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you held your head like a hero

This is just a little something I wrote originally as part of a longer Odysseus/Penelope remix that has since become a series of smaller drabbles. There are a few more in the works, but chronologically this is the first.

In which Jon comes home after ten long years and finds solace (and acceptance) in the godswood. (1271 words)

“Is that Longclaw?” The voice startles him, focused as he was on the blade of his sword. Looking up is like looking into the past, for surely the boy before him could be his younger self, all dark curls and solemn grey eyes.

My son, Jon thinks, and the thought expands like a tightness in his chest. Eddard - my son.

“It is.” He doesn’t want to look away, wants to spend the rest of his days drinking in the sight of his son there in the godswood, but nor does he want to make Eddard uncomfortable, so he returns his attention to his sword. The blade hardly needs the sharpening – there were times, beyond the wall, when he’d had nothing but time on his hands, and the sword had borne the brunt of that boredom – but it keeps his hands busy while he rests in the godswood.

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cyan-sketches-things  asked:

I'd love to hear you sing! And can we hear about the MBAV au? And you're right about Benny's hair, I've been sitting here for an hour attempting to do it and aaaaaaaaa

PPFPFT I’ve gotten a lot of positive response so I guess I. Will post that tomorrow hhGHH

Omg yeah seriously;; Benny’s hair is impossible I don’t know how it DEFIES LOGIC??


NSKDBBJDDB SURE I would love to talk about it!!

So uhh it’s called the Grim Reaper AU? It’s pretty obvious where this is going but allow me to further enlighten you

But yeah get ready for one helluva ride this is SUPER SUPER LONG I’M SORRY it’s like 3k words (the length of a good oneshot holy shit SHIMA WHY) but hey I have been developing this AU for three years now sO
Okay here we go

It all starts out when Benny and Ethan are on their way to school and Benny notices they’re being followed by this strange girl dressed in black—but for some reason nobody else is able to see her except for Benny. After school he corners her alone and starts questioning her (he also kinda threatens her a little bit;; tells her to stay away from Ethan since he’s an overprotective cupcake). She reveals that she’s a Grim Reaper and her job is to, well. Bring lives to an end as they’re written down in her book. Basically everyone is fated to die at a certain time in their lives, and Grim Reapers are the ones to carry their souls over to the other side. And after a bit more goading she admits that yes, Ethan is fated to die in two days’ time and she’s been assigned to carry his soul over.

Rest is under the cut to save yourselves from endless scrolling whoops

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Puppy AU

part i. | part ii. ( with fic)

While Morgana takes care of their puppies, Arthur and Merlin take a stroll through the town. Temptations are everywhere and so Merlin has to stop Arthur from expanding his puppy kingdom. But as it turns out, there’s one puppy Arthur can’t stand: Morgana’s toy stealing puppy. It’s probably as evil as it’s fluffy.

the 10 things i hate about you au: terms and conditions
  • root and john are siblings
  • john’s a year older, a senior in high schhol, and the Perfect Son. straight-a student, beloved by all his peers and teachers, big on community service, etc. etc. 
  • he’s a good egg and their dad (george hersh) is very proud of him
  • then there’s root
  • also a brilliant student, but a terror to her peers. friendless, constantly challenging her teachers and classmates, a regular in the guidance counselor and principal’s offices
  • a general menace
  • enter harold finch! he and john have been mutually crushing for ages, but EVERYONE knows and loves john, and even though john smiles warmly and says “hi, finch” every time they pass each other in the hall, finch is convinced john barely knows who he is
  • harold and joss carter are best friends (they’re lab partners in all their science classes), and she’s the one who finally convinces him to make a move
  • john’s a Student Leadership boyo, which means he’s involved in preparations for all the school dances
  • after english class one day, (with joss’ urging) finch gets up the nerve to pull john aside and shyly ask if it would be possible for him to get involved with prep for the dance
  • john is delighted!
  • at least, finch is pretty sure that’s what delighted looks like on john. it’s really just half a smile and kind eyes
  • he promises to get finch on board, and also (“just, while we’re here”) invites him to a party that weekend. 
  • “a bunch of the leadership crowd will be there, so i can introduce you to everyone. it’ll be a good time”
  • finch is on cloud nine for the rest of the day. carter makes even more bird jokes than usual
  • the night of the party, john spends an inordinate amount of time fussing over his hair and outfit. he struggles with a bowtie (in front of an entirely unhelpful root) for so long that he finally gives up and tosses it aside altogether
  • their dad notices
  • “what’s gotten into you, johnny? thought you said these shindigs were for shmucks”
  • “john has a /date/ this time,” root says gleefully
  • john shoots her a glare, but it’s too late
  • “a /date/?” papa hersh straightens up immediately. “no no no, i don’t think so. you’ve got more important things to focus on, john. college, scholarships. you don’t need distractions”
  • “it’s my senior year,” john grumbles. “i just thought…y'know, with prom coming up…and it’s not a /distraction/, it’s…it’s motivation. he’s brilliant and values academics too. he’s a really good influence”
  • hersh!dad looks to root for confirmation. she shrugs. “he’s right, the kid’s a nerd”
  • john’s staring at him pleadingly. hersh folds his arms. “tell you what. you can go to prom with this boy on one condition”
  • john’s nodding vigorously
  • “….your sister has to have a date too”
  • he shuts the door behind him, satisfied in his daughter’s stubbornness and ability to piss everyone off
  • john BEGS root to do this for him. just one date, for one night! not even the whole night! just an hour or two to convince their dad!
  • but root’s a dick and she refuses
  • “im doing you a favor, big lug. dating is lame and people are horrible”
    they don’t talk for a few days
  • but john and finch have a good time at the party (they only stay for like an hour and then bail to spend the rest of the night sharing fries and milkshakes at a cute diner)
  • after a week or two of talking on the phone together for hours every night, john has the I Wanna Date You But convo with finch
  • so the two of them (and carter) hatch a plan to find a date for root
  • it’s going to be hard enough as it is finding someone who’s up to the challenge, much less someone root will accept
  • they’ve been deliberating for a few days when carter stumbles onto sameen shaw
  • shaw’s like, that scary kid who’s best class is woodshop and she rides a motorcycle to school and glares a lot
  • they’re in calculus together and shaw meanders in like, fifteen minutes late. she catches carter’s eye as she slides into her seat. hits carter with a sly wink
  • joss carter has been dating zoe morgan for two and a half years. zoe morgan, who can get anything on anyone, and who’s had kids transferred to different /schools/ just for looking at her the wrong way
  • no one’s been bold enough to hit on carter since their first date
  • until shaw
  • carter’s immediately hits up the group chat: “found our girl”

SPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT BY MOGIRL97 | OLICITY AU AESTHETIC : Felicity Smoak has a plan. Two years at Starling University (snag a great internship while she’s there), transfer to MIT to finish getting her Masters in Cyber Security and Computer Sciences, graduate, start her career. She doesn’t have time for distractions. But what happens when her roommate Iris drags her to a hockey game one night? Probably nothing…

                                     Happy Holidays to Morgan, from Ju.(your secret santa ♥)

‘We may have both been raised by the empire. But that does not make them loyal to us Tala… Or. Should I call you Sabine Wren?’

Imperial Au.

Where the names ‘Sabine Wren’ And ‘Ezra Bridger’ Haven’t been used in years.

The 100 Ladies Appreciation Week: Day 7
Favorite Cast Member(s)

au revoir

Okay, but can we all just agree that Maura Isles and Jane Rizzoli going away on a month long vacation together in Paris is about as canon as this ship is going to get? Because I saw that little glimmer of light, that certain nod, as if the writers were saying, “You know what? Go ahead and imagine what you want on this trip. Maybe they get together, maybe they don’t. Either way, Jane and Maura are together and that’s how it should be.”

And personally, I love that. It’s a good and perfect ending in my eyes. I love this show, even through it’s flaws, and Jane and Maura will always hold a special place in my heart. As best friends or as lovers, either way they get to be together. And that’s exactly what I wanted. For them to be happy and together.


A Merlin AU based on something I told Olivia I’d make but never did, but I’ve finally done it because it’s her birthday.

In which Arthur doesn’t really die in the finale but Merlin just thinks he’s dead and ships him off into the Lake of Avalon. Arthur wakes up a few hours later stranded on the isle with no way off and, honestly, Merlin really is just a complete idiot! He gets lonely and befriends a helmet that he calls Wilson and eventually builds a raft to escape. It comes apart and Arthur nearly drowns, but luckily Merlin has been waiting for him and comes to the rescue.

E-101 Beta and E-102 Gamma as androids :U

in this AU teen!eggman created the E-series to look human and they act as his sort of family members. These two live together and have Amy and Birdie as pets.

Gamma sometimes brings Amy over to play with Ivo’s pet hedgehog Sonic. She really likes Sonic…

(also, E-100 Zero gets jealous of how cute their pets are and tries to steal them.)