A Memory That’ll Last

For Chrobinweek2017, Day 3: Halloween and Day 5: Ylisse and Plegia

After Validar’s demise as well as any trace of Grima’s curse throughout the land, a new era for the grimleal was born: They had to reshape their entire religion now that the Fell Dragon’s grip on their minds and bloodlines was no more – they were finally free.

Plegia, however, was a theocracy, and relied heavily on the church to elect their rulers. Without a solid foundation for themselves, the still-crawling newly reformed church of the Free People had no infrastructure to rule a country.

It being the homeland of his other half, Chrom decided not to annex the land itself, but to temporarily rule over it until they could walk by themselves – that remained until this day, four years later.

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The Ones She Looks up to the Most

For Chrobinweek 2017, Day 1: Heroes

Young Luci and Young Morgan always looked up to their older siblings, almost as much as they looked up to their Mother, who, according to their Father, ‘saved him and the whole world by sacrificing herself’. This admiration remained the same especially after the princesses birthday, whence Luci and the Young Shepherds performed a song of thanks to the future travelers.

She had told her feelings to Robin, who wrote the speech she said then; but even during the rehearsals, the young princess would dive her nose into her older brother’s chronicles – about how the world had been faring after her mother’s sacrifice; about how his companions had been doing with their new-found lives at the past… about their lives back in the future.

Luci was mesmerized by all the tales of grandeur, sacrifice, friendship and the path to finding one’s dreams she had read in the thick books. She looked up to each one of her heroes in her own way: Big Cousin Owain was the most fun to talk to since he always made dramatic entrances, poses and had the best lines to deliver whenever she wanted him to reenact a scene she had read.

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A Broken Promise

For Chrobinweek2017, Day 7: Vows

Origin Peak.

After leaving Mount Prism at the top of their speed, they finally reached the place into which everything began.

Where everything would end, one way or another.

Ever since the Awakening, fear had been creeping into Robin’s heart, slowly covering her mind much like a spiderweb she couldn’t free herself of. It was an idea that had sprung up in her head after hearing what the Divine Dragon had said, and now it rang inside her head with increasing  strain, making it throb.

Said Dragon spoke to them in their minds, her ethereal body almost see-through due to the darkness the Fell Dragon emanated around the earth. “Remember, Awakener. The power I gave you cannot destroy Grima.”

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