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Havin an emotional disability be like

-Never cries for the right reasons (like when someone dies IRL)

-Crying buckets when a fictional character dies

-Resting blank face (no emotion, eyes often glazed over)

-Having intense feelings and consequently trying to play any violent reactions off as a joke

-Having no feelings at all. You don’t even know what feelings are. Emotions? You don’t know them.

-“How are you?” “Uhhhh… Fine?” You actually don’t know if you’re fine or not. You don’t know what emotion you’re currently feeling. You were pretty sure you were okay until you were put on the spot. In the awkward silence that follows, you know you’ve fucked up so badly the embarrassment physically hurts.

-Pretending to care about something that isn’t your special interest so your friends don’t leave you.

-Your voice is also monotone unless you get excited.

-Being constantly overwhelmed by everything and having a short fuse and snappish tone with everyone and feeling guilty immediately. It’s not anybody’s fault, and you’re not mad at them, but now they think you are. You immediately shut down.

-Your sense of humor is warped by time on the internet and how few neurons fire in reaction to what normal people consider to be funny.

-You look like a deer in the headlights when you’re being yelled at. You don’t know why this person is mad at you and all your energy and concentration is going towards trying to figure out why, hence the blank look on your face.

-Staring into space for hours. You look like your soul has left your body in favor of the Astral Plane.

-Being a big fan of the feeling of nostalgia bc it’s the only feeling that hurts in a nice way.

-Enjoying angst bc it’s better to feel intense emotional pain than nothing at all.

-Am I depressed or is my disability acting up?


Se7en | opening credits | 720p

Se7en really did have the best opening credits ever.

AHS is still riffing on it.


Free icons for day 4 for Prey week!

Chances are no one uses these, but please feel free to go for it :’D I wanted to do the whole set with the main crew but I’ve run out of pre-prepared things and friday is gonna be a doozy. If people request it, I’ll complete the set with the rest later on :DD

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trans!ethan headcanons
  • ethan comes out to benny first obviously
  • when he’s a little kid he really wants short hair so benny cuts his hair with safety scissors and it’s really choppy and uneven but ethan loves it
  • his family is super supportive
  • he starts t a few months before starting high school
    • benny’s grandma tells him he’s a seer and says that his visions “should’ve started around puberty” so his visions didn’t start until high school bc that’s when he started t and it’s the right puberty 
  • erica beats up and/or eats anyone who is transphobic

Although Ingrid Visser’s research on wild orcas is remarkable, she is nothing more but a child.

As seen in this video, she does everything a scientist shouldn’t. Interacting with wild (predatory) animals is dangerous. Yet Ingrid loves nothing more but to pet these orcas as if they’re her pets. That’s what they are to her, her pets. And she’ll raise hell over anyone who goes ahead and does the same as her because only she can pet these orcas.

New Zealand orcas have one of the highest dorsal fin abnormalities and it begs the question if Ingrid Visser’s continued habituation of these animals to humans and boats have anything to do with it.