The Senate's next millionaire class?
Democrats are fielding a cadre of candidates richer than their GOP opponents. By SEUNG MIN KIM

If Democrat Evan Bayh wins the Indiana Senate seat in two weeks, he’ll be one of the richest members of a chamber already heavily stocked with millionaires.

And while Bayh’s eight-figure net worth may grab headlines, other Democrats vying for the Senate this year have all done well for themselves, with many of them richer than their Republican opponents.

According to a POLITICO review of personal financial disclosures, five of the Democratic candidates in seven key Senate battlegrounds — Indiana, North Carolina, Missouri, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Nevada and Florida — appear to be wealthier than the Republican in the race. And this year, the politics of a candidate’s wealth has become an issue in some Senate races, including for Bayh in Indiana and Richard Burr in North Carolina.

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The 100 Drinking Game by Lindsey Morgan

A few months ago, Lindsey Morgan had me design some custom The 100 shot glasses as a Season 3 wrap gift. She also happened to send me the rules of the drinking game she designed so now I’m sharing it to all of you to enjoy!

Also, maybe you guys can check out my redbubble?


I think he might be my friend Morgan’s soulmate. He came and saw her every night in the Gap tent at Bonnaroo 2012 and he was wild for her. He serenaded her and was reportedly “heartbroken” that he missed her on the third night.

He has long brown hair and a beard and wore a white sporty headband thing like a Wes Anderson character but you forgave him for it because his heart was so visibly pure.

I’d like to bring the two of them together. If you have any information about Mike from Brooklyn who went to Bonnaroo last year, please email me at mollsshewrote AT gmail DOT com or find me at Bonnaroo, Mike in tow. I’ll make sure they meet for a cigarette and a make out if we know he’s for real.

We can reunite Morgan and Mike in Brooklyn in June.

I think this is a good thing, you guys. I have a good feeling about this.