I’ve been reading a lot of fantasy/adventure books and some of them have mermaids. I fancy them as more creature than woman.

Finished reading Mists of Avalon. I was expecting more magic for such a long book. This is my homage to Morgain LeFey.

This is Guinevere. In ‘Mists’ she’s depicted as a religious fanatic who cries all the time.

And this is a sketch for a guy who left Dreamworks. It was deemed inappropriate because some thought it racist. That was not my intention. I just had a stroke of funky flow. 

Molasses & Sabbath

Coming across like the younger, sexier evil sister of Nina Persson and Sheryl Crow, Natalie Moss is the lead singer of Australian rock band Siamese Almeida.


With songs that sound like they’ve been forged in the fiery desert heat, or uprooted from alligator-infested mangrove swamps, she and her band of merry stoners (oops, I mean men!) want to taste the world; clawing their way out of Sydney with remnants of PJ Harvey and Sonic Youth stuck between their well-sharpened teeth.

Armoured with melodic pop hooks, thick and heavy grunge fuzz and scales dripping with American-inspired blues, it’s only a matter of time before they come for you, abducting your ears and filling them with their sweet and sludgy tales of love & doom.

The first song from their forthcoming EP is called ’Molasses & Sabbath’ and it’s got fatal barroom romance written all over it…I’m practically swatting at the lingering blow-flies, while inhaling my own hot beer breath as I write this…

Artwork by Morgaine Faye.

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