listen hq but girls

  • iwaizumi has braided oikawa’s hair before every single game they’ve ever had together 
  • for each month the teams set aside some money bc all the hair ties just disappear and they always have to buy more
  • war stories out of seijou about taking an oikawa service ace to the boob
  • all the different body types !!
  • girls are beautiful 
  • kyoutani does the best eyeliner
  • oikawa gets most of her confessions from girls bc the guys are too intimidated by her
  • also iwaizumi has more upper arm strength than most of them and they don’t want to risk making her mad
  • daichi has the best thighs but bokuto and iwaizumi are close seconds 
  • girls with lots of muscles !
  • whenever they have training camps the guys will try to sneak over and creep on them when they’re doing Team Bonding™ at night bc they think they’re doing the “stereotypical girl sleep-over” stuff
  • but they’re all doing weird shit like intense thumb wrestling competitions and discussing in extreme detail why the mitochondria is the power house of the cell (kuroo
  • everything is the same
  • just girls
fanfics to marathon (ao3 and ffn)

apologies for the long post, most of the fanfics here i have not read but plan to read at the date of the drinking game, and some them im not sure are pure Leo/Piper stories so everything is a shot in the dark.

i am making a separate post for fanfics posted in tumblr. if you wrote a liper story, send it to my way. (203 fanfics)

archive of our own (9 fanfics)