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I will tell you one thing about these people you don’t want to be associated with, Isak. About the people who have put on tights and mascara, and gone out to fight for the right to be themselves. These are people who have chosen to stand their ground, even while being harassed and experiencing hate. Who have been assaulted and killed. And it’s not because they’re so extremely keen on being different, but because they’d rather die than be someone they’re not. That, Isak, takes courage on such a completely different level, than most people are able to understand. And I believe that before you have fought that battle yourself… Before you have the guts to stand up for who you are… You should be really fucking careful about putting yourself above Gay Pride.


If your characters had the day off to save themselves from worrying about their impending doom, what would they do for fun or to relax?

(bonus: Lindsey demonstrating how Murphy’s Good Cry will go:)

“Morgan, you’re allowed to be upset.

*sniff* *sob* “A-Are you-”

“Cry all you want, I’m not judging you for it, pup.”

“I-I was told… emotions are bad for dragons. This blue dragon, told me how to be a proper one, I ju-just want to do us proud b-but. I c-can’t… I d-don’t want to be mean, I don’t want to h-hurt others, w-why would I? I feel sick trying to, I c-can’t, it’s- it’s sick.”


“H-How do you do it. I want to be a PROUD dragon l-like you Ragnorall, b-but how can I if I feel sick while doing it… I c-can’t do this, w-what do I do Ragnorall?”

“… Morgan… I… I think…” *sigh*

“I’m lucky?”

“Being a dragon… is not the same as it once meant. I’ve seen enough of the dragons of this age to know that they’re different to what me and my brethren were like centuries ago. Even, I have to admit that but it’s not like 1000 years of burning villages is a habit I could kick in a second. So… you get to grow up in this new world we’re stuck in.”


“Dragons never cry. At least, that’s how it used to be. But you know what I say to that? BAH!!! We can cry all we want to, and no one can tell us otherwise, I don’t care what the rest of them think of me.”


“I would love to see you fly around, burning villages, mashing peasants to a pulp. That’s what I would like to see, but… I care… about you. About all dragons, and… well… hmmm…


“Morgan. I want to see you be the dragon YOU WANT to be, not what our history, or legacy demands you be.”

“Would you want that? What about our legacy?”

“History doesn’t matter if you’re not happy with it. The fact that you’re here, and dragons are still around nowadays, (even though they’re not exactly what i’d LIKE them to be) is enough for me. So, just be you, understand?”



“I-I-I don’t…”

“Ok, how about we just leave it there for pup. I understand it might be a bit much to take in right now. How about I take you back to our home and you can take a nap for a bit.”

“All right…Ragnorall?”



IT’S NOT AMBIGUOUS ANYMORE. Carol is the most important person in Daryl’s life. Carol is the thing that keeps him holding on. What makes him sane.

Morgan knows Carol being safe and alive is the most important thing for Daryl. More than getting back at Negan. He knows if he told her he could get Ezekiel to join the war and he knows she would be a great asset. But he doesn’t.

Carol’s feelings and safety are the most important thing for Daryl.



I want Carol AND Daryl to be happy...

I like Ezekiel.I really do.He is a gentle,honest,decent man.He is handsome,too. And most important: He,just like Morgan these days,wants to help Carol.He is offering her a new point of view.A way out.TIME to work things out alone WITHOUT being really alone.I appreciate that.It’s finally a step in the right direction,it’s a start.

That being said,lets don’t forget Carol is running away from LOVE. Why would she jump into a relationship head over heels now?With someone she barely knows? It was pointless the first time with Tobin.And she knows it.I can see great friendships forming between Ezekiel,Morgan and Carol.I would love to see it.But I see no romance.Why?It’s easy:


In my opinion,Carol is just not like that,betraying her feelings again.Her focus is on healing.Entirely on healing.She got a real chance now.Furthermore,Ezekiel sure is charming,but he is too much over the top for our pragmatic,straight,no-bullshit Carol. It does not fit for me.

Also,don’t forget: 

Daryl and Carol have been seperated on purpose for an eternity.We got nearly NO caryl screen interaction for years. We got no real conversations between them for seasons. The GA slowly forgets their magic…and so do we,believe it or not.tptb want to throw us off.

It is easy to make Carol sit around a flickering fire with Ezekiel and create some chemistry. We never got that for Caryl.Just imagine a scene like that between Carol and Daryl.Alone.Sitting by the fire.Talking.Everyone would be DEAD 3 times over by feels.(I hope we will get that comparison in Ep 10)

Last but not least.I care so much about Daryl.He never had anything.I want Daryl to get that one good thing he always wanted.That one person he lives for.More than anything I want him to be happy and loved once in his life.I want him to be able to keep something entirely beautiful close to him.I wanna see him living and building something.And I know Carol and Daryl can only achieve that level of happiness together.Carol is perfect for him and vice versa.

Caryl is premium.Caryl on.


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