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Went to Vancouver Pride this weekend and had a pretty great time. I got to go to the Trans March on Friday for the first time and it was amazing. I’m still stuck in small-town mode and I expected it to be like four people with a couple of flags but it’s actually really well attended and it felt really amazing to be at. I also met Morgane Oger and Randall Garrison, two amazing politicians that I really admire though I’m an idiot and forgot to take pictures. 

Sunday, I went to the Van Pride Parade which I recognize has some issues, but I have to say, overall I was pretty impressed with how there were a lot more of a grassroots feeling then the last time I was there a few years ago and while there is a strong corporate presence it didn’t feel as intense as before and overall it felt a lot more inclusive which was great to see. And because I’m me, I had to wear a political shirt. 

Keep pride political, Know your history

show me everything i might miss

Summary: Hogwarts AU. Riley is an adorable fifth year and everyone else is older then him. (That’s the plot, seriously, I told you guys I wrote this at 3 am)

Pairings: Chase/Riley, Tyler/Shelby, Hinted Koda/Kendall

Notes: I wrote this at 3 am and what even. But musicislife11961 danisprobablyonfire and thehistorynut19 said they wanted to read it, so *throws in faces*

This was meant to be platonic familial Riley-centric OT6, but Chase apparently doesn’t like to share. Do you disagree with my choice of house placement? Come talk to me here. I also made graphics that don’t look like complete shit: yaaaaaaaay! [Quotes on the graphics are taken from the first and fifth books’ Sorting Songs]

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