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  • Chase: Kendall, did you call the doctor and schedule my appointment yet?
  • Kendall: Yeah, I did, but Chase, why do you still wanna go to a pediatrician?
  • Chase: 'Cause a regular doctor doesn’t give me candy at the end. Duh.
  • Kendall: I can’t keep doing this, I’m not your mom.
  • Chase: Well...
  • Phillip: You do exhibit rather...motherly behaviour, Kendall.
  • Chase: Yeah, I mean, my family's still in New Zealand. And Ivan and Koda's died centuries ago. So you’re like our mom. Team mom. *chanting* Team mom! Team mom! Team mom!
  • Kendall: I’m not the team mom!
  • Chase, Koda, Phillip: *chanting* Team mom! Team mom! Team mom!
  • Kendall: Phillip, why are YOU chanting?!
  • Phillip: It is a catchy chant.
  • Koda: ...Team mo-
  • Kendall: One more chant and no slushies after work!
What about us - Part four

Chase enters the base to find Kendall alone. He approaches her. It’s been about six months since his break up with Kaylee and as time got further and further away from it  he was actually anticipating the talk with Kendall more and more.

Kendall looks up from her work station and see’s Chase approaching her and smiles at him. She wonders to herself when he will bring that conversation back up, especially now it’s been about six months. The further it gets away the more she anticipates the conversation, due to the long gap she’s thought more and more about it and when he’s ready she would really like to give them a try.

Chase stands before her and Kendall turns to face him. “You remember how after Kaylee broke up with me we discussed talking about us at some point in the future”

“Yes” Kendall answers him hopefully

“Well I was hoping we could have that conversation” Chase tells her hopeful

“I would like that” Kendall answers barely able to hold in her excitement and hope for where this conversation might go

“Well as it got further and further away I actually found myself looking forward to the day we could have this conversation” Chase tells her

“As have I, time seems to have convinced me” Kendall tells him

“Me as well” Chase tells her time was a great thing for this

“I want to give us a try” Chase says at the same time Kendall tells him “I would like to give us a try”

With that answer Chase pulls her into his arms and kisses her passionately.

When they pull apart they rest their foreheads against each other. Chase asks her “Will you be my girlfriend Kendall”

“Yes!” She answers before kissing him again

After they pull apart this time he leans against the work bench beside her and puts his arm around her and pulls into his side and leans in.

“Aw crap” Kendall says

This worries Chase for a second but she doesn’t pull away only leans into him more. “What?” Chase questions her confused

“Now I have to tell Shelby” Kendall replies

“What? Why?” Chase asks even more confused

Kendall laughs and it vibrates though Chase.

“I told her, I would tell her after we had this conversation” Kendall tells him

“Why?” Chase questions, after this conversation. How did she know? Why did she know?

“It was the only way to get her to shut and stop squealing, she told me right after her and Tyler finally got their act together” Kendall answers

“They told all of us” Chase interrupts

“She told me before they told us, she also noticed I had a thing for you before I did” Kendall tells him

Chase laughs at this “yet she took forever to get together with Tyler”

“I know right” Kendall says

Chase kisses the top of head and they stand there content and finally together. They have long time together ahead of them considering neither of them will age.

  • Ivan: I mean, they were extremely common until just recently - historically recently, not recently like "metrosexual is a word now" recently, but recently.
  • Kendall: Are we still talking about anvils?
  • Ivan: Yes, where did all the anvils go?
  • Chase: You're talking about those big, heavy, metal things?
  • Ivan: That blacksmiths hammered horseshoes and stuff on. Everyone had them. They were everywhere in my time, so where did they all go?
  • Kendall: I don't know that they were that common.
  • Shelby: Wile E. Coyote used them. That's how common they were.
  • Ivan: Who?
  • Shelby: The cartoon. He was always trying to drop an anvil on the Road Runner's head or shoot it at him out of a giant slingshot or fire it at him out of a cannon. Inevitably, the cannon tilted up, shot it in the air, it fell down, and made an anvil-shaped impression on Wile E. Coyote's head.
  • Ivan: This is a cartoon?
  • Shelby: No, no, this just happened to me the other day. I was walking down the street, and this giant anvil - yes, Ivan, it's a cartoon.
  • Riley: I know she sounds nuts, but it's a very common cartoon.
  • Kendall: But that doesn't prove that anvils were so common.
  • Ivan: It does. It proves that anvils were so ubiquitous at one point - is that the word, ubiquitous?
  • Shelby: It depends on where you're going.
  • Ivan: That they knew that children would know what they were and delight in them. That's how common they were - children watching cartoons.
  • Shelby: That was the word!
  • Chase: I've forgotten your point.
  • Ivan: Where are all the anvils? I mean, is there some sort of secret anvil storage facility the oligarchy is keeping from us?
  • Kendall: Or they fell into disuse with the advent of other technologies, and so they melted them down and they're gone.
  • Ivan: But they're not supposed to melt. They were made to withstand the red-hot hammer of the town blacksmith.
  • Kendall: This is easily the most pointless conversation we've ever had.
show me everything i might miss

Summary: Hogwarts AU. Riley is an adorable fifth year and everyone else is older then him. (That’s the plot, seriously, I told you guys I wrote this at 3 am)

Pairings: Chase/Riley, Tyler/Shelby, Hinted Koda/Kendall

Notes: I wrote this at 3 am and what even. But musicislife11961 danisprobablyonfire and thehistorynut19 said they wanted to read it, so *throws in faces*

This was meant to be platonic familial Riley-centric OT6, but Chase apparently doesn’t like to share. Do you disagree with my choice of house placement? Come talk to me here. I also made graphics that don’t look like complete shit: yaaaaaaaay! [Quotes on the graphics are taken from the first and fifth books’ Sorting Songs]

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  • Kendall: Chase's late.
  • Shelby: How did this happen? I had Riley call him at 8 o'clock this morning and pretend it was 11.
  • Tyler: I printed up that fake schedule for him saying we were starting at 9 instead of noon.
  • Ivan: I set all his watches and clocks to say PM when it’s really AM.
  • Shelby: Oh, boy. We may have overdone it.

Since Koda woke up from that nightmare in episode 4, we’ve known that Koda’s experiences were traumatic. Also, given that Chase and Kendall were the only ones around before the series started, we could guess that they were the ones who revived Koda. But until this episode, we didn’t know anything for sure.

I never expected them to give us these flashbacks, but I’m thankful for them because they fill in these gaps.

Also, they tell us something about what Koda’s revival was like. I mean, this episode drove home just how traumatic Koda’s revival was for Koda, but look at Chase and Kendall’s expressions in these scenes. It’s clear that Chase and Kendall were impacted emotionally as well. I’m fascinated by that sidelong glance that Chase gives to Kendall just before he frees Koda. It’s a look that says “I’m terrified”, “are you sure this is going to work?” and “what are we doing?” all at the same time.

Given that this is a kid’s show, and that it’s Power Rangers, the fact that they handled the plot point of “character frozen in ice for thousands of years” with as much seriousness as it deserved is really quite commendable.