morgan will appreciate this


Different press conference, same boredom.


the vampire diaries appreciation week
day 7 📖  free choice — tvd + species (insp)

do you know what i think is just swell? that colin morgan made a decision as an actor that every time leo charges it should feel like a sexual experience. he came up with that in his mind. in his filthy mind. no one can convince me it wasn’t his idea. he went up to the producers and was like “hey i think leo should make sex faces every time he charges” and they were like “yes! do it!” i love it. i love him. i want to shake his hand.

Blitzen appreciation post

- fashionable


-loves Hearth

-misses his dad

-calls people only 4 years younger than him “kid”

-overuses the word “buddy”

-color coordination

-enchants a very big bag


-really doesn’t enjoy being a demigod

-”born with a target on his back”

-loves ducks

-bad under pressure (”defaults to waterfowl”)

-thinks he’s awful at crafting but managed to build Hearth the sunbed to save his life

-learned a language solely to make friends with Hearthstone

-suggests the runes meant “toolshed” instead of “bloodshed”

-will fucking fight Junior

-is offended magnus thinks taylor swift is a human (definitely likes taylor swift)

-joined the service of an immortal severed head for reasons we still don’t really know

-tall enough to pass as a very, VERY short human & is proud of it

-doesn’t like his overbearing mother


-loves fashion & values being neat but lived on the streets for two years (still for reasons we don’t know enough about)

-runs his own shop

-constantly filled with self-deprecating thoughts

-talks to Hearth even when Hearth can’t see his lips (”move over, you tent hog” “stop stepping on my toes. have you put on weight? no, lead with your left foot, you silly elf. there you go”)

-gives hearth his jacket in the tent

-”my elf”

-tells hearth it’s ok to let him die instead of going back to his abusive family

-once charged into battle wielding a traffic sign that read “make way for ducklings.” expected to die, but tried anyway

-best boy who isn’t appreciated enough


The 100 Cast Appreciation Post 💖


Morgana McCawber Appreciation post

I adore ghouls and monsters, I adore women with attitude and common sense. She just wanted to make magical food while cutting a few corners for cost efficiency.

The Catwoman to Darkwing’s Batman, bee-size waist and a hive-size hair-do. Bad temper when it came to insensitive comments on her abilities and a very surly voice coming from legend Kathy Source. When not seducing or conquering enemies she was a friendly person who’d vote for peaceful resolutions.

my favorite line was

“Now with the city asleep I’ll finally have a enough to pay off my student loans!”

Likes: Small creepy critters, her family, money, recognition, fungi, the Hex of the Month Club, cooking

Dislikes: Sunlight, unnecessary violence, doubt, love potions, being stood up at prom, student loans


davina claire appreciation week, day 3 » favorite outfits and/or hairstyles