher because he wants to help people, have an impact on them the way Feeny made an impact on everyone he knew. He ends up calling Feeny for advice because he can’t believe he let Farkle’s struggles slip through his fingers like that. Smackle, bless her, is upset and all, but doesn’t really understand how emotions alone are having such a profound effect on Farkle- she spends most of the episode trying to get Zay of all people to explain it to her, because he doesn’t really want to be near Farkle right now and she feels he’s more in tune with emotions than she is. Riley spends most of the episode with Farkle (and Morgan and some others) as he tries to work through the past year, tries to figure out what’s real, if anything’s real or if he’s been living completely in a bubble the past year and a half. It’s some really emotional stuff, very deep and heart wrenching and you can feel everyone’s emotions so clearly.

And the way they tie it all together? Truly amazing! Like these writers do not get enough credit, guys. The hints for this whole thing are so obvious once you know it’s all in Farkle’s head, so many things from Texas onwards make sense! The fact that Lucas was so indecisive in the triangle, and Farkle not understanding how he could choose but simultaneously wanting him to choose, it all makes so much more sense in this light. Of course, in the “reality” of the situation, the girls were deeply upset and dealing with it in maybe-not-so-good ways because someone they deeply cared about died. But Farkle was only seeing “girls are very hurt” and it tied automatically to the triangle his mind invented. The mind will literally go out of its way to make sense of some things- so while the triangle couldn’t end in a realistic way without Farkle being suspicious of his subconscious, he wanted it to end because it appeared to be hurting the girls. This poor boy’s mind was literally at war with itself! And oh, God, that whole thing in Legacy where Farkle asks the teacher if emotions are stronger than science? Or any scene where he implied not knowing his own emotions? It’s because a part of him knew that if he let go of this world he created, his emotions would consume him entirely, they’d kill him, because he just wasn’t ready for this. He’s been so scared without even understanding it, honestly? #SaveMySon2k16. Oh God, what else ties together with this? Have you noticed how tired Farkle’s been lately? He went from a hyper little ball of love to Doooonnnie Baaaaarnes mellow, but even after that he’s crashed way down. He always seems so exhausted, so agitated, so…not Farkle-y. That’s because ever since Lucas’ accident, his mind has literally been working overtime to keep him protected. There’s barely space or time to focus on anything else, he can’t beat Smackle in school because he doesn’t have the energy to focus, he can’t sleep properly, he can’t do anything properly, which makes him feel even more inadequate than he already did, which pushes him even more into a suffering silence, and of course, the more unhealthy he is, mentally, the stronger the delusion is going to get! And even in some upcoming episodes- we know in The Other Side, Lucas says he only really likes Riley when she’s all sunshine and giggles and glitter and smiles. Which isn’t a realistic way to look at any person, ever, but Farkle and Lucas never had a real legitimate talk about how great Riley is before he died, so he’s never seen Lucas see any other side of the girl, so obviously this is the only side his mind can let Lucas acknowledge. That whole thing in Bay Window where he and the girls just momentarily turned back into six year olds and performed a musical number while Lucas stayed 15? Yeah, because that’s realistic. There’s so many other tie in’s, this is getting too long, message me about them if you must.

Honestly, though? 11/10, amazing episodes, arc, and character work. Great acting to expect from it, too! This whole thing was so well thought out and well executed, and I can’t wait to watch more upcoming episodes and sit there and pick up on all the clues pointing to the fact that this isn’t real! It’s so exciting! This truly is the greatest show, with so many layers to peel back and to pull a game changer like this on the audience is honestly admirable. I’m so inspired by these writers, tbh. I really hope we can get a fourth season out a Disney so we can see where else this amazing storyline takes us!


(via Bill Frisell & Thomas Morgan – Small Town #1 - YouTube)

Carlos Orue on Flickr
Mad Dog Morgans Hideout
John Fuller (aka Daniel Morgan; 1830 – 9 April 1865) was an Australian bushranger. This nightscape was taken from Mad Dog Morgans Lookout near the town of Walla Walla in the Riverina NSW, Australia. It is reported that Morgan used to hide here and use this highpoint to keep a lookout for bounty hunters.

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That's okay, love! I understand 😊 Here is my imagine: The reader and Derek have known each other and have been extremely close since childhood. They have been able to keep in touch despite being miles apart and she surprises him one day at work with lunch and is surprised when the team already knows about her, thanks to Derek always talking about her. She teases him about it and it leads to a confession of feelings on both ends. As fluffy as you want, love! 💕

Thank you so much for being so patient with me!  Here is your one-shot, comin’ ‘atcha!

As Derek walks through the elevator doors, a bright smile on his face, Rossi appears at his side, like a wild animal, barking up his back with questions.

“So…?  Did you talk with her last night?  Did you convince her to come into town?  Is she coming?  Do you need a nice bottle of wine for the evening?”

As he chuckles, turning to Rossi as his eyebrows flutter up and down, Derek shakes his head.

“No.  We just had a really nice conversation.  It’s been wonderful getting back in touch with her.  She seems to be really busy.  Between her job and her volunteer work around the community, she seems very happy,” Morgan muses.

“But is she coming into town?” Rossi emphasizes.

“Who’s coming into town?” Reid asks, walking up beside them as his head bats from one set of eyes to the other.

“Rossi thinks that Y/N should come into town,” Morgan says as he rolls his eyes over to Reid.

“I think that’s a good idea.  I mean, you always talk about her anyway.  We might as well meet the girl we practically know by heart,” Spencer smirks.

“Watch it, boy wonder, or he might bite your head off for thinking you’re wanting to schmooze on his girl,” Garcia says as she shuffles down the hallway, her tall high-heels clicking on the ground.

“She’s not ‘my girl’,” Morgan emphasizes.

“Uh huh,” Hotch grunts as he walks by, a small smirk playing on his cheeks as he darts his eyes towards Morgan, “keep tellin’ yourself that.”

“Tellin’ himself what?”

Watching as everyone turns around, Morgan fast on his heels as his jaw hangs open, you stand at the entrance to the bullpen, the elevator door closing behind you.

“Hi,” you smile lightly, waving awkwardly as you look at Derek, who’s jaw is still swinging on the ground as his eyes grow wild.

“Y/N…!?” he breathlessly exclaims.

“The one and only,” you say as you hold out your arms, letting your red dress with white polka dots flail lightly around you as you flop your arms back to your sides.

As Rossi looks from Derek to you, huffing lightly as he shakes his head, he breaks the trance as he walks over to you, taking your hand within his and bringing it to his lips.

“Bellissimo,” he murmurs, placing a chaste kiss on the back of your hand as you begin to blush.

“Sei troppo gentile,” you respond, resulting in a resounding smile from the lanky man standing beside Morgan as well as a surprised look from the older gentleman still holding your hand.

“If you don’t claim her, Morgan, I might have to take a shot,” he says, shooting Derek a look as you begin to giggle.

Winking at the older man as he introduces himself, you start walking towards Derek as he watches your figure closely, your body stopping just stort of his as you crane your neck up to meet his eyes.

“Hey there,” you say, standing on your tip-toes and placing a light kiss on his cheek, snapping him out of his trance.

Feeling his strong arms around you, he picks you up and spins you around, earning various degrees of squeals as he laughs into the crook of your neck.

“Oh my god!  How long have you been here!?” he says, putting you back down on your feet as he keeps his hands at your waist.

“Well, after our conversation last night, I took a few days off from work and found some people to fill my volunteer spots through the weekend.  I got in really last last night.  Checked into a hotel down the road,” you say, thumbing over your shoulder.

“A hotel!?  Girl, you could’ve just knocked on my door,” he says, shaking his head as his hands drop to his sides.

“Didn’t want to disturb you so late,” you muse.

“Well, you should have,” he rebuttals.

Staring at each other, his eyes dancing around yours as his hands comes to cup your cheek, you feel your skin begin to burn as a colorful girl behind him begins to chant.

“Y/N and Derek sittin’ in a tree…”

“Garcia,” he warns, turning his head around to shoot her a look.

“K-I-S-S-I-N-G!” the lanky man exclaims beside him, a proud smile on his dopey face as he clutches onto his coffee mug.

“Ah, so the great Derek Morgan wants some Y/N suga’, huh?” you say, crooking your eyebrow as his head comes whipping back around to see you.

“I never thought I’d see the day when the player would settle down,” you muse, slapping his arm playfully as Morgan begins to blush.

“Too bad he loves the ladies too much,” you tease, turning your head and winking at the gangly guy as you feel Morgan grip your hand.

“But what if this player met his match?” Derek says.

Turning your head towards him, your brow furrowing deeply, you cock your head as you say, “I don’t understand.”

“I’m just saying…what if this ‘player’ didn’t want to hop around any longer,” he elaborates.

“Well…then I would say congratulations.  She must be a hell of a woman,” you breathe.

As Hotch looks over Morgan’s shoulder and smirks at Rossi behind you, you catch the exchange as you point over behind Derek.

“What was that for?” you ask.

“Huh? I didn’t see anything,” Hotch mocks, smirking as he winks down at Garcia.

“Derek, what’s going on?” you ask, your hands beginning to tremble with nerves.


“The boy loves you, darling,” J.J. chimes in, walking up beside Rossi.

“Sorry I’m late, boss,” she says towards Hotch.

“You…you what?” you ask, turning from the new voice back to Morgan.

“You are an incredible woman, Y/N,” Derek starts, “and…you just…”

“Take up all of his free-thinking time?” the pipe cleaner with eyes says.

“Everyone, shut up!” Derek roars.

“Hey hey…it’s alright,” you say, bringing your hand to his chest and patting it gently, “they’re just teasing you.  I’m sure you get your fair share of jests in at their expense,” you muse.

“Yep,” the new girl says, popping her “p”.

“Keep going,” you say, smiling lightly as you look up at Derek.

Sighing, he dips his head.

“Let me just show you,” he mutters.

And before you know what’s happening, you feel his hands come up to your head, slowly guiding your lips to his as his plump, soft lips encompass yours, your head tilting off to the side as your mouth opens to his invitation, his tongue dancing around yours as his left hand slowly slides down your back, bringing your body ever closer to his as you snake your arms around his neck.

Feeling his fingertips knead into your back, you pull back, a breathless pant heaving from your chest as your eyes flutter open.

“I love you, too,” you breathe, a smile emanating from Derek’s lips.

And as his forehead rests gently on yours, he kisses the tip of your nose as he mumbles, “Now, let’s go get you checked out of that hotel.”


(via Bill Frisell & Thomas Morgan – Small Town #2 - YouTube)

Double Booked Part Two

Part one can be found here (x)

Double Booked Part Two

Warnings: Assault but the reader does more damage than they do

Paring: Reid x Reader but not really (yet)

I was requested to do another part to Double Booked so I hope I don’t disappoint. I came up with a whole huge plot line that will probs be about 3 more chapters. No one asked for it. But I hope you like it. Also, if you’re here for the romance between reader x reid, hang in there. I didn’t want to do the typical confessing their feelings for this one. It all took a very unexpected turn. I would like to give credit to my old hag of a sister for helping me with this. She’s a writer too so check her out. ((If it sucks, blame her though))

Summary: You get back to the station after last night and it is evident both you and Reid remember last night and it becomes an issue as you both work to find the unsub.

At the station everyone quickly switched into work mode. Thankfully, you all were working as a team again. But the unsub seemed to be making less and less sense. The team came here because of the violet string of murders that have been happening the past three months, an old friend of Hotch called him in for a personal favor. He was now the sheriff in a small town and asked Hotch to consult. At first glance the case could be found in any town across America; homeless, gangbangers, prostitutes, and drug dealers deaths but this was a small town that hadn’t had a violent homicide since the 90’s. And all the murders were happening too consecutively to be written off as an occupational hazard of street life.

The team first suspected an unsub who had been wronged by a gang member or drug dealer, likely being raised near that lifestyle and had targeted their hatred for them into creating themselves to be a vigilante, taking out “street scum” but it didn’t fit. Drug dealers and gang members fit but the unsub was also killing prostitutes and the homeless. Even two panhandlers who were passing through the town. He didn’t draw lines at race, gender, or age. Anyone and everyone was at risk.

The profile was a 30-45 year old white male, neglected by one or both parents, low income and remedial job serving other people, would drive an American made pickup truck made in the mid to late 90’s. But this profile was getting the team nowhere.

This town was greatly divided by suburban living and low income families. It just didn’t make sense and by midday the team was high strung as you all knew it was only a matter of time before the next body showed up that night.

That was another issue, all the victims were beaten severely and left in their familiar dwellings with other homeless, dumped in their gang territory, or where the prostitutes worked. It was clearly a message, a warning to people who lived like they did. And the message worked, most of the homeless fled, drug dealers and gang member’s laid low, prostitutes refused to work. Whoever wanted them out, was getting them out.  

It wasn’t until the team came, that the local police force even thought to investigate the murders, they made it clear that they didn’t think anything of the deaths, even less of the victims. That put you and the whole team off from the staff and even you had to work with them, it was evident they didn’t want any of you there, except for Sheriff Reynolds; Hotch’s old friend.

“We need to talk to someone who knows the town, knew it before the murders. Maybe they will know something we clearly aren’t getting.” Hotchner speaks to all of you sitting around a table in an office the local police set up for you and the team in their station.

“What about their mayor? He seem to be heavily involved in the decisions made around here.” You suggest

“Yeah I’ve seen pictures of that mayor everywhere. It’s like he’s their town hero” Morgan points out

“Sherriff Reynolds!” Hotch raises his voice to the sheriff, who’s pacing a few feet outside the door.

“Yeah Hotch?”

“I need to interview your mayor. Where can I contact him? “

“Mayor Wilson? I never even thought to call him in myself. He does so much for this town I’m sure he’ll be able to help us. Here, I have his personal cell.” He says as he pulls out his outdated phone to call the mayor.

You all give eyes to each other, wondering why the sheriff is on such friendly terms with the mayor that he has him on speed dial.

“He is on his way. He says he’s ‘happy to help’” Reynolds says

“Thank you sheriff” Hotch says stiffly

“Sure thing. You all need any more help?”

“No, I believe we have it from here”

As the sheriff walked out you all kept quiet till after he walked away from the closed door.

“Have we background searched the department?” Rossi questioned

“Do you think the police force are in on the murders?” Reid asked.

“What reason would they have to risk their jobs over?” Prentiss asked

“I mean, they’re pretty much doing their job for them. Cleaning up the streets. Why would they question it? They could easily sweep it under the rug, not doing a proper investigation” you state

“Morgan, call Garcia, ask her to run thorough searches on the entire police force. See if any of them have a criminal history or affiliations with local criminals.” Hotch said to Morgan.

Derek nodded, standing and walking out, phone in hand “Hey baby girl” his voice trailed off

“JJ I need you to work on a press release for the profile with Rossi. The unsub is becoming sporadic, unfocused, his victim pool is decreasing and he shows no sign of stopping. Don’t release it till I review it. And don’t let anyone outside of this team know about it” Hotch ordered and JJ left to work.

“Prentiss,  I want you with me while I interview the mayor. Reid, (Y/L/N) I want you two to work on the map of the victims, look for commons routes, the less focused he is the easier he’ll be to find. Again, keep as much information as possible between us. The only one of them we can trust is Reynolds.”

With a curt nod everyone went on their way. You and Reid stayed in the small room with the large whiteboard and map of the town on the table in front of it.

“We should start with the routes the unsub likely takes throughout the town in correlation to murder sites and body dumps. See if any of the roads intersect and try to triangulate a possible home or place of comfort from there.” Reid ordered

Without saying a word you begin working, hovering over the table as spencer turn to face the white board, scribbling words and patterns you could never decipher. You work the map and as you turn to spencer, he is already standing behind you, watching you map it out. You notice too late and run into him. This kind of thing happens more often than not. Most of the time you would laugh it off but feeling your bodies colliding suddenly felt too familiar and it became awkward very fast. You feel yourself become upset at the sudden shift in dynamic between you and Spencer. This is what you feared.

“Hey Spencer I-“ You are suddenly cut off by the booming voice of a man who is standing entirely too close to you

“Do you know where I can find agent Hotchner?” He hovers over you, eyeing you up and down, typical alpha male behavior wrapped in a hefty, white, 45 year old man, who looked like a racist preacher from the south.

Reid immediately tensed up and got partially in front of you, blocking the creepy preacher man. You were grateful but also a little annoyed because you both knew you could take care of yourself and didn’t know if this was a symptom of last night or if Reid was truly protecting you from this ridiculously sweaty man.

“Who are you?” He questioned the man, even though he already knew who he was. You could see him taking him in, analyzing him.

“Oh, excuse me I am Mayor Carter Wilson, I was called in by your boss to answer some questions you all were having trouble with.” He replies with a smile, but a patronizing tone.

“He’s waiting for you. Follow me” You assert, trying to gain your dominance back in the situation. You feel Spencer’s eyes on you, as you gesture the man towards Hotch and Prentiss, waiting by the corner office.

They eye the man as you two approach, Hotch gestures for him to follow them into the interview room.

You walk back to the office. Reid is watching you, looking tense.

“Man that guy is a creep” You say, physically cringing

“yeah…” Spencer replies, turning back towards the board

You push away the thoughts of Reid’s behavior and try to focus on the case but your mind wanders to the thought of losing your best friend and partner over this. Whatever this is. You force your head back down to the map, tracing routes connecting the murder sites and common hang outs of criminals matching the target profile. You become overwhelmed as you move the map back, seeing lines all across the map, different colors, and different routes, none of them making any sort of definitive pattern. You sigh and groan in frustration causing Spencer to turn towards to you.

“Everything alright (Y/N)?” He asks, walking over to you to see what you’re seeing. He places a hand on your shoulder.

“There is no pattern. There is no common route. This led me nowhere” You put your head in your hands. Normally you would try to remain more composed but you knew Reid wouldn’t judge you. He rubs small circles into your back as he looks over the map, automatically relaxing you. He knew how you could let the work consume you sometimes so he became adept at recognizing when you were letting it go too far and would pull you out of it with a gentle squeeze of your arm, grabbing your wrist, making eye contact, or rubbing small circles into your back. He was good at that kind of thing.

“Do you mind?” He asks, sliding the map over towards himself, waiting for your reply to take it completely.

“Go at it. I’m sure you’ll find something” You say in self-pity, quickly pushing up from your chair and going outside for some air. You hated yourself for letting this case eat at you. But you knew it wasn’t the case. It was Reid. It hurt to see the new way he acted around you. This new on and off again behavior. Switching from the Reid you knew to this new, cold one. You hated yourself for letting him hold you last night. You hated yourself for wanting him to.


He tried to call out to you as you stormed out of the department but you didn’t hear or didn’t turn around. He sighed, looking back down at the map. He was the best on the team at discovering patterns that would be overlooked by the normal eye, the non-genius eye. He felt a twinge of guilt for the way he had been acting towards you; both cold and evasive but suddenly overly protective to some random guy who was hitting on you. It happened before and he was always protective but not like that. He was never confrontational but seeing the hungry eyes of those man on you made him nearly shake with anger.

His thoughts were interrupted by Hotch walking out with Prentiss, he looked up and saw the mayor smugly leaving, taking his time to say goodbye to his cop friends on the way out. He wanted to follow him out to make sure he didn’t harass you again but Hotch repeated himself impatiently. Reid clearly hadn’t heard what he said moments ago.

“Have you found anything, Reid?” Hotch eyed him warily

“Oh yes, uh. Actually, (Y/N) did, she just didn’t realize it. Look here” he said gesturing for their eyes to follow the pattern he was drawing, “Here is where the killings took place, seemingly separate with no correlation but if you look at it like this” he said drawing large shapes over the traced routes, “These are districts, more specifically” he started whispering “regions divided amongst patrol cars on their nightly rounds”

Prentiss and Hotch stiffened, coyly looking around the precinct at the cops walking back and forth to filing cabinets, answering phones, none of them seeming to pay attention to the team.

Hotch quickly opened his phone, “Garcia, did you get any hits on what I asked you to look up earlier?”

“Uh yes sir, what’s with the serious Hotch voice? Oh god. Oh god sir are you in trouble? Is the team okay. What-“Her voice became pitched and frantic

“Garcia…Garcia. Calm down. We’re okay. I need that information now. Only me. Tell Morgan, JJ, and Rossi to come back to the prescient now. Tell them not to talk to anyone.” Hotch said coolly, looking to see if any cops picked up his message

“Yes sir, right-right away sir” Garcia quickly hung up


You all met back in the office room, sitting at the table, and spoke in hushed tones. You grew nervous as the situation seemingly became very, very serious as Hotch explained that the unsub was the local police department. They were taking out the criminals and sweeping their murders under the rug.

“We have to start a whole new profile. We need to figure out the cliques of the department. It is unlikely the whole force is in on it. It is likely a small group, 4 to 5 members. One alpha. He’s dominant and has power over them both in their jobs and lives. Possibly mentally and emotionally as well. Garcia,” he talked towards the laptop resting on the desk, “Look up current officers who all graduated from the academy the same year. They may not have known each other and are likely to not have the same home lives but they will have minor criminal pasts, likely juvenile records so you’ll have to do extensive research. ”

“Got it sir. I’ll will go to the depths of earth.” Garcia quipped and clicked off the screen.

Hotch looked up to the team “There’s not much else we can do until Garcia gets back to us but I want you all to be out with the officers just like before, answer their questions but don’t tell them too much. We don’t want to tip anyone off.”

Everyone followed Hotch’s orders and went about their day, faking the information they were finding out. You had a bad feeling about this. You don’t want to tell anyone about it you just write it off as nerves as you continue “working” with Reid.


The night was drawing to a close and Garcia hasn’t reported back. We were running out of time to catch them on their night patrol routes. Everyone was on edge but remaining cool. Exchanging glances and unspoken conversations across the room. Reid and you remained working in the room. Not joking around like you usually did, and every accidentally brush against the other person was met by stiffness and jerking away.

Hotch motioned for the team to go into the office, as they all filed in, trying not to look suspicious  

Once they all arrived Hotch eyed the door and the officers walking past before speaking

“Has anyone come across any new leads?”

You all look around the room, no one answers and there is a collective sigh and disappointment in the air.

“It’s okay. We still have Garcia”

You slightly jump at the sound of sheriff Reynolds at the doorway

“Hey Hotch, I got a new lead and need a profiler.” He says, not sounding too urgent

“I’ll go” You say, desperate to get away from Reid for even 30 minutes. Having to work in the same room as him all day with his constant change of character was more painful than it was draining. You couldn’t focus around him anymore.

Hotch eyed you for a second before giving a slight nod to you and his friend.

You followed the sheriff out of the door and start walking into the cold air, ignoring what you felt and assumed to be Reid’s eyes on your back.

“So what’s the new lead?” You ask, starting to shiver in the cold.

“I’ll tell you about it on the ride over.” his response made your stomach tighten. Something was wrong. You played it cool

“Man it’s so cold out, I need to go get my jacket real quick” you say, starting to turn around to go back inside.

Before you can turn to walk back you felt one arm wrap around you tightly pulling you into an alley, the other covering your mouth where a police suv is waiting. You use all your weight to squat and pull your body towards the ground, then with all of the strength you have you throw your weight back. Causing you to fall down on top of the sheriff. You hear car doors open and stomping towards you, you know running won’t make a difference. You decide to fight. Turning towards the cops you try to draw a gun but your hand comes up empty. You curse at yourself for being in too much of a rush to grab your gun. You stand planted as the all come at you at one. You manage to connect with one of their faces, causing another to grab you from behind. You ram the back of your head into his, ignoring the immediate pain. You then tackle the third one and slickly grab their cell phone and shove it in your pant hem before hearing the snap of a police baton opening. The last thing you feel is a surge of pain through your spin and you feel your body hit the floor, blackness filling your eyes.



The proposal, Eduardo (requested, One shot)

Could you do a fanfic about Eduardo and the MC getting into a fight over Eduardo thinking she was cheating on him with Nathan, and then later Eduardo proposes to her. Could you name the MC Kristen? Thank you!

Sorry it’s so late!

You sighed as you sat down on the bed, today you had been working with Nathan take count of all the food you had and the ingredients you needed to gather at the next port. Despite this you smiled at the thought of you and Eduardo being able to relax tonight as you were both off duty. Suddenly the door slammed and you jumped at the sound “E-Eduardo!” You stammered in surprise. He growled in response, you smiled at him, “We both have tonight off” hoping that his mood would lift. “So?” he snapped back, you widened your eyes and felt a knot tie in your stomach. “W-what…” you stammered. “Don’t you just want to spend it with bandana? Laughing and flirting all the time?” your jaw dropped and you were speechless, all you wanted to do was help the crew and the Captain suggested you help Nathan. Did Eduardo not trust you? He scoffed at your silent response “Not even going to defend yourself eh?” You snapped your head up “I was only helping!” You raised your voice “I offered to help and I was told to help Nathan, I wanted to be able to have tonight off to spend it with you…” Once again an aggravated scoff came from the tall man who was standing right in front of you, arms crossed and a displeased look on his face. “Do you really not trust me enough to even work with anyone else?” He just turned his face away from you. “ THAT is NOT fair! I  have done nothing to make you think I would do that! I watch as women throw themselves at you and sometimes I watch as you tease me with them! How dare you!” You stood up and tried to push past Eduardo but he grabbed you by your arms. “Going to your boyfriend?” You were disgusted by his response to you leaving, tears pricked at your eyes and you tried to push past him again but he was too strong. “Let me go!” a tear trickled down your cheek “You are so cruel sometimes! I don’t care if you tease me or threaten to feed me to the sharks but don’t ever think I’m not dedicated to you!” Tears were now free flowing and you were hitting Eduardo’s chest. “You’re so cruel!” “Because I speak the truth? Or maybe because you’ve had enough of pretending?!” his face peered into yours “STOP IT! YOU ARE THE CRUELEST PERSON I HAVE EVER MET! UNFORTUNATELY FOR ME I AM DEDICATED TO LOVING YOU!” you finally pushed him back, his body slamming into the wall. You quickly opened the door and ran out of the room, you had run only a couple of steps when large arms grabbed you with all their might and pulled you close to a warm chest. You struggled desperately to get away.

“Let me go!” you sobbed into the chest, You were now sobbing heavily and shaking uncontrollably. You were pulled into a room by the unknown person and were sat down on the bed, you looked up to see Captain Morgan standing in front of you “Kristen…” cooed Morgan. You shook your head, “I-I-I need to leave the ship… Please…” You looked down and tried to  control your sobs. “I can’t let you leave, It’s too dangerous, the port we’re at has a lot of bad people in it. Letting you leave would be signing your death certificate.” “Please…” you squeaked, your sobs seeming more desperate. Morgan sighed, “Kristen… Lie down, Just breathe, You need to relax.” You reluctantly agreed and laid down, You closed your eyes and curled into a ball, your tears kept coming. Morgan’s large hand stroked your hair “Shhh” he cooed to you, eventually you gave up trying to stay awake and deal with your problems and tried to drift off to sleep.

It was late at night when you heard a door slam, jolting you awake. “I just want to speak to her” urged The familiar voice. “Eduardo…” sighed Morgan “She’s asleep, leave it until tomorrow. You can both talk then.” “I have to steer out of this port and onto our next destination, we won’t have time, please!” a disgruntled sigh came from Morgan “…Just answer me one question and you can go in” Your heart raced, you couldn’t see Eduardo right now, It was too much to face. You peeked out the door and saw both Eduardo and Morgan weren’t facing you or the side that lead to port. Quickly you dashed across the deck and reached the other side, You were ready to jump to the dock when you heard Morgan’s question “Why did you think that her and Nathan were together?” Eduardo snapped his head up and looked at Morgan “I-I just… I just love her too much… I couldn’t bare her going anywhere near anyone else”. With that, you jumped over board and landed painfully on the dock. “Argh..” You tried to keep as quiet as possible but you landed with a Thump, making Morgan and Eduardo turn their attention to your direction. Footsteps approached you and you sprung up, running off into the local town. Morgan and Eduardo peered over to the side of the ship to see you running. “Kristen!” called out Eduardo “Eduardo, go after her! I’ll gather the crew and help you!”. You heard a thump behind you which you assumed was Eduardo running after you.

The town was alive and full of drunks as you weaved your way through the lights. “Kristen!” you could hear Eduardo behind you. Fresh tears sprung from your eyes as you ran faster towards any direction you could possibly go. Soon though, you hit an alleyway and it wasn’t empty “Well… What’s a pretty lady doing out here?” You instantly backed away and heard the devilish laughs of the gang of men come closer. “Aw come on pretty lady!” laughed one man, “We won’t bite… unless you want us to” Winked another, Suddenly the men launched forward and grabbed you. “Stop!” You screamed, “Please!” They pulled you back into the alley way and slammed you against the wall but suddenly they stopped “Get your hands off my woman!” You looked up to see Eduardo with his gun facing the leader. You clamped your eyes shut as you heard gunshots and groans, you fell to the ground and hugged your knees, you weren’t crying anymore but you were still frightened. 

Silence filled the air but you still refused to look up, “Kristen…” cooed Eduardo. His two warm hands held your shoulders as he knelt down in front of you, “I’m sorry” he whispered. You launched yourself into his arms, you had enough of tonight and couldn’t take anymore. His warmth was comforting and now that both your bodies were pressed together you realised he was shaking too. “I was so angry because…” he huffed out a shaky breathe. “Just… Come with me…” You stood up with him, still clinging to his body. 

Guided by Eduardo you two reached a hill which was covered in flowers, it was dark so you couldn’t see too well but it was beautiful. You sat down and stared at the view of the ocean. “Kristen” started Eduardo who was standing in front of you. “The reason I was so angry… I was angry because I wanted to ask you something today, No one else knew because I wanted us to tell them ourselves…” Eduardo was now kneeling down in front of you with a box in his hand “Will you Marry me, I know I’m cruel and not always as warm as you but you make me so happy, I need you” You gasped. “E-Eduardo” he opened to box to see a diamond ring, it was simple but looked beautiful. “Of Course! Yes!” you sprung into his arms, almost causing the two of you to roll down the hill. “Eduardo” you whispered as you pressed your lips against his. “Thank you, Kristen” murmured Eduardo.