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Lili Reinhart is NOT Betty Cooper

Camila Mendes is NOT Veronica Lodge

Madelaine Petsch is NOT Cheryl Blossom

Kj Apa is NOT Archie Andrews

Cole Sprouse is NOT Jughead Jones

Please respect that they are human beings who deserve privacy.

Another thing:

Shipping in this fandom has gone too far. While the majority of the fandom is respectful and kind, there are a lot of people that will make others feel unsafe or attacked because of their differing opinions. They will also make the actors feel this way. Please just enjoy the show and appreciate the hard work the cast and crew put into it.

Let’s keep this fandom a safe place ❤️


Ladies Of Riverdale

Betty Cooper(Lili Reinhart)
Veronica Lodge(Camila Mendes)
Cheryl Blossom(MadelIne Petsch)
Ethel Muggs(Shannon Purser)
Josie McCoy(Ashleigh Murray)
Valerie Brown(Hayley Law)
Melody Valentine(Ashe Bromfield)
Midge Klump(Emilija Baranac)
Toni Topaz(Vanessa Morgan)

Does no one find it strange that KJA only spends time with Melton and sometimes Cami

And that those happen to be Reggie and Veronica, the characters Archie is going to interact with most?

In case you were wondering, that’s PR.

Does no one find it strange that LR only spends time with CS and sometimes Cami?

And that those happen to be Jughead and Veronica, the characters Betty is going to interact with most?


Cami’s boyfriend has mysteriously disappeared, but given the fact that he still likes all her Instagram posts, pretty likely they are still together. But they are pushing KJ/Cami.

Ashleigh’s boyfriend is also disappearing, I bet once the show starts and Josie and Reggie start flirting, Ashleigh will be spending a lot of time with Melton. 

Only reason Casey is still allowed to look straight is likely because his girlfriend is famous in her own right, same story with Mads, though I wouldn’t be surprised if she starts spending all her time with Vanessa.

This is how TV WORKS. Please get that in your head. 

Welcome to the entertainment industry. 


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“Uh, since you’re capturing me though, would it be too much to ask if I requested some malasadas to share with you? We can hang out in the blanket mountain and enjoy some food!”

(ft. Morgan from @askadragonite)

About Kling-22

Hello, friends!

First of all, thank you for your overwhelming support and spreading that post I made last night about kling-22/ashxeigx/Ashleigh’s recent disappearance. Several new details have surfaced through discussion with others that she spoke to before both of her blogs were deleted this past Saturday, September 5th. This is a post attempting to explain the current situation as it stands and what we can do with that new understanding; I won’t be putting it under a read more, as this is still an important and developing issue that needs continued attention.

  • In the time period before her WoSo blog, Kling-22, was deleted (it is currently unknown whether or not she deleted either of her blogs herself or a family member did) on the 5th, Ashleigh had been in contact with myself and several others through various forms of communication. She had spoken to Marium of thegalsofuswnt about taking a break from tumblr for personal reasons, which you can read more about in the post Marium made here:
  • Ashleigh’s personal blog, ashxeigx, remained running for two days after kling-22 was deleted before disappearing like the WoSo blog (I have saved both of those urls) on September 7th. Again, it is unknown if she did this herself or was made to by her family. Before ashxeigx was deleted, she had made one or two new anon-answer posts on it and changed the title to “Lameo”; it was an active blog.
  • September 7th is also the day I received a text message from Ashleigh’s number after not having heard from her via any form of contact since the 4th. The message, received at 2:51 (I was in a lecture at the time and didn’t see it until I checked my phone over an hour later), reads in its entirety “Please do not contact this phone again. This is ashleigh’s father” Shortly after reading this, I checked again to see if ashxeigx was still running, and it had been deleted too. It was around this time that I began to fear greatly that she had taken her life or was caught in some dangerous circumstance beyond her control.
  • After waiting two days for a multitude of reasons (some explained below), I replied Wednesday afternoon (the 9th) to the text with a message of my own, in which I apologized for going against what he asked, inquired about her safety/just want to know if she’s okay without prying/etc., and promised not to make contact in any way after that. Thursday the 10th, I sent the same message to her Snapchat via chat. Neither of the messages has gotten a response as I write this on September 12th, and the Snapchat has not been opened. 
  • Ashleigh’s twitter also stopped updating on the 4th; while the account is still running and viewable (I will not be providing the handle here, as I don’t know if she would be okay with that), there has been no activity on it since then.
  • It is difficult to draw a conclusion from this information and whatever else the others previously in contact with her (ruarc and thegalsofuswnt are the individuals I’ve spoken to) have concerning her “going dark.” It is not my business to make the parts of her life she’s told me about open to the internet without her consent, but what she has previously confirmed online I can reference or add slightly to: Ashleigh had recently made the decision to come out to her parents and enter senior year in that way. As with anyone, it’s a hell of a decision; according to her, her father showed more support than her mother did after she told them. The large part of the conversations where she references her parents’ different levels of approval were via Snapchat chat and have since disappeared, or I would refer to them. We had previously talked about how her senior year got off to a rocky start, but the last we spoke (just on the subject of her school life, not the last time we spoke entirely) things seemed to have turned around for her and she said she was “Actually really enjoying my classes right now.” As school continued (we started at the same time, myself a freshman in college and her a senior in high school), we both got busier and talked a little less, but still with definite regularity. 

The above chunk of text largely concludes my… Briefing? Presentation? Discourse on the current way things stand in this situation (if you’ve been following me since before this, this is the reason for all the vagueblogging and scared poetry lately). I and a few others are working with what we know to determine what our next steps should be as far as possibly contacting her again or digging around. We have not yet made a decision in this area.

The circumstances are obviously still developing, and concern is still needed for Ashleigh since her whereabouts and personal state are unknown. However, with the new information that has recently come to light about her having stated a desire to take a break and contacted others before disappearing, I personally believe less that she has taken her life. Again, her absence will and should still raise questions and concern until she comes back or indicates otherwise that she is okay; however, the signs do not point so strongly to suicide anymore.

Please keep Ashleigh in your thoughts and prayers. If new information comes to light about her or her condition, please do not hesitate to inform myself, thegalsofuswnt, or ruarc. 

Finally, I ask that you would also spread this post in the same way I asked for my previous post last night. She matters. Thank you.