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Things I love about the earlier version of In The Heights (from 2000, at Wesleyan University) that didn’t make it to the final musical:

  • Lincoln Rosario. Obviously.
  • “Welcome home, we haven’t seen you since Jesus knows when. You’re not alone.”
  • “All the neighborhood is dancing and it’s following my lead.”
  • “No me meto. No me meto. I’d like to help you out, no doubt, pero no puedo.”
  • Alma. That’s Benny’s mom. I’m really happy about how Benny’s plot changed and I get why she isn’t in the actual musical but she was such a good character.
  • “DJ you can’t go wrong, just play a latin song.”
  • In fact all about “Who is he?” is gold.
  • “There’s something out here for me, I haven’t found it. It’s strange, we’re only lonely when we’re totally surrounded.”
  • How clear Carla’s and Daniela’s verses during Blackout sound. I think Daniela’s part was sung by Alma then. Either way, they are so good and you can’t always hear them that well in the official version.
  • That little conversation between Nina and Vanessa during Blackout.
  • My Fire Escape. Both the original one and that later version for Nina are so beautiful.
  • “I’m hotter than I’ve ever been.” “Got that right.” So very smooth, Benny.
  • I Can’t Go Back is too good for me to choose one quote. Not to mention the ‘rewind tonight’.
  • “Don’t speak, just be/patient with me.” Benny’s entire verse there, tbh.
  • “Love isn’t something you feel for an hour or realize the night before. Love is a lifetime of hoping and wanting for someone, that someone, and praying to God up in heaven above, and waiting for kindness from your secret love.”
  • Vanessa calling Nina during Finale. That broke my heart.
  • “And in the height of all my pain, I remain, my heart remains.” “In Washington Heights!”

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