morgan hotel


“That hotel is fucking creepy.” Negan says and his men nod in agreement.
Together they go inside, looking on each floor for supplies while Negan goes to the bar.
Pleased that the bar isn’t empty he takes the whiskey, drinking a few sips from the bottle as suddenly a man appears in the corner of his eyes.
“The fuck?” The bottle drops on the floor and Negan begins to curse.
“What a shame.” The stranger smiles. “But don’t worry, my friend. We have enough here.”
“Who the fuck are you?” Negan asks, looking at the brown hair man with the tattered suit.
“James Patrick March.” He says solemnly while he gives Negan another bottle with alcohol.
“Welcome to the Hotel Cortez, Negan.” James says, taking two glasses from the bar and clinges them with him.
Negan feels uncomfortable and you could almost say that he is afraid.
Something is wrong with this hotel and the March guy.
“Who is this?” James points at the baseball bat next to Negan.
“Ah, she is beautiful.” James leans over the counter. “Can I hold her?”
Negan wants to say something rude, but he decides against it and without a word he gives her to James.
“Wonderful.” James whispers, his fingers carefully stroking over the barb wire and he smells her. “Blood. Fantastic.”
“Are here other survivors?”
“Oh no. The souls were restless and have hung on the living ones.” A sad sigh escapes James’ mouth and Negan frowns.
Suddenly James comes closer, his nose almost touches Negan’s.
“But I’m not alone anymore.”
“What the fuck does that mean?!” Negan yells and jumps from his seat.
“Hey boss. Are you ok?” Dwight asks from behind and Negan turns around.
“Yeah, just talking to that fucker.”
“Whom do you mean?” He asks confused and as Negan turns around James wasn’t there anymore.
“What the fuck?”


I still hope someone request a second part, bc I had so much fun writing this. 😁


Haunted Places: Hotel Del Coronado

Located in San Diego, the Hotel Del Coronado is famous for its hospitality, history, and, of course, ghosts.

One of the most infamous ghosts at the hotel is that of Kate Morgan.  Kate had checked in to the hotel on November 24th 1892 under the name of Lottie A. Bernard. Upon check in she looked extremely pale, and had mentioned to the staff that she was going to see a doctor during her stay. However, the fact that she checked in with no luggage, received no visitors, and barely left her room caused the hotel staff to worry.  Then, four days later, she went to town and bought a gun.  The next morning she was found her dead from a gunshot wound to the head on the stairs leading from the hotel to the beach. Although police ruled her death a suicide, others believe that she might have been murdered.  Skeptics claim that the caliber of bullets found in her skull did not match the gun that she had bought the day before.  They also point out that her husband was a well known conman, and that Kate and her husband had been spotted having a huge argument on a train before Kate had had enough and got off, after which she checked into the hotel. 

Whether it was murder or suicide, Kate still reportedly haunts the hotel.  Guests will see an eerie pair of eyes and lips staring out at them from the mirror or windows in what used to be her room. Breezes ruffle the curtains from seemingly nowhere, the lights and T.V will turn themselves on and off, and strange noises can be heard in the room.  People have also seen the figure of a pale woman in a lacy black dress.  After her figure disappears the smell of her perfume lingers on. 

Other than Kate, there are several other ghosts who inhabit the hotel.  One of these ghosts is Marilyn Monroe.  Marylin stayed here while filming Some LIke it Hot. She had said that she loved the place. Now guests will see her apparition by the hotel door, or on the nearby beach. Her laughter has been heard on the second and third floors. 

Finally, one of the most intensely haunted rooms in the hotel is Room 3519.  In the past there had been two incidents related to that room.  The first involved a maid who was either traveling with Kate Morgan, or had befriended her during her stay.  She allegedly disappeared the same day that Kate was found dead.  The second incident happened in 1888 when a rich man kept his mistress in the room. After finding out she was pregnant, the mistress killed herself. Her body was removed from the hotel. Nothing else was ever found out about her.

In 1983, one of George Bush’s Secret Service men stayed in the room. In the middle of the night he fled from the room saying that there had been horrible gurgling noises and that the entire room was glowing.  Ghost hunters had also caught a glass being picked up on its own and smashed to the floor. Other than these specific incidents, strange noises and other happenings, such as peoples objects being misplaced, occur on a regular basis.

If you are interested in staying in either of the haunted rooms, you can book your stay and specifically request the rooms from the Hotel del Coronados website.

(Source: Armchair Reader: Weird, Scary & Unusual).