morgan residence

The Resident was so fucking good, but I spent the majority of my time yelling, “You better ride that dick, bitch!” To Hilary Swank. And she didn’t, of course. Boi, I was so fucking mad when she got him in bed and then she was like “No, I cant.” And then she brings that goofy ass looking mf over to the apartment. Bitch, you serious? If you don’t want him, I. WILL. TAKE. HIM.
I have no problem with him stalking the fuck out of me, and doing dirty things in my bathtub while I’m away!
I’d climb that like a fucking tree.
You got me fucked up. ✌

I cannot with this movie right now. Lmao 👏

@Max stalk me, daddy. PLS. 😉😉

*This is a JOKE. Stalking isn’t cool, don’t do it. The only time stalking is okay is if it’s JDM stalking me. Thanks.*

Approval of Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain project will have significant consequences for inhabitants of the Salish Sea.

Even without an oil spill, even without ship strikes, the underwater noise from increased shipping alone will push the endangered Southern Resident killer whales further toward extinction. When cumulative effects are considered, these whales have a greater than 50% chance of being functionally extinct within 100 years. Southern residents are irreplaceable and valued across Canada and beyond.