Childhood friendship.

Bruce, sprawled out on the couch, was stuck in for the day. He’d helped Alfred shovel snow out of the drive for a few hours, taking his well deserved rest. His eyes faded in and out, up and down, almost closing. However, he continued to watch, dreary eyed, the snow falling outside the dusty window pane. 

Knock, knock.

Before he could say anything, Alfred had opened the door. A long, fishnet clad leg slid through the threshold in front of him. Arms crossed behind his head, his lips cracked up into a smile. “You could’ve told me you were there, Zatanna. Come on, take a seat.” There was still space on the couch, even though he’d been taking up almost all of the room. Snow collecting on the windows, the temperature was already dropping within the walls of the study. 

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☏ ✍ ✉ ❤ ☠ i demand drink for both. HA.

Nnnn….lfred tkme to see thlikor kabnet! Dnt kno whyyy…bhrtday. Neheh..wer throwing darts if u wanna come!

Dear Zatanna, 

How is everything? I hope the tour’s going well. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I just wanted to let you know that..I missed you. That, and I picked up an old copy of Casablanca while I was out. I’ve been dying to watch it..but, I wouldn’t dare put it in without you at my side. So, come home soon. Or I might be tempted to take up the rest of the space in your bed.

[ Text: Houdini Hat ] ztana! i krakd…thnk i drnk to mush. im lyk…somehr by devils squar. migh need a ryd! lov u xo

Bruce..well, he loves Zatanna. Everything about her, her face, her personality, reminds him of his childhood. Brighter times in his life. She’s carefree, happy, something he only wishes he could be. Suffice to say, he cherishes her with everything he has. And, she’s one of the few who he can say he’s really close to. 

I should’ve proposed to you when I had the chance. 

Like the first time.

“Why are we here, Bruce?" 

Okay, maybe he wasn’t the romantic between the two of them. Sixteen years of age, and he was an heir to money he couldn’t hope to spend on much more than food and a car. And she was a magician, but it was still lovely. Blue tinted eyes as cold as the twilight sky scanned over the curve of Zatanna’s jaw slowly. It was her birthday. An arm still strong from years of training was wrapped protectively around her waist, as one of hers was around his shoulder. So….what did he do now? There was no pretense. No lead, he couldn’t just…go in, could he? This is probably why people were already calling him playboy of the moment. Zatanna was a friend, though, they were close. A brain hard at work to get around that problem, finally spun a solution. 

"The sun sets in two minutes. From this hill, you get the best view. It’s my way of saying Happy Birthday, you know?” Another pair of icy blue eyes surrounded by perfectly curled black hair turned to him as well, perfect lips curling into a visionary smile. Now? No, not now. A few more minutes.  He had to hold out. But, the curl of his own jaw felt the pressure of that same black mane against it. Looking down, he noticed that Zatanna had already rested her head against his own. By now, the arm around her waist was feeling more and more out of place. So, slowly, it snuck out from behind in order to just..fall into her left hand. White fingers, calloused by constant exercise fell between her own. And just as carefully, they closed in on each other. Sunset. 

He had to go. Now. Hushed whisper followed, as a much younger Bruce slowly nudged against the young woman’s ear. “You can hit me afterward if you want.” And that was all she wrote. Within seconds, her refuting words were cut off by his lips slowly pressed against her own. Left hand cradling her jaw, the billionaire did all he could to keep it short and sweet. No lines crossed. After a few seconds, her eyes fell shut just as her brain had received the message. And just as quickly as it began, it ended with a quiet crackle. Foreheads pressed together, their arms found the other once again.

“Happy Birthday."