morgan horse show


We showed at the Open Morgan Horse Show today! We didn’t do to bad. Last in showmanship because he tossed his head when we went to trot but there was only 2 other people in the class with me so thats fine. Then in the 2 foot jumping course we got our front legs over the 2nd jump but then he started backing up but the rail didn’t fall over so the whole thing fell and he spooked and I fell. Then we did the versatility challenge that had English pleasure, western pleasure, then a barrel race. We got 5th out of 7 in that class. he was perfect for the English pleasure but he was an ass for the western pleasure he bucked when I asked for a canter then did a little rear in the lineup. However we did a 20 something on the barrels so thats good. It was our first full speed run this year and he went pretty wide on the turns but I think that was my fault. I also forgot to charge my camera and I couldn’t use it until after the western pleasure so I got a good pic or us barreling and some of this Morgan that I absolutely loved.

pintosdoitbetter-deactivated201  asked:

You have an ask box now!! Your horse is seriously one of my favourite horses I've ever saw. I follow you on tumblr and Instagram. You are an inspiration to me, and a big reason why I let myself by a cremello horse. But I do have 1 question. When braiding a horses mane, I've heard mixed reviews about turning a horse out into a pasture with the braids left in, but I want my horses mane to grow out. What do you do?

Awe thank you!

Managing Long Manes 101

You will hear something different from each and every person you ask… so its really just up to you to figure out what works best for your horse. 

My barn manager/owner raises and trains Morgan show horses so she likes to keep the tails braided and wrapped up so they grow out and stay long (they can drag on the ground several feet!)  She will braid a piece of cloth into the braid before wrapping it up to keep it from becoming a big dread lock.  I did this for a few weeks until I realized that its not necessary when your horse doesn’t fling his hair around much.  It was too much work:

IF your horse is very active in pasture and stays out 24/7, it wouldn’t be any harm to braid cotton cloth into the hair.  Ive heard a few things about the dyes in brand new color cloth staining the hair if its raining and the cloth gets wet but I have yet to test this theory.

Little braids aren’t really necessary either.  I go for practical easy, and most comfortable for Bubs since he couldn’t care less about his mane.  

At Haras DC (lusitano breeders), they don’t keep their horses in braids (and man they have long ass manes).  Im sure it has something to do with the fact that the Stallions go out for around 2 hours a day… Bub’s mane was a little longer before I got him so i’d assume that its more likely for the hair to break when they’re romping around outside like they’re supposed to.  

Regarding leaving the braids in while your horse is living outside, that would again depend on the horse.  Bubs does not rub his mane on any surfaces, so its easy for me to braid without worrying about a full braid falling out due to rubbing.  Some horses rub at their braids so I would make sure the skin isn’t irritated. 

One way to keep pasture braids is make a loose braid at the top and tie it around half way down just to keep the hair in manageable sections.

Its quick and easy and you can redo them more often to make the braids look neat if your stable takes neatness seriously.

My preferred way of keeping braids is to braid the hair into 4/5 big running braids.  I do this because it keep the pressure even over a larger surface instead of one section on the scalp.  I usually leave these in for 1 to 1.5 weeks. 2 weeks is pushing it because they can start to look pretty ratty :P

My Rules 

  • Don't use a brush.  Finger comb only with Cowboy Magic conditioner (my preferred product).  After the knots and tangled are out, using a brush is ok.  The point is to avoid yanking on knots and tangles which break the hair.
  • Don’t make braids too tight. this will irritate your horse and might cause him to rub his neck on objects.
  • Don’t wash the hair ALL THE TIME.  Natural oils in the hair keep away bugs and itchiness.  If your horse tends to rub his or her hair, there are special anti-fungal products on the market.  The best thing to do is just mooch off of other riders and trainers just to experiment with different products in order to find one that works ;)
  • Be sure to be gentle when using elastics in the hair.  They can be the cause of breakage of the fragile tips.
  • Don’t fuss over your horses hair too much.  Leave it down for a few days and see what happens.  You might not always have to keep it up. Remember it will always from grow back.  A lot of times the best way to keep it long is to just keep it loose.  
  • You can always ask owners of multiple long haired breeds and see what their routines are.  Again, its different for every horse.