morgan rambles

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: jared padalecki is such a talented actor and i think we forget that sometimes due to his intensely good looks. i personally have found myself watching him to watch him rather than to watch him act and this is the biggest mistake one can make. he is so physically beautiful that he could probably get away with not being so good an actor yet he still continues to amaze me with his talent. his micro-expressions and ability to adapt to many different roles makes him possibly one of the greatest actors of our time and i hope we don't forget that any time soon
  • what she also means: literally all of this can be said for jensen and misha too. we're so blessed to be in a fandom that focuses on - not just one insanely attractive and equally talented man - but three physically beautiful and incredibly talented men (more than three, in fact, but i won't go in to naming them all), who are not only beautiful and talented, but are also amazing, compassionate, caring, humble human beings who deserve their success and so much more

“This is a black hole. It consumes matter, sucks it in, and crushes it beyond existence. When I first heard that, I thought that’s evil in its most pure. Something that drags you in, crushes you, makes you nothing.”

honestly…….. i am completely unable to get over hammer of thor. i’ve got AP classes and all i can think is “hey i need to check the mcga, blitzstone, and alex fierro tags for the sixth time today!” it’s just so g o o d im dead…..I love Alex!! i want to marry her (& so does magnus!)!!! Blitzstone is still the best fucking thing ever & i need MORE. sam is still a queen, and samir is such a beautiful,,, healthy relationship….. s a v e  m e 


Okay so first, a question.

I think someone else may have brought this up before - @keyofjetwolf perhaps? - about how they thought it was odd that Minako actually called her Super Sailor Moon, and I have to say I agree (and Jet Wolf please correct me if this wasn’t you!).

Has anyone ever actually CALLED her Super Sailor Moon before? Like to her face (haven’t watched the S arc in a long time)? Why is it necessary? Super Sailor Moon is her power upgrade, but she’s still Sailor Moon, and they’ve always referred to her as such. And you certainly don’t see the senshi in later seasons actually calling each other Super Sailor Mars, etc.


Haruka’s “I won’t let her die!” is actually killing me. Because at this point in the series, Haruka had been lecturing Usagi about her idealism, how not everyone can be saved all the time and that one (or a few) people dying for the greater good of all was necessary. And here, Usagi is actually about to do just that. She knows the Silver Crystal could take her life, and she’s planning on using it to stop Kaguya (also I’m crying about how when it’s other people in danger or sacrificing themselves, Usagi is all “NO I WILL FIND ANOTHER WAY” but when it’s her turn to lay down her life she’s all “I DON’T CARE WHAT HAPPENS TO ME I JUST WANT TO SAVE EVERYONE”. BASICALLY AS LONG AS EVERYONE ELSE LIVES, USAGI IS OKAY AND THAT JUST DESTROYS ME OMG I LOVE USAGI SO MUCH).

But Haruka won’t allow it. This time, Haruka is being the idealist. They have to find another way BECAUSE HARUKA WON’T LET USAGI DIE.


Ok but like. Imagine “Swagness” Chase losing all his fucking chill when he realizes how FUCKING CUTE tj is like. I feel like Magnus is the most awkward flirter ever and tj’s like “are you ok” and Mallory just kind of rolls her eyes in the background and punches Magnus when tj leaves the room like “do something about it you idiot”

Things I have learned today:

  1. Colin is going to be in a new show called Humans, which is a remake of what is supposed to be an awesome near-future Swedish scifi show with androids and cyborgs.
  2. Barring any major changes to characters and/or plot, his character, Leo, is a half-human/half-hubot (aka half-android, aka CYBORG) leader of “a group of free hubots reprogrammed to be capable of emotion, desires and free will”.
  3. I am going to die.
  4. Hubots, by the way, are known for “bright flawless skin, glossy hair and unnaturally bright (usually very blue or very green) eyes”.
  5. He will have a tattoo and a charging port.
  6. AHAHAHAHAHA. Kill me now.
  8. What even is life anymore?
  9. They’re supposed to begin filming soon, with a premier set for about a year from now.
  10. It is being co-produced by AMC and Channel 4, which means it should receive all the proper funding/publicity that quality programming deserves and will be broadcast in both the US and UK.
  11. Did I mention AMC, because that means Colin is going to be on a major American network which is known for producing some of the best, most amazingly well-done shows on television, full stop???
  12. But it’ll still have British writers/cast!! IT’S LIKE THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS COMBINED.
  13. I give myself a survival rate of making it to next year of about 50/50.
  14. I have quite possibly gone insane.
  15. HAAAAAH. There’s nothing possible about it, I have definitely lost my sanity, someone please come hold me, this is not a drill.
  16. My desire for all the zombie/cyborg AU mashups is strong, WHERE ARE MY FICS, I WANT THEM ALREADY. I DON’T CARE THAT BOTH COLIN AND BRADLEY’S NEW SHOWS AREN’T ON AIR YET.


I love that Colin is a mystery.

That his sense of humor is so Irish, tragic, morbid, and difficult to understand until you really get to know him, and that he fangirls over Tim Burton.

I love that he comes across as innocent and naive but played in a play naked on stage right out of college and can get in the head-space of some really serious characters, even from as young as 19.

I love that he keeps his private life private and doesn’t let his popularity disturb his passion.

I love that he has that passion for what he does and the characters he chooses to play.

I love that I can’t decide if I want to feed him and tuck him into bed or climb on top of him and pin him to a bed.

I really just love Colin.