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Send me a Z and my character will share a thought that keeps them up at night

“I’ve always been worried that one day Sallus will snap and murder Yvon and I like he did his family and those poor people, or that somehow Morgan will come back and ruin my life like he did so many years ago.”

anonymous asked:

Is it just me that thinks we're not playing to our full potential? We need to score more goals. I just feel our offense isn't as good as it should be. And I'm pissed that Germany could beat Sweden by such a score line but we couldn't score shit. That's worrying if we face Germany.

You’re definitely not the only one. Our offense hasn’t figured it out. Fox Sports was saying how the past World Cups, the USWNT had scored anywhere between 7 to 11 goals during group stage, which obviously we were no where near this time around. But I think that with Alex Morgan coming back, we’re better going forward (you could tell the difference when she started last match). She’s still a bit rusty, like we saw in the last match, but that’s something that’ll she’ll work out by getting more minutes under her feet. 

We wouldn’t meet Germany (or France) until the semifinals, giving Morgan (and our offense) tomorrow’s match along with the quarterfinal match to figure things out more. I definitely think that they are getting better little by little. I’m not TOO worried about facing Germany (or France) because our defense is solid. Even more solid than it was in 2011. Germany’s strongest aspect is going forward, but I really believe our back line can handle them. Germany’s back line is their weak point, and if our offense can build up by the time the semifinals come around, I think we have a good shot. 

I don’t know too much about France, but from what I hear they’re more well rounded than Germany. But to be honest, the fact that our back line is so strong gives me a lot of hope. And also Hope Solo. 

While it may be annoying that Germany beat Sweden the way they did and we only tied, I’m not dwelling to much on it. Would it have been nice if we beat Sweden? Yeah. But I thought Sweden was MUCH better against USA than they were against Germany. With the Germany vs Sweden match, I don’t see it solely as Germany being really good (no doubt they were really good that match) but I see it as a combination of Germany being really good and Sweden being really really poor overall. And maybe Sweden’s fitness dwindled by then because they definitely didn’t seem all that fit. 

There is a hole in my heart that all the stray belongings in my house cannot fill (not even the cello, which is very large so had a good chance of filling it.) I miss my flatmates! (And neighbours, obv Morgane). 

I miss the backwards compliments from Masnoon, Darryl’s outrageous storytelling, being called “Mamma”, putting egg Enoras face, hilarious misinterpretations of Samoan legends, Sarah’s adorable poi practicing and the way her American accent traveled through the house with a volume rivaled only by Masnoon speaking to his friends in Punjabi at 3am. 

Our diversity means that we will probably never manage to line up time zones for a group skype chat, but our last moments together with Darryl majestically running in slow motion across the field probably couldn’t be beat anyway!