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Inigo in the Japanese, Revisited!

So, after a bit more searching, I decided that I’m not satisfied with my Inigo post.


Well, turns out… the change is all in his VOICE ACTING! Oh. Well, I feel silly. Guess I should have been playing my games with headphones instead of just turning down the volume in public.

He sounds like the fool always failing with the ladies for comedic effect in the Japanese, but his English voice actually sounds smooth and attractive.

This isn’t really something I need to write about, since the differences are obvious to most anyone who can hear. Check out the differences in his voice acting for yourself if you wish. Coping and pasting ファイアーエムブレム アズール into YouTube search and clicking on anything that looks like one of his support conversations should be easy enough. 支援会話 is support conversation.

…But if you ignore the voice acting, like I mostly have, his character is pretty much intact.

If you want the short version, this is about as far as you need to go.

However, since I love to be thorough, here’s a breakdown of the changes in his supports…

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Mistletoe Kisses

An Oonaa family one shot!


You balled up another snot covered kleenex and tossed it into the wastepaper bin, hearing the front door slam and the pounding of tiny feet, followed by two pairs of heavier footsteps.

They were back, and you couldn’t wait to see the look on Saoirse’s face. You just wished you’d been there to see it in person.

It was the final weekend before Christmas, the last chance you had to go as a family to take Little S to see Santa at the mall. She’d been last year but it had been Lia and George that had taken her as Spencer had been called out of town on an urgent case, and you’d been needed in the office. You both had wanted really badly to take her together and that had been the plan up until three days ago when you’d come down with the flu and had been banished off to bed.

Spencer had been conflicted, wanting to take her but always wanting you to go as a family and he’d been pumping you full of chicken soup and orange juice in an attempt to get you better. In the end you’d insisted he take her alone. You were in no state to queue for an hour in a mall full of screaming children. Derek had decided to tag along with the pair, Saoirse being excited to spend time with her Uncle Derek.

Your bedroom door flew open and your adorable munchkin of a daughter came bounding in, jumping onto your huge bed and crawling over to you with a huge grin on her face.

“Mommy Mommy, I saw Santa Claus!!” she grinned widely, deep dimples in her cheeks.

“Did you?! Oh my, I thought he was meant to be at the north pole.”

“Nuh uh.” She shook her head. “Daddy says he came out especially to see all of the children and double make sure what they wanted for Christmas.”

Double make sure….. Alright.

Spencer and Derek traipsed into the room, amused looks on their faces.

“Hey Y/N. How you feeling?” Morgan greeted you, leaning against your dressing table.

“Like C-R-A-P.” You told him, your voice thick and nasally.

Spencer came and sat on the edge of the bed, kissing your cheek lightly. “You’re still really warm, we won’t stay in here too long.”

You pouted, although you knew it was for the best. No one wanted Little S to be poorly for Christmas.

“How was it?” you asked him as your daughter snuggled up to you, resting her head on your chest.


You gave him a quizzical look as Saoirse raised her head and looked at you.

“Mommy. Do I have two Daddys?”

“Pardon?” You looked over at Spencer and Derek, seeing Derek desperately trying to smother a laugh. Spencer just shook his head.

“What do you mean, Baby?” you asked her.

“Santa asked what I wanted him to bring me and my two Daddy’s for Christmas.”

Oh God.

You started to chuckle.

“It’s not funny!” Spencer told you.

“It really is. What happened?”

Spencer felt terrible leaving Y/N at home when she was so ill, but she’d insisted that he take Sirsh to the mall and he’d be lying if he said he wasn’t just a little bit excited to see her face when she saw Santa.

Morgan had offered to drive the pair, having not spent much time recently with his “Sershy Bear” as he fondly referred to his favourite little girl as. Y/N hated all the nicknames the team gave her, it was only her and Aaron that actually used Saoirse’s actual name.

“We’ve given her a beautiful name and you all insist on making it sound like you’re telling her to shush, or like you’re ordering a type of slushie.” She regularly berated them.

“You call her Little S though,” Spencer always retaliated.

“Because it’s cute.”

She knew that she’d never win, the names had stuck and Little S loved them.

The queue for Santa’s grotto had been an hour long and Spencer and Morgan were doing their best to entertain Sirsh and keep her occupied so that she didn’t get bored. She was sitting atop of Derek’s shoulders and as they inched to the front of the line, they were playing ‘I Spy’.

Reid was impressed with his daughter, she was already advanced for her age, many people being shocked to discover that she was only five years old.

It was her turn.

“I spy with my little eye, something beginning with M.”

Derek and Spencer scanned around the area, offering up guess after guess until they reached the front of the queue and were next in line.

“Sershy Bear, I give up.” Derek swung her off his shoulders, planting her on the ground so she could walk over to Santa herself.


“I give up too. What was it, Baby?”

She looked above them and pointed upwards to what she’d been able to see but they hadn’t.


“Now you have to kiss me, right! Mommy says that if you’re under mistletoe, you have to kiss. A love kiss, a friend kiss, or a family kiss.”

Spencer and Y/N had tried to tell her the difference between kisses because she kept asking if Derek was married to Garcia. The way he greeted her with his kisses confused her sometimes.

Reid crouched down to his little girl’s height and proffered his cheek out to her, accepting the huge smacker she placed on it with a cheesy grin.

“Uncle Derek, S'your turn.”

Derek followed suit and accepted a kiss from her before both men stood, hearing an ‘awww’ from the people behind them in the queue.

“Now you two.”

They both looked down to Saoirse, realising what she was saying.

“Sirsh…. ” Spencer began, trying to think of how to explain.

“You have to! Mommy says it’s a Christmas time rule.” She pouted at the two men, her plump little lip sticking out.

Spencer sighed and was about to turn to Derek to peck his cheek when he beat him to it, placing a quick kiss on him, his lips barely brushing Reid’s cheek.

The head elf started to wave them forward, it was their turn. Just as they were about to move, Reid felt a tug behind him.

He turned to see the older woman next in line, smiling at him.

“I just wanted to say dear, that it’s so refreshing to see that you’re not scared to show affection in public. You’re both doing a wonderful job of raising that little girl together.”

“Daddy!! Come on… ”

Reid muttered a thanks, his cheeks flushing as he realised what the woman was getting at but not feeling able to correct her. It didn’t bother him that they thought him and Derek were a couple, he just hated it when people made assumptions.

He dashed forward to his daughter who was already sat on Santa’s lap, holding up five fingers as the big man asked her age.

“And have you been a good girl this year?”

She nodded profusely, her little curls bouncing.

“What do you want Santa to bring you for Christmas this year?” he asked her.

She leant forward and whispered into his ear, neither Spencer or Derek able to hear what she was saying, only seeing a smile appearing on the actor’s face.

“Oh ho ho ho, I’ll have to see what I can do about that. Perhaps I’ll have to have a quiet word with your two Daddy’s to see whether that’s doable or not.”

Morgan exchanged a look with Spencer, mouthing “What?!?” to him. He shrugged, not wanting to make any sort of scene, turning back to Little S just in time to hear her saying to Santa.

“Of course it’s doable, anything is doable if you try hard enough.” God she sounded so much like Y/N then and if she’d been stood up, Spencer knew she’d have had her little hands on her hips.

The older man chuckled and they posed for the standard photos, before Sirsh hopped off his lap and stepped towards Spencer, taking his hand in hers and slipping her other into Morgan’s . She really wasn’t helping here.

“What a lovely little family you have.” The actor told them. “I truly hope this little one gets what she wants.”

“They thought…. Haha… Oh my god…. Hahahaha.” You started to choke on your laughs, Spencer quickly handing you some water and rubbing your back until your wheezes had settled.

“Yep. I don’t know whether to be offended or pleased,” Derek told her from his position.

“Wait… Why would you be offended?” Reid asked him.

You laughed again.

“You’re hardly my type, Pretty Boy.”

“Hey! I’m a catch.”

“That he is.” You agreed and you all chuckled again.

“I’m gonna head off now anyway.” Morgan walked over to the bed, holding his arm’s out for a goodbye cuddle from Saoirse and giving you a quick peck on the top of your head.

“Get well soon, pretty lady. Rudolph wants his nose back.”

You gave him a sarcastic laugh.

“And I’ll see you on Monday.” He turned to Reid and gave the man a quick slap on the back before heading out towards the door.

“Bye other Daddy!!” Little S called after him.

You and Reid exchanged a glance.

“I’ll let you take this one…. ” You told him.

Howdy campers, having a fun time? Well Morgan and Kodi have a fun new activity for you all to take part in! They call it…

Morgan’s Marshmallows!

Contestants are asked to stand behind a line and throw 5 marshmallows to the best of their ability into this dragon’s gob, keep your aim steady and head clear! Win ‘fabulous’ prizes maybe?!

How this works?

If your muses wants to take part, simply send a message my way with your muse wanting to take part. Each muse gets 5 marshmallows and no do overs! Throws are executed based on a number generator twice to judge the distance and direction of your shot! to match up with a panel on the grid below!

To win, at least one of your five marshmallows must land in Morgan’s mouth. That being panels 2,5 , 3,5 or 4,5. If your aim is off, the marshmallow may nail Morgan in the eye or something, who knows!

Once your shot is complete, your ask will be answered publicly with a card like this…

From there, you are free to respond to the ask however you like! Maybe you win, maybe you lose? It’s all fun and games!

To keep the main tag free, the tag being used for this game will be #morgansmarshmallows2017.

All right players, get chuckin’

Throwback Thursday: Contents Under Pressure

Blow those party horns, The 100 Season 1 Episode 7, “Contents Under Pressure,” first aired a year ago today!

At that time we’d only met one Grounder in person – Octavia-napper Lincoln – and didn’t even know his name. Clarke hadn’t been able to speak to Abby since the pilot, and just recently found out Abby was responsible for Clarke’s father being floated. Bellamy and Clarke clashed constantly over how to lead the group. Jaha was Chancellor and the Ark was in space. Raven and Finn were still together. Finn was still alive.

A lot sure has changed, huh?

I co-wrote the episode with the wonderful Akela Cooper, who live-tweeted the broadcast along with a number of our fantastic cast and producers. A few days after the ep aired I posted some additional tidbits of my own on my old blog, reprinted below.

These not-quite-live-tweets are in episode order, so fire up 1X07 and follow along. [I added some notes in brackets like these.] Hope you enjoy!

  • Windy pixels - That cool storm outside at the beginning? All CGI courtesy of our vfx house Zoic (BSG, FIREFLY, too many others to list). This episode is what’s called in the biz a “bottle show,” meaning it’s shot on our existing sets (putting [Season 1] production designer Matthew Budgeon’s work deservedly in the spotlight). The ep’s title is a tip of the hat to that.
  • Cat’s out of the bag - It was important to show that everyone on the Ark heard Raven’s transmission from Earth. The Council’s policy of secrecy is about to bite them in the rear…
  • Is there a doctor in the house? - Not all writers like doing research, but all of us on THE 100 really do. I researched how Civil War doctors treated stab and arrow wounds to get a sense of what Clarke would be able to do with basically no supplies. We also got assistance from Hollywood, Health, & Society, an organization that works with TV and movie writers on health and medicine topics, in vetting the dialogue of Abby and Jackson as they talk Clarke through the procedure.
  • Hic! - We wanted to thread in a mention of Monty’s moonshine and the still he and Jasper built earlier in the season, but couldn’t find an organic place for it. You haven’t seen the last of Monty and Jasper’s hobby, though, so stay tuned. [This is a hint about Unity Juice, coming in two episodes.]
  • Speaking of, where’s Monty and Jasper? - In our minds, they went out to get some of that antibiotic seaweed from ep 103 for Finn. Ultimately, since it’s not important for the story, we just mention that they’re out and about and move on. There’s limited time in these episodes to tell a lot of story, so the inessential gets trimmed out.
  • Solar cells - Torches look cool, but it’s tricky and limiting to shoot with them indoors. Raven to the rescue! In other episodes, you can sometimes catch a glimpse of other solar cells in the outdoors camp set.
  • So Say We All - Mad, mad love for BATTLESTAR GALACTICA from all of us on THE 100. So excited that Alessandro Juliani (Gaeta/Sinclair) and Kate Vernon (Ellen Tigh/Diana Sydney) are in the cast!
  • The Grounder’s journal - As EP/creator Jason Rothenberg has said, the journal is full of Easter Eggs. Including a hint about the Grounder’s name, which we’ll learn soon.
  • Wire sutures - Yep, this is a real thing. Hardcore, right?
  • Call poison control - I based the poison on manchineel tree sap, a real poison used by indigenous people of the Caribbean and Florida. Arrowroot is the antidote, taken orally or as a poultice. Thomas McDonell (Finn) did research on seizure behavior and symptoms for his frightening “code blue” moment.
  • “This is not who we are” - Just wanted to say how much I’ve enjoyed reading the online discussion and debate on this issue: when, if ever, is torture acceptable? Getting people thinking and talking about the “what if/what would I do” in these extreme situations on Earth and the Ark has been one of our goals for the show from the start.
  • Post-apocalyptic chic - Call me girly, but I just love Diana’s outfit. Thumbholes are cool! Katia Stano’s costuming on the show is so impressive. The Grounders, the repurposed clothing on the Ark and Earth… Can’t wait to see the Comic-Con cosplay. ;) [We actually only saw one awesome Raven at SDCC 2014, but something tells me we’ll see a lot more this year…]
  • Music to torture by - Composer Evan Frankfort’s score on the show artfully underscores the emotion of the scenes without dominating them. Those skittering strings when Raven yanks out the wires… Chills.
  • Keep those hankies handy - How amazing are Isaiah Washington (Jaha), Paige Turco (Abby), and Henry Ian Cusick (Kane) in this episode? The incredible good news that the Hundred are alive and that Earth is survivable also crushes all three of them with terrible, shattering truths. I still choke up during their scenes.
  • So much unsaid - Some of the best moments in this episode, IMO, don’t have any lines! All those powerful looks between Eliza Taylor (Clarke), Thomas, and Lindsey Morgan (Raven)… between Bob Morley (Bellamy), Marie Avgeropolous (Octavia), and the Grounder (Ricky Whittle)… A+ performances all around.
  • We’re out! - On a bottle episode you don’t always get to shoot outside the standing sets, but we’re really glad we were able to here for this one scene. Getting Clarke and Bellamy out of the claustrophobic dropship, once the “pressure” is off and left to face their various messes, really opens up the end of the show.

And, as many of you noticed, no one died! It’s one of our “lighter” eps– heh.

Massive thanks and congrats to our cast, crew, post team, and director John Showalter for their hard and excellent work on “Contents Under Pressure.”