morgan g


Derek: woah pretty boy, I didn’t know you had that in you
Spencer: well, I really like her, ok?


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The eyes give these idols away every time and despite RM having shades on during the EMM interview, I still caught him giving the very pretty Ms. Morgan Lynzi the “up and down” trying to be slick.

You can catch him doing it at the :40 sec mark when you watch the video. Lifts his head up holds it for a solid Mississippi second and then looks down like, nobody saw it.

Also did you notice how he lowered his voice 3 decibels for this interview. I mean his voice is deep but it ain’t THAT deep. I swear Rapmon be showing out, showing off and putting on when it comes to WOC.


Side Note: omg, wearing sunglasses is a great pass to stare, And it’s a fact that when men are attracted to a woman, they lower their voice to a deeper tone, I’ve seen it a lot. But I never forget the interview she did with Big Bang, T.O.P was flirting and sooo shy around her, I never seen him act like that and he’s done so many interviews with Korean and Japanese women, and usually Taeyang and G-Dragon speaks English well without stumbling/stuttering so much, but in the interview with Morgan they didn’t make sense half the time, it was cute xD . You can tell when a guy is attracted to a girl, it’s obvious the way they act, especially if they usually don’t act like that.