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Hi! I'm the one who translated your fic.I sincerely apologize that I translated and posted your fic without your permission. I sent you a message a few days ago which was asking for permission(which I assume that didn't get through),but I didn't get a reply from you and I just assumed that you read that message and I was allowed to translate it. I was wrong to do so.I'm so sorry if I offended you, I'll delete the post if you want me to. Again, I apologize for posting your fic without permission.

Oh, don’t sweat it! n_n I didn’t actually get that message from before, but it’s a-okay with me. It woulda been nice if I’d gotten the message, but that’s not your fault, and I appreciate that you tried to send one. Feel free to keep the translation!

mynameislika answered your question: Hello followers how are you today? 

bit of tired, but ok, thanks for asking))) how are you?

I’m good. Just trying to work out how to use fucking textures. HOW DO YOU TALENT.

 morethnus answered your questionHello followers how are you today? 

it’s holiday in here, everything is peaceful! how are you :3?

Oooh lovely! I’ve finished university until September.. but I need to get a job to save some money before I more to America (I’m studying abroad there for a year).