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Little morgan loss with Chrom and Lon'qu

Little Morgan loss, what an adorable name

Lon’qu: He’s pale as a ghost the second he realizes that the little hand he was holding is no longer in his palm. “Morgan!” Lon’qu’s voice is filled with sheer terror, and the man’s anxiety is very visible on his face. Morgan is his treasure, and doesn’t hold back any emotions when it involves your child.

“We’ll find Morgan,” you close your hand over Lon’qu’s sweaty one, and the man barely manages to nod. He’s shaky, and you suggest for him to sit down but he shoots that down in a second.

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Fan favourites to return for all stars 2. Top votes in buzz Feeds poll
Season 1: Ongina 60% 34.4k votes
Season2: Morgan Mcmicheals 38% 21.3k votes
Season 3: Shangela 36% 20.0k votes
Season 4: willam 69% 39.7k votes
Season 5: Alaska 46% 25.9k votes
Season 6: Adore 37% 20.8k votes
Season 7: Katya 47% 25.3k votes
All stars: Latrice Royale 27% 12.8k votes


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She first sees them picking apart the ruins of a deer in a lonely field.

She’s biking along a suggestion of a road, a mound of grass and ruts on the sides carved out by rusting trucks every other week. The skies are grey, threatening another storm that’ll turn the barely solid dirt she’s negotiating into mud. It’s cold, enough so that every breath billowing out of her mouth is steam from a bellows. She’s stopped to lean against a rotting fence post, sweatshirt cavernous and full of heat, when the cawing makes her turn her head.

A black cloud’s puddled on the ground, wings and beaks and tails breaking out of the pool every few seconds. They’re gathered and perched and jostling around a corpse, one she can barely make out save for a stretch of long antler and a flash of bare ribs. She’s not a stranger to roadkill, has steered her bike around plenty of raccoons and rabbits and squirrels, but this is new. This is larger, a slice of night where a pale shadow had been before.

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moebrian: And her pool recovery is much better…? #professional #flamingowins

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Can you add Gaius and Chrom to the Morgan gets lost on the market thing? ^-^

Gaius: Gaius immediately assumes that it’s a kidnapping and comes up with the most convoluted plans to find Morgan. You’d laugh at his conspiracy theories, except the way he’s going it’s actually causing a ball of anxiety to form in your stomach…let alone amuse you.

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Could I get the male Shepard and F!MU losing there little Morgan at the market? Hahahha thank you

okay these are cute please read

Yarne: To him it’s the end of the world. “Don’t you understand how important this is? We can’t lose a Taguel!” He has a death grip on your shoulders and shaking you back and forth until you stomp on his foot.

“We can’t lose our child, no.” You bite your lip and scan the market for the umpteenth time, secretly just as worried as he…you’re amazed that’s possible. Oh gods, where could your little one be. You know you should be the strong one here, considering your husband is close to fainting but…

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