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Hi! I was wondering if you have fic rec for heavy angst w/ happyend? If it's a reconciliation, I don't want it to be easy. It felt better somehow if they actually work for it, and not just an easy forgiveness. Preferably more than 10k? Tysm😆😆😆


Anonymous said:Do you have any long finished sterek fics? Much appreciated!!!

I got you long, angst and happy endings. Not sure how easy the forgiveness comes in all of them though.- Anastasia

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How To Tame Your Human by Moku

(5/5 I 119,609 I Teen I Sterek)

“Maybe I should collect leaves and dump them in the closet?” Derek asked his sister after the first restless and mostly sleepless night with Stilinski. The werewolf had never shared his room with anyone before, not even his siblings and he was uneasy knowing someone else was there now. Especially when it was some weird brat, who behaved like an animal and whose presence he could neither hear nor smell.

One time during the night he had woken up to the sound of the closet door opening and only a few seconds later the brunette hovered over him at the end of the bed. Admittedly, Derek was proud that he had shown enough restraint to avoid instinctively attacking the boy during his silent freak out. Luckily the werewolf was strong and there was nothing a puny human—no matter how feral—could do to him.

“I think he’d like leaves,” Derek tried to reason. Cora paused her game, skeptically looking him up and down, probably trying to figure out if he was serious. “You know, for his nest?”

“Derek, he is not a real animal.”

The New Kid by manspirations

(27/27 I 154,359 I Teen I Stackson)

Stiles Stilinski, new to Beacon Hills, never expected to:

-Meet his bro soul-mate Scott McCall.
-Actually be considered an invaluable member of the Beacon Hills Lacrosse Team.
-Or, find a home with a pack of werewolves

But, above all, he never ever expected he’d find himself enamored with the asshole Beacon Hills High loved to hate, Jackson Whittemore.

There’s Magic Between You and I by halcyon1993

(25/25 I 260,700 I Explicit I Sterek)

After the disaster that was junior year, Stiles is more than ready to finish his last year of high school and move on to college. He splits his time between his studies, taking care of the pack—well and truly blossoming into his new role as the alpha’s mate—and training his powers with Deaton. At the same time he learns shocking secrets about his heritage, strange things start happening around town and to the pack themselves, and he finds himself in a race to save everyone when a new evil arrives and threatens to destroy everything he loves.

Domestication by Arver7, Moit

(37/37 I 280,920 I Explicit I Sterek)

Derek and Stiles are heat partners, but neither realises how invested the other one is. When Stiles winds up pregnant, their relationship gets more serious, even if neither of them knows how to handle it.