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Merlin alternate endings:

1. Fuckdragon actually cures Arthur, everyone lives happily ever after

2. Arthur isn’t a bitch and doesn’t kill Mordred’s girlfriend, together they defeat Morgana, everyone lives happily ever after

3. Merlin isn’t a bitch and saves Mordred’s girlfriend, together they convince Arthur magic isn’t a bad thing, together they defeat Morgana, everyone lives happily ever after

4. Merlin killed Mordred in the first place, they eventually defeat Morgana who’s weak, everyone lives happily ever after

5. Uther isn’t such a whiny fuckboy and treats Morgana right, despite her powers, everyone in the kingdom gets respected, you only get convicted if you misuse magic, EVERYONE lives happily ever after

6. If Merlin is such a good magician, he could just control Mordred’s mind and stop him from fighting with Arthur, lets Arthur kill him, everyone lives happily ever after

7. Morgana solves her issues in a peaceful way, everyone lives

8. Arthur stays the fuck alive, everyone happy, he ditches Gwen, marries Merlin, everyone lives happily ever after

9. Gaius completes his transformation into a turtle, kills everyone with laserpower, Gaius lives happily ever after

10. An owl with the face of Randy Newman descends onto Camelot, blesses everyone with his owlness, everyone lives peacefully and happily ever after

Scars (MerlinxReader)

Imagine living in Gwen’s home after she was made Queen. And You and Merlin were married. And after one very steamy night with your husband, you couldn’t help but ask about his scars.

(Warning!:light smut)

(3rd’s POV)

It was practically dawn.

Y/N and Merlin were still in bed but were slowly waking. Y/N’s head was on top of her lover’s bare chest and his arm was around her mid section.

Y/N eyes flutters open and looks up to stare at Merlin’s face. She smiles as remembers the recent night’s events. The tips of her fingers trails on his chest until she stops at a very large burn scar that was on the top if his heart.

She then remembers about Merlin’s stories about the many, many enemies that he had encounter and fought over the many years.

Yes, she knows about her Merlin’s most kept secret. That he was born with magic and that he was destined to bring magic back to Camelot and unite the five kingdoms to create Albion. He was Emrys, her Emrys.

It wasn’t long until Merlin starts to wake. He groans lightly and looks down to see what was touching him so softly. He saw Y/N. Sighing happily, he pulls her tightly against her body to his and kisses the top of her head. Y/N smiled in content.

Merlin found himself completely and utterly lost in Y/N’s eyes as she looks up at him. But then notices an unreadable emotion in them.

He frowns slightly. “What is it?” He asked as he stroke her arm slowly up and down.

She smiled slightly and shook her head to show him that it wasn’t something he should be worried about. “Nothing,“ She said. “It’s just. . you never told me how you got your scars.”

Merlin tensed a bit but manages to ask. “Why would you want to know that?”

“Because on our first night… You hesitated.” 

Merlin pursed his lips with a slight. On the night of their wedding, Gwen had given them her old home as a wedding gift, along with some new furniture. With Arthur’s help of course. 

As the newly weds settled in their new home, they began to released the heated tension that’s been contained within them. When they reached to the bed, with their ceremonial wedding robes were scattered on the floor, Y/N was about to lift Merlin’s shirt until he stops her with a frightened look on his face.

Y/N asked if he was alright, he hesitated and began to explain that his past battles c will always leave scars. His new wife got confused at first, but then quickly understand of what he was saying.

She caressed her beloved’s face carefully and explained to him that no matter how ashamed he was, or how ugly his scars are, she will still, and always love him without a second thought.

That gave Merlin a spark of confidence and slowly lifted his shirt. 

Y/N almost let out a gasp when she saw the scars. There was too many to count. From his chest, to his waist. She touched them lightly, studying them as Merlin tried to contain a small moan. 

Y/N looks up at him with her sad (color) eyes, tears were threatening to fall. She couldn’t imagine all the pain that he went through for keeping Camelot and her King safe.

After a long shared tearful look, Y/N began to slowly kiss each of her husband’s scars that were on his chest.

Needless to say that Merlin couldn’t hold his strength anymore and began to return their previous activities.

“Merlin.” Y/N voice pulled Merlin out of his thoughts and he looks down at her with a lost look.


She looks at him with her eyes that were filled with hope and hesitation. “Please.”

Merlin knew what she was asking, and after a long silent pause. He sighed heavily and sat up and took Y/N’shand gently to show the first scar of his choosing.

“Wait.” She said making Merlin looking at her with a questioning frown.

Without a word, Y/N wraps her leg around her lover’s lap. Straddling him completely. Merlin didn’t question her movements and slowly began to caress her lower back, causing her to shiver slightly.

Y/N traced the lines of his collar bone and trailed it down to the first scar she touched. “This one?”

Merlin looks down at the scar that she chose and said. “A fire spell from Nimue.”

Y/N gave him a brief look but stills continues to trace his skin.

“This one?”

“A Knight of Medhir nipped me when I was helping Arthur to escape their castle.”

“This one?”

“A mace. From a bandit attack during a patrol. Arthur and I were heading back, but under worse circumstances we got separated and I ended up being Morgana’s puppet.” 

He leans forward slightly and took  Y/N’s hand to the back of his neck.”I got another one when she enchanted me to kill Arthur with the Fomarroh inside at the back of my neck.”

Y/N manages to smile at the story. “I remember. You were being a cocky prat to me on the first day when you came back.”

Merlin gave her a sheepish smile. “I’m sorry about that, again.”

Y/N simply chuckles and continues to trace one of the scars on his upper arm. “This one?”

Merlin looks at it then suddenly laughs, mostly to himself which made Y/N confuse.

“What is it?” She asked in slight amusement.

“Nothing.” He coughs at the word a bit. “It’s just that. . this scar was actually an accident from the kitchens. I was. .  teaching myself how to make Arthur’s fruit more presentable.”

Y/N laughs and did a teasing pout. “Aww, poor Merlin.” She cooed and gave him a smile that made the heaven sings. 

Merlin leaned his forehead against her’s and just lost himself into her eyes and began to think about how lucky he was to have her in his life. He could never imagine the future united kingdoms of Albion if she wasn’t there to see it by his side. 

A life without her was a life not worth living.

Without a thought, he leans up a bit slightly to press his lips against her for a soft kiss. But that soft kiss began to increased into a heated one and the next thing they knew. Merlin lays back down, pulling his wife with him as she giggled.


Thank you for reading this imagine! I hope you enjoyed it, and please send any request of what Imagine I should do! 

So, a few minutes ago, I finished Merlin and I wasn’t expecting that end… OMG MY FEELSSSS😭😭😭. I’M STILL CONFUSED. I DON’T KNOW, I WAS SURE THAT ARTHUR WASN’T GOING TO DIE.
And my ship, my beautiful Merthur, OMG I can’t handle it.😢💚

What Would You Do?

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A Criminal Minds Fan-fiction

Featuring: Derek Morgan x Female Reader

Setting: Season 8

A/N: We’re coworkers and I am harboring secret feelings for you trope! This is going to be a two part story, with a twist! The follow up will be posted next week. But YOU get to pick the ending: ANGST, FLUFF, or SMUT. Vote in the replies. xoxo Stu

Derek had caught the bad guy, literally tackling the unsub before he could escape. The shear physical exhaustion should have calmed his racing thoughts, but seeing Y/N in danger had triggered something inside SSA Derek Morgan. Something he hadn’t known about himself until the possibility of losing her had forced him to face it. Derek was in love with Y/N.

The paramedics were cleaning up the wound on Y/N’s arm while Derek stood quietly on the sidelines. The local detective sauntered over with his hand out, Derek obliged and shook the older man’s hand.

“Thanks, Morgan, glad to have you guys out here with us today.”

“Anytime, Detective. But, uh, let’s not hope for a rematch?” He grinned easily.

“I hear ya. Is that your girl?” The cop nudged his head toward the ambulance. “She’s one tough cookie.”

“That she is, but, no, Y/L/N’s just a teammate.”

The gauze itched wrapped securely around your bicep, it was impossible to get comfortable, especially on the jet ride home. The prescription for painkillers was waiting for you at your local pharmacy in Virginia. Until then, you tried to keep your thoughts on things other than pain and blood. The obvious thing to do was watch Rossi and Reid play chess. You tended to get lost in the strategy while intentionally asking Reid questions to send him off on tangents.

Rossi always got a kick out of it, though it didn’t help his chances much. Hotch and JJ were talking soccer strategies for his son’s team, it was refreshing to have the boss not talking shop every once in awhile. That left Derek alone, either pretending or attempting to nap in the back of the cabin. The tension in his posture told you he wasn’t asleep, but the gentle rhythm of his breathing kept you from thanking him for saving you from a more direct shot. As teammates it was your job to protect each other, but it meant all the more that Derek had risked himself for you.

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