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Inigo in the Japanese, Revisited!

So, after a bit more searching, I decided that I’m not satisfied with my Inigo post.


Well, turns out… the change is all in his VOICE ACTING! Oh. Well, I feel silly. Guess I should have been playing my games with headphones instead of just turning down the volume in public.

He sounds like the fool always failing with the ladies for comedic effect in the Japanese, but his English voice actually sounds smooth and attractive.

This isn’t really something I need to write about, since the differences are obvious to most anyone who can hear. Check out the differences in his voice acting for yourself if you wish. Coping and pasting ファイアーエムブレム アズール into YouTube search and clicking on anything that looks like one of his support conversations should be easy enough. 支援会話 is support conversation.

…But if you ignore the voice acting, like I mostly have, his character is pretty much intact.

If you want the short version, this is about as far as you need to go.

However, since I love to be thorough, here’s a breakdown of the changes in his supports…

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Recap of our meeting with Daniel Sharman at TFMIC.

The Full Moon Is Coming (Day 1 - 10/05/14)

So we’ll start to say that we were really nervous, and we entered in the room and sat right in front of him (while him looking at us, RIGHT IN THE FEELS, we can assure you), never had talked to him before (because our autograph and photoshoot with him were the next day), so it was really intimidating but gosh we are still fangirling about it !

He was quite a bit nervous too, he wanted to start by asking each of us our names and what we’re doing in life. Just earing Sharman repeat your french name with his gorgeous accent, and looking at you in your eyes is mindblowing ! I (Elodie) said that I was a graphic designer and he said “Cool ! What kind of design ?” but I wasn’t ready for any question and just babbled a little bit. So he talked a little bit to everyone about our work/occupation/passion, it was very lovely of him and we were really touched about what he did.

After that, no one dared to speak to him so I just lost it and asked him the first question. I asked him if he could talk a little bit about Isaac’s mother to us, because we don’t know anything about her. He hesitated, so I said “If you know !”, then he laughed and said “No I know !”. So he answered that he imagined a lot of things in his head. He said that Isaac has a very difficult history, that he’s really an orphan. According to him, the Laheys are a military family (the father, the brother…), so Isaac has a very harsh and rigid background. Daniel said that he talked about this with Jeff Davis, and apparently Jeff was at some point looking for someone to cast to be Isaac’s mother, but finally didn’t. Daniel was very pleased about that because he said he imagined that the mother, with all the weight and rigidity of this family, actually killed herself when Isaac was young. So Daniel said that’s why Isaac is attached and literally adopted by Melissa and Scott. I jumped and said “Yeah but he didn’t say goodbye in the end of Season 3…”. Daniel looked a bit sad and yes, said it was sad that we didn’t have the chance to see that… But he joked about the fact we (the French fans) shouldn’t be too sad because Isaac is supposed to be in France right now !

To go back on the story of Isaac’s mother, Daniel said that it’s quite a traumatizing story for Isaac, and maybe it explains why Isaac has some problems in his relationships with women (and self confidence). He said that all of this harsh background, it has a impact on his relationships, saying exactly that “Isaac knows it’s wrong but wants to do it… Just like for example with Allison”, how Isaac doesn’t always know the very thin line in the best friends feelings, but it actually gets a bit confusing right now to remember all the very interesting things he said about that.

Someone asked him to talk about The Originals. He said that he just started to shoot last week, but it was just for fun like “Hi ! I’m here”, but next week, he has a very long week with a lot of work. He said that he was happy to work again with Joseph Morgan, and Phoebe Tonkin (that he knows from L.A.) because they are friends and it’s always agreeable to work with people you appreciate. He said that he really likes to play something different, which is the case with this new character.

Someone asked him “What’s your favourite music/band/song ?”. He said that he loves american folk music. His favourite song is one of Bob Dylan.

Then, I said that I was a huge fan of The Fall, so could he talk about how it was to work with Tarsem. He said that Tarsem was a genius, agreed with me when I said that he’s so talented “visually speaking”. He talked about how much he loved all the Tarsem movies, like The Fall and The Cell, and he was so pleased to work with such an artist, who cares about every tiny detail, like the costumes or the sets. I said that The Fall was particulary amazing because Tarsem shooted in over 18 countries, and Daniel agreed, insisted on how far Tarsem goes for his movies and his vision, like “to move all a crew in 18 countries, and when he lost the production of the Fall, he chose to produce himself the movie half through it, it’s incredible”. He salutes the obsession of Tarsem to details, talking about the amazing costume, like his own in the Immortals and talked about the costume designer, Eiko, a 70 years old lady that died recently and he was sad about it. He said he was really proud to have worked with Tarsem, talked about how a really private person Tarsem is. He mentioned a road trip to Las Vegas that he made with him in a car. He made two cute and hilarious imitations of Tarsem with his accent and the arms, which was hilarious but quite true ^^. So yeah, he said that Tarsem was a private person, a genius, but really “BANANAS !”. During a panel, someone asked how did he train for The Immortals, he said that there were a lot of trainings with all the cast, lots of testosterone. He repeated that he is still very friends with some of the cast, and that Tarsem was a genius.

When someone asked him if he could speak French, he answered No, even if he lived 4 months in France a few years ago. He spent his time in Bordeaux aka “in the middle of nowhere” and he was so bored because all his friends were having fun in Paris. He also told us a very funny story about Disneyland, at this point everyone in the room was laughing.

To the question “What’s your favourite character on Teen Wolf ?”, he said that he liked some crazy yet interesting characters. He really loved Oliver, Stiles’s friend in the Echo House episode, and he also LOOOVED the other banshee, Meredith, saying that the actress was so cool and incredible. He said also that we will see more of Meredith in season 4.

I asked him “If he was planning to make others movies”, he said that he did a lot of acting on stage a few years ago, and shooting/acting in front of a camera is a very different thing and he still has to grow on that. But he said that he would like to make something in England/London.

I asked him “What was your favourite thing to shoot in all the 3 series ?”, he said that he particulary liked the closet scene in 3x04. He said while laughing at the same time that he hurt himself at the hand because he punched too hard on the door, said that the crew replaced the door by a bigger one that hurt even more. He also talked about shooting the 3x03 car scene with Tyler Hoechlin in the middle of the night. He said they started improvising for like 25 minutes, it was just crazy and babbling.

Our friend asked him “What female character would you have loved to play ?” and he said the other banshee, Meredith, because she’s awesome.

To the question “What was his favourite role in all his career ?”, he talked about when he played a soldier from Afghanistan, with some trauma, which was very interesting.

He said that he hopes we will like the next season, even if he’s not in it (he said that by fake crying with his head on the table).

When the meeting finished, he said that we were all so lovely (he even said “so fucking lovely”), he wanted each of us to draw something on a board in the room, but there wasn’t enough time. So I jumped on the occasion to say that he should draw something because his drawings are amazing and he’s such a great drawer. He smiled and said that he can’t because it takes him a lot of time to draw something. He’s a little shy about it, but he did show us the paper on which he drew many scratches during the entire meeting.

There are so many memories and details in our heads about this epic meeting, but this recap is what we wanted to share with you. Anyway he was very lovely. Even if I (Elodie) asked most of the questions, he didn’t talk just to me but included everybody, looking at each person, trying to make everyone feel comfortable and calling us by our names. And when he looks at you in the eye, you just stop breathing.

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Throwback Thursday: Contents Under Pressure

Blow those party horns, The 100 Season 1 Episode 7, “Contents Under Pressure,” first aired a year ago today!

At that time we’d only met one Grounder in person – Octavia-napper Lincoln – and didn’t even know his name. Clarke hadn’t been able to speak to Abby since the pilot, and just recently found out Abby was responsible for Clarke’s father being floated. Bellamy and Clarke clashed constantly over how to lead the group. Jaha was Chancellor and the Ark was in space. Raven and Finn were still together. Finn was still alive.

A lot sure has changed, huh?

I co-wrote the episode with the wonderful Akela Cooper, who live-tweeted the broadcast along with a number of our fantastic cast and producers. A few days after the ep aired I posted some additional tidbits of my own on my old blog, reprinted below.

These not-quite-live-tweets are in episode order, so fire up 1X07 and follow along. [I added some notes in brackets like these.] Hope you enjoy!

  • Windy pixels - That cool storm outside at the beginning? All CGI courtesy of our vfx house Zoic (BSG, FIREFLY, too many others to list). This episode is what’s called in the biz a “bottle show,” meaning it’s shot on our existing sets (putting [Season 1] production designer Matthew Budgeon’s work deservedly in the spotlight). The ep’s title is a tip of the hat to that.
  • Cat’s out of the bag - It was important to show that everyone on the Ark heard Raven’s transmission from Earth. The Council’s policy of secrecy is about to bite them in the rear…
  • Is there a doctor in the house? - Not all writers like doing research, but all of us on THE 100 really do. I researched how Civil War doctors treated stab and arrow wounds to get a sense of what Clarke would be able to do with basically no supplies. We also got assistance from Hollywood, Health, & Society, an organization that works with TV and movie writers on health and medicine topics, in vetting the dialogue of Abby and Jackson as they talk Clarke through the procedure.
  • Hic! - We wanted to thread in a mention of Monty’s moonshine and the still he and Jasper built earlier in the season, but couldn’t find an organic place for it. You haven’t seen the last of Monty and Jasper’s hobby, though, so stay tuned. [This is a hint about Unity Juice, coming in two episodes.]
  • Speaking of, where’s Monty and Jasper? - In our minds, they went out to get some of that antibiotic seaweed from ep 103 for Finn. Ultimately, since it’s not important for the story, we just mention that they’re out and about and move on. There’s limited time in these episodes to tell a lot of story, so the inessential gets trimmed out.
  • Solar cells - Torches look cool, but it’s tricky and limiting to shoot with them indoors. Raven to the rescue! In other episodes, you can sometimes catch a glimpse of other solar cells in the outdoors camp set.
  • So Say We All - Mad, mad love for BATTLESTAR GALACTICA from all of us on THE 100. So excited that Alessandro Juliani (Gaeta/Sinclair) and Kate Vernon (Ellen Tigh/Diana Sydney) are in the cast!
  • The Grounder’s journal - As EP/creator Jason Rothenberg has said, the journal is full of Easter Eggs. Including a hint about the Grounder’s name, which we’ll learn soon.
  • Wire sutures - Yep, this is a real thing. Hardcore, right?
  • Call poison control - I based the poison on manchineel tree sap, a real poison used by indigenous people of the Caribbean and Florida. Arrowroot is the antidote, taken orally or as a poultice. Thomas McDonell (Finn) did research on seizure behavior and symptoms for his frightening “code blue” moment.
  • “This is not who we are” - Just wanted to say how much I’ve enjoyed reading the online discussion and debate on this issue: when, if ever, is torture acceptable? Getting people thinking and talking about the “what if/what would I do” in these extreme situations on Earth and the Ark has been one of our goals for the show from the start.
  • Post-apocalyptic chic - Call me girly, but I just love Diana’s outfit. Thumbholes are cool! Katia Stano’s costuming on the show is so impressive. The Grounders, the repurposed clothing on the Ark and Earth… Can’t wait to see the Comic-Con cosplay. ;) [We actually only saw one awesome Raven at SDCC 2014, but something tells me we’ll see a lot more this year…]
  • Music to torture by - Composer Evan Frankfort’s score on the show artfully underscores the emotion of the scenes without dominating them. Those skittering strings when Raven yanks out the wires… Chills.
  • Keep those hankies handy - How amazing are Isaiah Washington (Jaha), Paige Turco (Abby), and Henry Ian Cusick (Kane) in this episode? The incredible good news that the Hundred are alive and that Earth is survivable also crushes all three of them with terrible, shattering truths. I still choke up during their scenes.
  • So much unsaid - Some of the best moments in this episode, IMO, don’t have any lines! All those powerful looks between Eliza Taylor (Clarke), Thomas, and Lindsey Morgan (Raven)… between Bob Morley (Bellamy), Marie Avgeropolous (Octavia), and the Grounder (Ricky Whittle)… A+ performances all around.
  • We’re out! - On a bottle episode you don’t always get to shoot outside the standing sets, but we’re really glad we were able to here for this one scene. Getting Clarke and Bellamy out of the claustrophobic dropship, once the “pressure” is off and left to face their various messes, really opens up the end of the show.

And, as many of you noticed, no one died! It’s one of our “lighter” eps– heh.

Massive thanks and congrats to our cast, crew, post team, and director John Showalter for their hard and excellent work on “Contents Under Pressure.”