morgan brewer

A vestige of the ‘Passives repurposed to a Mech anime’ thing that cropped up one Thornschat eve presents: Aurelie Steerpike (property of an artist friend) badly wielding weaponry and mostly looking cute. Soon after she manages to shoot someone in the shoulder. Granted, as this artist is bad at drawing guns, it looks more like she picked up something that shoots signal flares.

Saul and Asteria…? Yeah. It’s hardly a sexual relationship by any means, more of a ‘lots of cuddling and hugging’ kind of relationship and 'also we go out to dinner and do a lot of talking’ kind of relationship.

I’m sure her superior occasionally listens in on one or two conversations just out of sheer bafflement. Selonians, who knows about those guys.

Really, I would imagine that Selonian tongues are…like cat tongues. Or more like, lion tongues.

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ow? yes ow.