morgan cosplay


Forgive the shit quality: I’m exhausted but excited.

I met Jeffrey Dean Morgan this weekend at the grossly mismanaged Rhode Island Comic-Con. While I was dressed like Negan, of course.

JDM was probably the nicest, funniest, and most personable cast member I’ve met to date. RICC’s incompetence with their scheduling and crowd-control and their eagerness to make extra money resulted in Jeffrey’s photo ops and autograph table being a convoluted mess- with people waiting in line for 6+ hours while getting screamed at by staff and security who had no idea what the Hell they were doing.

Jeffrey stayed, you guys- and he stated LATE (we’re talking hours after the covention closed) to accommodate every single person in line. Every one of them. I was one of the last people herded in at the end of the night. We were all tired, hungry, and borderline delirious- but Jeffrey was in a great mood, laughed with us, joked at the absurdity of the day with us- hugged us- and made the best possible impression. It made the grueling day worth it. He’s a wonderful guy.

Also, at one point- when a security guard was barking orders, I called back “HE WILL SHUT THAT SHIT DOWN!”

JDM heard this, burst out laughing, pointed at me, and yelled “you heard the lady. NO EXCEPTIONS.” and that’s my dressed-as-Negan-approved-by-Negan moment.

I’m fucing traumatized by Matthew Gray Gubler

Still can’t believe I met JDM at RICC. He was so sweet. When I put this picture on the table for him to sign, he said “Look at this. We look great!!!”

After I gave him a small painting I had made of the Miramar Playa logo, and he hung it up over his sign for the rest of his signing.

Definitely the best moment of 2016.