21 Recommended Books for Writers

As I’ve talked about on my blog several times, an important part of growing as a writer is learning about writing. For years I’ve wanted to compile a list of writing books I’ve read, liked, and recommend. Today I’m happy to say I now have that list to add to my blog (perfect timing for anyone who likes summer reading). I’m sure over time, this list will be added to.

Many writers I’ve talked to have read quite a few of these books. How many have you read? And is there one I need to look into? (You can comment at the bottom).

If you haven’t read any of them, cool. Now you have a list to chose from should you ever want to.

Hundreds of books have been written on the art of writing. Here at last is a book by two professional editors to teach writers the techniques of the editing trade that turn promising manuscripts into published novels and short stories.

In this completely revised and updated second edition, Renni Browne and Dave King teach you, the writer, how to apply the editing techniques they have developed to your own work. Chapters on dialogue, exposition, point of view, interior monologue, and other techniques take you through the same processes an expert editor would go through to perfect your manuscript. Each point is illustrated with examples, many drawn from the hundreds of books Browne and King have edited.


What makes a good story or a screenplay great?

The vast majority of writers begin the storytelling process with only a partial understanding where to begin. Some labor their entire lives without ever learning that successful stories are as dependent upon good engineering as they are artistry. But the truth is, unless you are master of the form, function and criteria of successful storytelling, sitting down and pounding out a first draft without planning is an ineffective way to begin.

Story Engineering starts with the criteria and the architecture of storytelling, the engineering and design of a story–and uses it as the basis for narrative. The greatest potential of any story is found in the way six specific aspects of storytelling combine and empower each other on the page. When rendered artfully, they become a sum in excess of their parts.


Bestselling author David Farland has taught dozens of writers who have gone on to staggering literary success, including such #1 New York Times Bestsellers as Brandon Mull (Fablehaven), Brandon Sanderson (Wheel of Time), James Dashner (The Maze Runner) and Stephenie Meyer (Twilight).

In this book, Dave teaches how to analyze an audience and outline a novel so that it can appeal to a wide readership, giving it the potential to become a bestseller. The secrets found in his unconventional approach will help you understand why so many of his authors go on to prominence.


How do you create a main character readers won’t forget? How do you write a book in multiple-third-person point of view without confusing your readers (or yourself)? How do you plant essential information about a character’s past into a story?

Write Great Fiction: Characters, Emotion & Viewpoint by award-winning author Nancy Kress answers all of these questions and more! This accessible book is filled with interactive exercises and valuable advice that teaches you how to:

   Choose and execute the best point of view for your story
   Create three-dimensional and believable characters
   Develop your characters’ emotions
   Create realistic love, fight, and death scenes
   Use frustration to motivate your characters and drive your story.


The road to rejection is paved with bad beginnings. Agents and editors agree: Improper story beginnings are the single biggest barrier to publication. Why? If a novel or short story has a bad beginning, then no one will keep reading. It’s just that simple.

In Hooked, author Les Edgerton draws on his experience as a successful fiction writer and teacher to help you overcome the weak openings that lead to instant rejection by showing you how to successfully use the ten core components inherent to any great beginning.

Plus, you’ll discover exclusive insider advice from agents and acquiring editors on what they look for in a strong opening. With Hooked, you’ll have all the information you need to craft a compelling beginning that lays the foundation for an irresistible story!


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  • Peter would have never been to a concert
  • But he would have heard tales about May and Ben’s trips to various concerts and festivals
  • He would have always wanted to go but knew that he didn’t have the time or the money
  • Big, warm hugs and laughs of disbelief
  • “When is it?”
  • “This weekend”
  • “You mean like, tomorrow, this weekend?”
  • “Yeah”
  • “Oh my -“
  • He’d be breathing so heavily and grinning so much and aw just so exciTED
  • For the rest of the day you guys would ONLY listen to that band while you hung out in his room
  • “What color do you think this song is gonna be?”
  • “What?”
  • “You know, how the lights are different colors at concerts and stuff, what color do you think this one is gonna be?”
  • “Oh, I dunno, Peter”
  • “I think it’s gonna have purple lights.”
  • You’d just smile and shake your head causE DO r K
  • The next morning you’d get some texts from him
  • “YOU READY?”
  • It’d be at like 7 in the morning too like why is this boy even uP
  • He’d come over a few hours prior with snacks and stuff
  • “Is this okay? What I’m wearing? I didn’t know what to wear.”
  • He’d be in a plain t-shirt with an old jacket on over
  • Looking real cute
  • “Looks great, Peter”
  • He’d just give a relieved smile aww
  • He would have also brought some special earpieces Tony made to make the sound less intense for his special spidey hearing
  • He’d sit on your bed and watch you get ready
  • Like be so amazed watching you do your makeup
  • “How do you - how doesn’t that hurt?”
  • “It’s just mascara, Peter”
  • You’d both be cracking up by the end because he’d be making stupid faces behind you in the mirror trying to get you to mess up
  • “We’re going to see them oh my gosh”
  • “They’re going to be right in front of us”
  • “oh my gosh”
  • s o  g i d d y
  • You’d get to the venue with your tickets and the sun would be setting
  • A small crowd would be gathered around the door
  • You’d both thank the ticket lady and head in
  • It’d be an outdoor concert
  • An amphitheater kind of thing
  • Small groups of people would be gathered around in various places and you guys would head up towards the front
  • The lights would start to dim and since the band was kind of obscure, there wouldn’t be an opener
  • Peter would be really jumpy at your side and would keep turning and just smiling really big at you
  • The band members would come on stage and you’d both
  • lose
  • it
  • Like I’m talking Peter’s jaw would drop and you’d just be stammering
  • “Ohmygodohmygodohmygod”
  • Peter would be hitting your shoulder over and over in shock
  • And then you’d both start screaming and hollering and Peter’s hands would shoot up in the air
  • The members would be silhouetted by a blue glow and smoke and fog would be billowing from the machines on the stage
  • The sky would be nearly dark now
  • The shadows of stars peeking out behind the blankets of smoke
  • The band would wave and move to their places on the stage
  • Peter would turn to you with such wide eyes
  • “It’s actually them”
  • “Oh my god it’s actually them”
  • Literally this kiddo would be on the verge of tears
  • Light, hearty laughs of disbelief awww
  • You’d both be jumpy and giggly
  • “Thank you so much for inviting me ohmygod”
  • “Who else would I go with you dork”
  • Goofy smiles uF
  • The bassist would strum his first note and it would crash over the whole area
  • Wild cheers would erupt and Peter would do a gasp-exhale type thing
  • And they’re hit another note, getting more cheers
  • Peter would be smiling and laughing bubbly laughs, as would you
  • Soon, the song would start up
  • The drummer would start with the beat and then the guitarist would start strumming
  • The singer would be swaying a little bit with their head down in the middle of the stage, hand gripping the microphone
  • You’d be struggling to make yourself watch them because Peter’s face would be pRICELESS.
  • His features would be intensified with the contrast of the dark of the night and the glow of the stage
  • Eyes open wide and bright with reflections of blue
  • His mouth would be gently open and the corner would be tugging into a smile
  • Curls tucked neatly and jacket strings uneven
  • Breathless and in disbelief
  • s h o o t
  • The song would start to pick up, along with the bassline, and the whole area would be throbbing with the beat
  • The shadows of heads in front of you would be nodding along and swaying
  • Peter would be smiling really wide now, gently shaking his head and swaying his shoulders
  • He’d keep looking over at you, watching you bite your lip and move to the song
  • It would get to the heavy part of the song and the bass would be sO intense
  • Peter would turn to you and tap the center of his chest
  • “I can feel it, I can feel the beat”
  • You’d be grinning at how he was having to shout a little bit to be heard
  • You’d nod and smile at him
  • “I can feel it, too, Peter”
  • He’d breathlessly laugh and keep his hand on his chest
  • “We have the same heartbeat”
  • He’d turn back to you with his realization, wide-eyed and giddy
  • “We all have the same heartbeat”
  • He’d gesture to the field of people
  • You’d giggle and nod, patting your chest
  • A couple more songs would go on and slowly Peter would get more comfortable dancing
  • Little nods and lip bites and head shakes and his hands would be tapping his hips
  • His neat curls would nOt be neat anymore
  • They’d be falling over his forehead, a little damp with sweat, shaken from all of the goofy dancing
  • He’d even start shouting out the lyrics to the songs he knew well
  • Fist pumping occasionally
  • You’d start to do the same and you guys would be aw so cute
  • But you’d also be like that couple
  • Holding hands and crap
  • Cause Peter was normally weird about PDA and so were you
  • Like uhh no one wants to see that that’s for later
  • But he’d be so adrenaline-filled
  • Like at one point he’d just turn to you with the biggest grin on his face and pull you into a kiss
  • You’d feel the buzz of the music on your lips
  • Warm and strong and happy and humming
  • You guys would both start laughing and break away
  • And then thAt song would come on
  • The one you guys were talking about earlier
  • The lights would go from a light yellow to a cold purple and Peter would turn to you, wide-eyed
  • “It’s the song, it’s the song, it’s puRPLE
  • He’d be so jumpy and giggly
  • “Yeah, I knew it I KnEW IT”
  • AW
  • He looked really good in the purple lighting too like cmon but he also looked good in any lighting though so
  • The band would finish up with a slower song
  • It was one that you guys had a lot of memories with
  • He had come over when you were sad and pulled you off the bed to dance with you
  • It had helped a lot
  • May had also had it playing one day while you were chilling on the couch
  • You had hummed to the beat and snuggled more
  • One day you guys had been baking to the song
  • Might have also made out to it one time whoOps
  • When the song ended you guys would both be so sappy and content 
  • Your head against his shoulder
  • One hand holding his arm, the other looped in his hand
  • He’d mumble into your hair, sighing as the lights faded
  • “You’re the best.”
  • “So are you, Parker.”

- -

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how i see bap stans through stan tumblr:

daehyun stans: 

  • love daehyun to the fullest
  • support everything he does
  • love every hair color he has. even the unicorn one
  • they all miss strawberry dae
  • agree that he would be the best father in bap next to himchan

youngjae stans:

  • general consensus that he is not straight
  • squish jae is the best jae
  • nicest legs in kpop
  • excited as fuck for his solo (arent we all)
  • underappreciated vocal
  • know that he a lying ass bitch but love him regardless
  • i dont trust them

himchan stans:

  • he rly is tho
  • would kill 10 men if it meant that ts would give him more lines and screen time
  • would also kill to see himchan in a variety/drama show
  • he thicker than a bowl of oatmeal and stans love it

zelo stans:

  • the purest
  • where tf are the zelo stans hiding
  • they all want to see his stomach tattoo more
  • i know this because i also want to see it more
  • one of them will get their hands on a zelo nude but i’d bet it would never get out bc they’re so low key
  • they rly just want the best for this manbaby

yongguk stans:

  • yongguk: *breathes*: oH my god/??? kings only i fucking cant this precious man he deserves the world
  • am 4:44 broke their hearts
  • yamazaki was the best night/morning of their lives
  • shrek/bang yongpin are cursed topics we dont discuss
  • they are all depressed and love yongguk more than they love anything else
  • someone: you look kinda zoned out whats up
  • a yongguk stan at any given moment: yongGUKGUKGUK

jongup stans:

  • lowkey, but not more lowkey than junhong stans
  • chillest stans in kpop
  • a jongup stan could literally meet jongup and just be like “nice”
  • they know that jongup lowkey got cake
  • they fr got a song about jongup fucking you in a car and honestly…. that was a blessed period for them all
  • appreciate his dancing more than ts does
  • the only stans that dont forget he is in bap
The Addiction

It’s all normal

You’re sitting on your couch

Checking your laptop or phone

Browsing Tumblr

Checking what’s new

All the new posts

All the new wonderful hypnotic posts

You keep reading them

Until you come to this post

The title and my picture

You’ve seen my picture 




You know by now that probably by the end of this post

You’ll have fallen in trance

woke up

Feeling wonderful

Feeling so good

Just like it has happened many times before

You realize it now

You realize that my words

My Posts

have become addictive

have become irresistible

Just starting reading my words

You can’t stop

You don’t want to stop

The moment you start you don’t stop until the end

the end of

My Posts

My Words

and you can’t deny that turns you on

You feel turned on from how you got here

How you reached this point

The point of My Words

My Posts

Becoming addictive

becoming irresistible

A Turn on

Unable to stop reading

Not wanting to stop reading

Wanting to surrender

To give in to them

As you have

As you have many times before

So many times before

You’ve experienced this many times

And it never stops feeling wonderful

And now

With the realization

The realization of your addiction

Your addiction to My Words

My Posts

It all became so much better

So much better 

To give in

To give up to them

You can’t help yourself

You can’t help but slide your hand down

Slide it down between your legs

Start touching yourself

Without even realizing it

You start touching yourself

From the pleasure

The pleasure of giving in to My Words

You can’t help it

You don’t want to

You keep touching yourself


Focusing more

more and more

On My Words

As you let go

let go

let go and drop


Drop Deep

as you continue to read

read and follow

read, follow and touch yourself

looking just like this

It’s unbelievable how much this resembles you

How you look just like that

Whenever you get on My Blog

Whenever you read My Words

My Posts 

You automatically drool

open your mouth wide

Your eyes widen

As you start to read

To Follow

And give in 

Give in completely

As you touch yourself

Touch yourself

And the more you touch yourself

The deeper you go

The Deeper you go

The more you touch yourself

closer and closer

deeper and deeper

Giving in

Giving up


Loving how irresistible

How addictive

My Words 

My Posts 

have become 

How you’re still touching yourself

Dropping deep

Deeper and Deeper

Deeper than you’ve been in such a long time

Turned on



Hornier and hornier


Closer and closer


Deeper and deeper


More and more

Loving it

Loving it all

touching yourself non stop




So close now

Knowing by now

Knowing that I control when you cum

When you Orgasm

loving the helplessness

loving the addiction

The joy and pleasure of being and addict

An addict to My Words

Once you realize that

Once you realize 


and accept it

You go ahead

Reblog and type

“I’m an addict to your words”

once you do that

you count down from 3 to 1

once you reach 1

you’ll have such an intense

such a powerful


So Powerful

So Intense

Like you haven’t felt in such a long time

Knowing that’s what happens when you give in

Surrender to me

Once you finish the orgasm

You’ll wake up

Fully awake


Extremely happy 

Loving my words and trances

Now that you realize how addictive they are

Looking forward for more

So go ahead now

Go ahead

My hypno addict

anonymous asked:

Love your blog! Could I request an RFA + V & Saeran scenario where MC and them have to babysit MC's baby cousin? And MC's amazing with the baby and just loves to take care of the bab, and they realise that MC would make a great parent.

omg this sounds adorable I’m gonna have so much fun with this one~~~~ I’m glad you like my blog, thank you!!


  • He’s never babysat a human before
  • After the child has been dropped off at MC’s house he stares at it for a second like…… “now what”
  • The baby is about 18 months old so he can say a few words such as “want cookie” or “me up” and Yoosung is s h o o k. He must obey the child’s commands
  • But MC swoops in and manages to convey to the baby in less words than Yoosung thought possible that he can’t have a cookie until he’s had lunch
  • Yoosung has no time to be impressed with MC as the baby starts to go into what gamers would call a “rage”
  • Clearly not pleased that MC won’t give him a cookie, the baby starts to cry, and while Yoosung’s first instinct is to freak out (he doesn’t know what abilities this child has), MC gets up, turns around, and ignores the kid
  • Once again Yoosung is quite shook
  • MC tells Yoosung that making a big fuss about the child is only going to make him spoiled and that “If you were to throw a tantrum, I’d probably ignore you too because that’s a way of getting attention, right?”
  • Our boy really hasn’t seen MC act this way yet. She’s being so mature and adult-like and this side of her is completely new. Yoosung is more familiar with the MC who games with him and acts silly and goofy and immature.
  • And when the baby finally calms down, eats lunch, and MC keeps her promise of giving the child a cookie, just as she had predicted, Yoosung feels his chest swell with love and thinks having a child wouldn’t be so bad if it was with MC


  • He’s so excited and he just can’t hide it
  • Knows seeing MC caring for a baby will be the most adorable thing in the world
  • This one has just turned a year old not long ago! So it’s only just starting to walk and can’t say any words except she’s starting to get the hang of “mama” and “dada”
  • Zen is completely comfortable with children and the baby, much like everyone else in this world, is enchanted with him. She crawls/waddles toward him at a feverish pace almost as soon as she sees him
  • MC and Zen spend soooo much time playing with her and sitting a little ways apart so that they can have the baby walk to and from them in a straight line
  • Zen spoils the kid let’s be honest
  • He’ll sneak her snacks all the time when MC isn’t looking (she probably knows let’s be honest but it’s just too heartwarming to stop)
  • Eventually the baby gets really tired out from playing and wants to take a nap, so Zen goes into the other room to get one of the blankets that MC’s aunt and uncle gave them
  • When he returns though, he finds MC curled up on the couch also asleep holding the baby in her arms and Zen’s heart practically explodes it’s so cute
  • He sits on the couch right beside MC and brushes her bangs back from her forehead, silently promising that he’ll have his own child with her someday


  • She’s never done babysitting before but hey, if she can be crushed with paperwork and phone calls as Mr. Han’s assistant, she can easily take care of a kid
  • This one is a little girl, 2 years old! She can make small sentences and point to things in books and can be pretty defiant of rules for someone so young
  • Jaehee was a little worried about that because MC’s aunt and uncle warned them that she probably wouldn’t listen to anything they say and just… try not to let her break anything
  • MC to the rescue!!!
  • Whenever the kid gets a little too feisty MC’s party training comes in handy because it’s made her persuasive and winning
  • So Jaehee kind of gives MC all the authority because she’s doing so well and Jaehee really doesn’t want to mess anything up
  • But when Jaehee is sitting at the kitchen table trying to work while MC is in the bathroom, the toddler comes up to her and snatches an important document off the table
  • death it is time to panic this child is going to destroy it my life is over
  • In a moment of desperation Jaehee firmly tells the child to give the papers back to her. And the kid immediately does what she says. Apparently being Chief Assistant for so many years just gives you an automatic sort of authority
  • When MC comes back into the room Jaehee is practically gushing like “I got her to do something! By myself!” And she’s already decided that adopting a kid would be pretty awesome


  • He has only one worry, really
  • “If they are too rough with Elizabeth, they will have to leave. MC are you listening. This child may not know to be gentle with Elizabeth the 3rd. MC.”
  • jumin calm yourself the kid is five
  • MC’s little cousin is a boy who adores MC. When he’s dropped off he says “Hello Mr. Han!” after greeting MC with a big hug and kiss
  • Now while Jumin has to admit the “Mr. Han” coming from a five-year-old is adorable, he can’t shake the irrational jealousy that MC just allowed him to give her a big smooch on the cheek
  • MC really wants Jumin to like kids so this is really the only chance she’ll get to show him how rewarding it is… But he’s starting to get that possessive look in his eye and that’s never a good sign
  • Right at that moment Elizabeth saunters into the room with a leisurely “meow” and the kid is deLIGHted he loves animals!
  • Jumin has a moment of unbridled panic as the boy makes a beeline for Elizabeth with outstretched hands
  • But he stops right in front of her, kneels down, and looks at Jumin. “Mr. Han, may I pet Elizabeth the 3rd please?”
  • Saying the cat’s full name along with the heartbreakingly cute politeness suddenly makes this kid a winner in Jumin’s eyes. “Y-yes, you may,” he says, surprising himself by thinking that he might actually really love to be a father


  • “MC I sit in my babies all the time!”
  • stop calling cars your babies saeyoung
  • He’s got a natural talent with kids and his weirdness just makes them tend to like him more
  • One thing that four-year-old children like to do is insist on various things and also pester you and this little girl is all up in Saeyoung’s business
  • “What does that big computer do?” “Are you a spy?” “Should you be in jail?”
  • Saeyoung answers all her questions (some more honestly than others) and that just makes the girl fall in love with him more
  • MC and the kid get along really well too, so the three of them are what we like to call in the industry: instant BFF’s
  • They have the most fun day ever, playing hide-and-seek and tag around Saeyoung’s house like they’re secret agents and discovering that the little girl is actually a BOSS at video games
  • Right before the child gets picked up, Saeyoung and MC watch a movie with her to get her a little less hyped up when her parents arrive
  • And now that Saeyoung has his mind cleared up to think to himself, there is absolutely no question that he wants every day with MC to be as fun as this, them together with their own child


  • MC’s cousin is just a baby, but she’s so calm and doesn’t fuss much
  • V was a bit nervous when he heard that they would be babysitting a really little kid who couldn’t even talk yet
  • He was afraid he would do something wrong because he can’t even see the baby, so if he accidentally hurt it somehow…
  • But MC’s soothing presence is right there next to him, guiding him all through it
  • She picks up the baby, glad that it’s calm because she doesn’t want V to get any more anxious than he already is, and gently places her in V’s arms
  • Who is instantly dazzled by the feeling of holding such a small thing and falls in love right away
  • MC spends time telling V the few stories that her aunt and uncle have already told her about different milestones the baby has been making over the past few months and V is so invested
  • Because V is barely moving, the little girl eventually starts looking tired according to MC
  • So MC starts singing a little lullaby that her parents would sing when she was a baby, and V knows in that instant that he would be the happiest man in the world if he could have a child with MC


  • He thought taking care of a kid would be easy
  • MAN was he wrong
  • The little five-year-old boy that is brought to them is a menace–not to MC, but to Saeran. It’s like the kid’s personal mission is to torment Saeran
  • And he knows it, too. He’ll be cuddling up next to MC one minute and then as soon as he sees Saeran looking, he’ll give this little devilish smile like there’s nothing you can do about it~
  • So needless to say Saeran is not altogether pleased with this arrangement
  • MC is starting to get a little nervous; she had been hoping that her cousin would make a good impression on Saeran
  • So she thinks of a distraction to get the kid off his back for a little while, and turns on his favorite cartoon and gives him a few snacks to keep him busy
  • MC insists to Saeran that not all kids are like this and that the boy is just used to getting all her attention during babysitting
  • Saeran hmph’s and pretends not to care, but later when she sits back down with the kid and starts playing a little game with him, he notices how much fun they both look like they’re having
  • So even though he might not get along with this particular kid, who’s to say that their own child wouldn’t be different?
Hyuck -Romeo and Juliet
  • What a cutie
  • For as long as you could remember, your parents had hated hyuck’s parents
  • Some old college rivalry that never died
  • You thought it was petty
  • It definitely was
  • Like so what she slept with your boyfriend you broke up with him anyway???
  • You and hyuck had been in the same classes since you were little
  • And coincidentally, the two of you lived next to each other
  • It was a pretty nice neighborhood, and you spent a lot of nights sitting on the roof looking at the stars
  • One night you had a near heart attack when you glanced over at Hyuck’s house and saw a dark figure on the roof adjacent to yours
  • You were in a near panic until you heard a laugh that you recognized well from hearing it in class over the years
  • It was hyuck
  • He waved a little and beckoned you over
  • You moved to the edge of your roof, hanging over your balcony, and he did the same, his feet dangling over the edge
  • He yelled, but not loud enough to wake up anyone, barely loud enough for you to hear
  • “Come here often?”
  • You scoffed and rolled your eyes
  • You had never had any problem with hyuck, you just knew you could never be friends with him because your parents hated each other
  • “Yeah, all the time. What about you, handsome?”
  • You heard that laugh again and didn’t bother fighting off the smile that blossomed on your face
  • The two of you spent half the night out on your roofs, just talking about random things
  • Started off awkward, with “I don’t think we should really be doing this”
  • You had shrugged
  • “Our parents hate each other”
  • “Why do we have to?”
  • You could swear that even in the dark you could point out his smile
  • You talked about your classes and your least favorite teachers
  • You were both pretty willing to punch your biology teacher at any moment
  • It wasn’t until 4am when you finally said goodnight and went inside
  • Neither of you got much sleep that night
  • The two of you couldn’t stop thinking about each other
  • Made for an exhausting day at school the next day
  • You both ended up ignoring each other
  • If you were seen talking, word would get back to your parents and there would be some serious explaining to do
  • You lived in a super tiny town, so there were no secrets
  • But after school, and a long evening nap, you found yourself back on the roof, but you weren’t staring at the sky
  • You were looking out for hyuck
  • He came out at about midnight and just waved again
  • You spent the whole night talking to him again
  • Talking about your families rivalry
  • And what was going on in your respective friend groups at school
  • You told him about your friend drama
  • And he told you about his friend’s problems
  • When the sun started rising, he asked for your number
  • You signed it over to him and when you had gone back inside, you had a text from an unknown number
  • “It’s your stargazing buddy xx”
  • You couldn’t help but smile at the cute message and quickly replied
  • Neither of you paid attention in your classes because you were texting all day
  • Fast forward through another evening nap, you woke up to a text from hyuck
  • “The roof at midnight?”
  • “Count me in”
  • Midnight rolled around and you went back up and talked again
  • This pattern continued for several weeks, constant texting during the day
  • But you never talked in person in the daylight
  • Until one day you got a text from your stargazing boy again
  • “Meet me at the bookstore at 4? No one will suspect it ”
  • You agreed but you were cautious
  • At 4, you were at the bookstore waiting for hyuck
  • You bought a coffee and sat at the cafe
  • Until someone covered your eyes and all you heard was “it’s your star boy”
  • You felt a blush creeping up as you turned around
  • He sat down with you and talking was just as effortless as it was at night, but now you didn’t have to shout
  • It wasn’t until now that you noticed he really was attractive
  • The way his eyes crinkled when he smiled
  • Or how he leaned forward when he laughed
  • You sat there until your parents were texting you saying you needed to come home for dinner
  • You stood up to leave when Hyuck stopped you

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The Contest-Part 21

To celebrate Supernatural’s 15th season, the producers have decided to hold a contest to cast an unknown in a recurring role as Sam’s rumored love interest.  They are doing open casting calls all over the country.  Your best friend Nikki wants to go and she drags you along.

A/N: My inspiration for Nikki is the one and only Red, AKA@oriona75.  So I am actually telling two stories here, Jared and Readers, and Sam and Gemini’s.  It flips back and forth, so try and keep up! :)

Characters: Jared Padalecki, Reader, Best friend Nikki(OC) Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard, Mark Pellegrino, Rory Montgomery (OC), PA Emily (OC) Cliff, Other Supernatural cast and crew

A/N: The song the reader sings during karaoke is A Thousand Years by Christina Perri.  It’s one of my Favorites.

Master List

Part 1 (all parts are linked)

“Great, there goes my chance to break it to Nikki gently that Mindy’s here!” I said to Jared.  

“This can’t be good,”  Jensen said quietly.  “I’m gonna go get Misha.”

Jared and I found Nikki standing by the bar, her hands on her hips, glaring at her sister.  “I asked you what you’re doing here, Mindy.  I know there is NO way Y/N invited you!”

“Would you lower your voice, please?” Mindy demanded.  “I’m representing the family.  And I’ve told you before, I go by Melinda now.”

Nikki snorted derisively.  “Whatever, MINDY.  Why are you REALLY here? You’ve never given a shit about me my entire life!  You couldn’t be bothered to come meet Misha when he visited Philly, and you expect me to believe you flew to Vancouver out of the kindness of your heart? Bullshit!”

Mindy rolled her eyes at her younger sister.  “Still holding on to that crap from when we were younger, huh Nik?  Are you ever gonna let that stuff go?  We were dumb kids.  It’s ancient history.  Let it go…. Move on already.”  She tossed back the rest of her drink and signaled the bartender for another.

Nikki got right in Mindy’s face.  “You’re not fooling me for a second with this “the past is the past” crap.  Your just looking to meet someone famous.  Your still as mean and as petty and as shallow as you were in high school.”

“You’d better grab Nikki before she loses it and decks Mindy! Where the hell is Jensen with Misha?” Jared said worriedly.

I patted his arm.  “Don’t worry Babe, I’m on it!  Mindy doesn’t scare me anymore.  Can you go find Emily and bring her here, please?”

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College!AU Hakyeon

find leo (here) & ravi (here)

  • major: fashion 
  • minor: psychology 
  • sports: swim team captain 
  • clubs: school newspaper fashion columnist, wellness center/student counselor 
  • the entire campus is absolutely in awe of him because he can somehow juggle a fashion major, a psychology minor, the captain of a sports team that got to nationals???, a weekly column in the newspaper?? plus be an available counselor on campus for other students dealing with problems like???? is he an angel from heaven with superhuman powers or-
  • and tbh hakyeon is literally just a sweet glowing sunbeam of positivity like he makes everyone feel welcomed and loved and he goes out of his way to be friends with everyone just so they know they can count on him
  • and his outfits are always on point like damn hakyeon where did you buy that
  • and he’s like ‘i made it’ and smiles and you’re just like ??? an angel ?? but also talented ?? some people just really do get it all
  • and he’s so proud of his major tbh like he doesn’t care if some asshole is like ‘a dude majoring in fashion?? like wtf bro’ hakyeon is just like ‘excuse yourself scum, some of the top designers in the world are men so you can step off or ill end your life with a single snap of my fingers.’ (and tbh he could do it. he could literally do it do not mess with him)
  • hakyeon sitting around during lunch sketching outfit ideas and listening to music he looks like a goddamn picture he’s so handsome and pictersque the whole campus is just s w oo n i ng 
  • and the reason he’s minor in psychology isn’t even because it’s a back up plan to if fashion doesn’t work out it’s because he genuinely is interested in the way peoples feelings work and he wants to know more in order to be a better counslor and to better understand others like how is someone so pure
  • does the cute thing where he holds pins in his mouth while sewing and the entire class is like,,,,,,he’s the only who makes working hard look so effortless,,,,,
  • leo says he’s happy hakyeon isn’t on the soccer team but tbh hakyeon dominates at the swimming competitions and leo regrets not asking him to do soccer because ok,,,,hakyeon is secretly strong 
  • hakyeon singing to himself whenever he’s doing stretches at the campus pool and an entire bleacher full of girls is just losing it because he’s so adorable
  • and tbh you meet hakyeon on a whim like completely on accident because you’re not even in the same department as him but for some reason you two are the only ones left late at night on campus and he barges into one of the private study rooms where you’re like crying over a midterm and he’s like yOU
  • and you’re like ????me????
  • and he’s like i nEED your HELP plEASE
  • and you’re kind of panicked because you’ve never spoken to hakyeon really like you know him who doesn’t but you’re like is something wrong??? is there a fire??? are you hurt???
  • and hakyeon is just shaking his head and he’s like no no no i need you to be my model please i can’t find anyone else on campus and this outfit has to be done by tomorrow
  • and you’re like oh i should hel- model? outfit?????? 
  • and hakyeon’s eyes are wide with panic and hope and you’re like me/??? model???? an outfit??? i??? um????
  • and hakyeon takes your hand in his and wow wtf his hand is so soft it probably smells like peaches because hakyeon is always glowing but that’s not the point he’s like i know it’s an odd request but it’s like 11pm the person who promised to help me got sick so i need you please help me this one time
  • and you’re like i,,,,,,would love to but my midterm is this week,,,,, and hakyeon is like it’s ok you can study while i take some measurments - please it won’t take long???
  • and you look into his eyes (big miss steak) and they’re sparkling with genuine worry and they’re so beautiful you can’t resist finally you’re like alright,,,ill try my best to help and hakyeon looks so delighted like you just told him you found the answer to world peace and he’s like ok!! get your things and come with me
  • so somehow you end up being measured by hakyeon and it’s a weird feeling to have him moving your body left and right and lifting your hands up and you feel a bit embarrassed under his gaze and he notices because he asks why you keep looking down and you admit you’re nervous and he smiles and it’s so warm and he just apologizes for making you do this but he’s also like
  • you’re a very charming up close and you’re like ???charming what does that mean and hakyeon holds your wrist in his hand a bit longer and he kind of looks to the side like it means that you’re very good at keeping me attracted and your brain kind of stops working because??? keeping hakyeon attracted……attracted how???
  • but before you even get to ask he’s back to measuring and murmuring to himself about the cloth and things like that and he’s like ok i think i have what i need and he’s like im just going to have to work through the night to get this to happen and you’re like through the night?? and he shrugs like it’s not big deal and thanks you again for being a huge help to him
  • but even as you get ready to leave you feel horrible leaving him there so you step out and it’s past midnight now but you know there are cafes near campus that are open so you buy some bottles of water and packaged snacks and return to the room where hakyeon is working and he’s like oh, did you leave something? and you’re like n-no but here you go, since you’re going to be here till morning take these and you give him the snacks and drinks and he just stares but then suddenly his arms are around your waist and he pulls you into this hug that’s so light it makes you feel like you’re walking on air and he whispers thank you against your hair
  • and you wish that that moment could last forever
  • but of course it doesn’t and you expect that after this hakyeon won’t really have a reason to approach you anymore but as you’re leaving the room after your midterms you see him leaning up against the wall and he gives you a small wave and everyone around you starts whispering like???? what?? and you’re confused up until he walks up to you and is like 
  • “hope you did well on your midterm, but now that it’s over let me take you out as a thank for all your help”
  • and you kind of freeze in shock because ok what did he just ask you on a date all you did was let him use you for some measurements you didn’t think that was any means to be taken out so you kind of mumble that it’s fine, he doesn’t need to thank you but hakyeon just shakes his head and goes
  • “you helped me with more than just the outfit, you did a lot more for me that day. let me pay you back, i don’t like owing someone a debt.”
  • and honestly again you find yourself falling victim to his eyes and aura and so you agree and hakyeon takes you to this little, cute place covered in plants and good smelling candles and for some reason you can see why hakyeon would choose a place like this and as you’re waiting for the food hakyeon clears his throat and tells you what exactly the reason is for him treating you like this
  • and he confesses that it’s been a long time since someone has showed genuine concern for him, he’s always shouldering the problems of others and trying to do his best to help them, but that day you were like a superhero to him. saving his outfit project and then even being kind enough to make sure he made it through the rough night.
  • you kind of don’t know what to say because you always assumed his life was perfect, that he would have someone always there for him, but the more you two talk the more you come to understand that hakyeon is not the happy always positive person he looks like. there are weakness even he has and what you thought was a simple gesture of consideration meant so much to him
  • and somehow over the course of lunch you and hakyeon open up a lot to each other and from then on, it’s impossible for you two to just separate
  • you start meeting up more on campus, you spend time watching hakyeon sew or draw and he helps you study in your other courses 
  • and it goes from just sitting together in empty classrooms talking like friends and you praising his artistic fashion skill and him quizzing you on your note cards to something more
  • one day you two see each other after his swimming practice and he comes out with slightly messy hair, telling you he wants to go back to his dorm to get some things before you guys go and do your usual little study together thing and you’re a little nervous because his dorm?? you’ve never been there before,,,,and you tell yourself don’t be nervous it’s going to take five minutes
  • but somehow you end up standing in the middle of his room and his gym bags on the floor and your own backpack is forgotten in some corner of the room and it’s so clean for a college students dorm, he even has flowers in a vase on his desk but before you know it your backed up against that desk and hakyeon’s warm skin is practically driving you crazy and he lets his hands settle on the side of your neck
  • and he whispers again about how you attract him, how something about you makes him never want to let you go
  • and the beautiful friendship you two have cultivated on the truths of your weaknesses turns into something more as hakyeon kisses you for the first time and from then on, you two melt into each other like nothing else matters
  • and hakyeon makes sure you know this is not a once in a lifetime thing, he keeps you close against his chest and he tells you straight forwardly that he’s never loved someone the way he loves you - he’s never wanted to fully protect someone, the way he wants to protect you
  • and you too, you look up at him and you tell him that you’re tired of seeing him being used left and right - you’re going to protect him too
  • and when the campus hears about you two dating everything goes wiLD 
  • and even his friends are like we need to see it to believe it and hakyeon jsut casually holds you around the waist as he walks you to class and kisses you on the forehead before you go
  • these two dudes named hongbin and ken come up to you in class and they’re like “Are you dating Hakyeon??” and you’re like um.,, yes,,, why? and ken’s like “Hongbin you owe me fifty bucks” and you’re like ?? (don’t worry, you get introduced to them later hakyeon’s like these are the guys i know from high school- they thought id never date anyone in my life, guess they were wrong)
  • the one named hyuk leans over and is like “i hope you know what you’re getting into, hakyeon is such a -” and this is the moment when he probably gets smacked upside the head with a notebook
  • and as you and hakyeon grow even closer now that you’re together you see that his caring side really has no limits like he constantly asks if you’re ok or need anything, probably carried around one of those little first aid kits if anything, and when there’s even so much as a slight wind he shrugs off his jacket and hands it to you
  • and hakyeon spends a lot of time drawing and sewing and you get into the habit of helping him out when you can and even picking up on sewing with him it’s cute you two working together to help him get some outfits done for school
  • and you’re always excited to see what hakyeon has drawn up and he’s always the most excited to show you 
  • and he also adores going shopping with you because he has such good taste ????? that anything he picks out is just perfect and you’re like hakyeon you’re the best boyfriend but also stylist and he’s like im a fashion major for a reason hehe
  • and when you can you go to all his swim meets to support him and you even make little banners for him which hakyeon hangs up in his room because he thinks they’re aDORable 
  • the two of you sitting cooly, sipping lattes, talking about the latest episodes of dramas you are both really into and everyone doing a double take because you’re the most fashionable couple on campus tbh
  • the fashion column hakyeon writes for also becomes a love advice column because now that he’s dating he thinks he has some merit to help others with their relationship but tbh most of it is him just ranting about how amazing it is dating you and how much he loves you it’s kind of cute but you’re also like hakyeon please the whole campus now knows that i give you shoulder massages and am good at making green tea which is not really what i want them to know
  • hakyeon sketching outfits one day but then he notices he’s stopped and started sketching a portrait of you instead 
  • hakyeon sometimes nagging at you for not keeping your dorm as clean as his and you’re like hakyEon and he’s like ‘we are going to ikea and getting you a new desk that one is falling apart’
  • he’s totally a fan of calling you cute nicknames in public and when you’re hanging out with like ravi or ken they do the gagging noises and  hakyeon doesn’t even care he’s so focused on you and you’re just like hey guys don’t be jealous of this beautiful thing hakyeon and i have~~~
  • on those rare occasions when you two are so tired neither of you cares enough to try you both just put on face masks while wearing sweatpants and order pizza and watch movies and you’re like if only the campus knew this side of you hakyeon and he’s just like they never will this is just between me and you who i trust the most in this world, now pass me a slice
  • falling asleep over your notes and hakyeon carrying you all the way back to your dorm as your roommate swoons over what a good boyfriend he is hehe
  • bonus: you and hakyeon take an elective drawing class together and you’re like hakyeon,,,,,,,,i can only draw stick figures and he’s like baby that’s fine as long as you make me the most handsome stick figure 
dating yoon jisung and park woojin

yoon jisung: 

  • you already know he’s a meme
  • he knows exactly how and when to make you laugh
  • probably sends you old memes he finds funny, like the ones with the big text in white with the black outline
  • you’d probably criticize his memes
  • “,,,,hey i’m old i don’t know all this internet stuff”
  • also imitates you for fun sometimes and it can get annoying but it’s okay because you love him
  • he’s so random with it like you two would be cuddling on the couch and he’d just out of the blue
  • “you know the other day my trainer was making me learn this dance combo and i swear i looked like a chicken doing the hands”
  • continues to imitate himself
  • but all the memeing aside 
  • he’s also really surprisingly deep into the relationship
  • it’s nice that he’s not afraid to be emotional and genuine and he’s the same around you
  • because he’s so sensitive he’s always in tune with how you’re feeling
  • “just tell me what’s going on, don’t lie to me and say it’s nothing”
  • and although he tries to hide some struggles from you not to worry you he ends up always telling you everything (after you find out of course)
  • just very honest and open it’s nice
  • he’s soooooooooooo clingy and loves skinship
  • “jagiyaaaaaaaaaa” “honeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyy” all day every day don’t expect it to stop
  • will aegyo you to death don’t try and avoid it
  • clings on to you
  • if necessary will let you drag him to wherever you’re going as long as he’s still touching you in some way
  • sometimes the excessive sweetness is for memes but like it’s cute so you play along
  • wow just realized the amount of times i have said “memes” in this headcanon
  • oh well it’s for jisung how can you not
  • would definitely adopt a million animals (only if you were willing to)
  • always wants to take you out on fun dates (arcades, fairs, bowling, etc etc) and will probably whine when neither of you have the time
  • but tbh,,,,,,,, he’d be kinda frugal like he would beg to split the check from time to time
  • doesn’t mean he doesn’t get you gifts, he just really likes free stuff
  • “jisung this teddy bear has the logo of some sort of medical company on it”
  • “hey they were giving them out for free and it’s still cute”
  • fights would be super rare and only if something was super serious
  • and at the point where the two of you are yelling you’re both also crying so like,,,,, what’s the point
  • they end really quickly you two will probably hug it out then talk it out
  • jisung’s a huge fan of talking it out

park woojin:

  • if he’s not already completely comfortable around you before you guys date he would be kinda shy
  • if he’s uncomfortable at first he would try so so so hard to be the model gentleman but ur just like
  • “,,,,,, woojin i got into the car you can close the door now”
  • a cute lil blush on his face that makes it all okay
  • it’d probably take some gentle nudging from you to get him to open up more
  • on the first date looking down and constantly licking his lips
  • nonstop blushing
  • honestly though i think woojin opens up to people from sharing experiences, so as you spend more time with him he will slowly become the lil silly woojin we know and love
  • once the shy phase is out of the way whew you better prepare for the skinship
  • honey this boy is bouta cuddle you to death and you can’t do a n y t h i n g about it
  • just accept that he really likes keeping you in bed and giving back hugs even while you’re doing important things
  • he’s going to be like a puppy that follows you around it’s cute
  • but ofc he’s also that good balance of having his own social life and knowing when you two don’t need to be together
  • let’s be honest though at this point he’s introduced you to all the bnm boys and his friends back in busan and you’re part of each other’s social life
  • mutters “why are you so pretty/cute” all the time under his breath
  • on random nights probably stays awake with some trivial question
  • at 3 am: “y/n do you think fish exist on other planets”
  • “woojin you have practice tomorrow go to sleep”
  • will pick you up, throw u over his shoulder, then go on his merry way
  • or he’ll just pick you up and flip you like a fuckin
  • i don’t even know anymore have you all watched episode 10 because then you know what i’m talking about
  • “woojin please don’t pick-”
  • grabs you from behind “i want food we’re going to the kitchen” keeps walking while you’re just propped up on his shoulder like a flour sack
  • jam sessions all over the place
  • microphone hairbrush, hair whipping, loudspeakers and all
  • for dates he likes really chill ones
  • would occasionally go on busier/wilder dates farther from home but like
  • on a daily basis the most “interesting” it gets is like,,, together in the dance studio or something
  • but it’s okay stay-home/domestic dates are always cute and relaxed there’s never pressure
  • veeerryyyy good listener, he processes everything you’re telling him but sometimes doesn’t know what to say in return
  • he’s not the best with words when it comes to serious or emotional conversations 
  • sometimes that gets you frustrated but it does take a bit to get used to
  • not the most emotionally sensitive (won’t really be able to feel your emotions) but always always always wants you to tell him what’s up
  • “hey, just tell me what’s going on, even if i can’t do much to help it’s better than just letting everything build up”
  • may seem mellow but oh god don’t let him get mad nope nope nope
  • not afraid to ignore you and probably too stubborn to give in
  • but eventually he does because he loves u and it would take a couple days for things to get to normal but that’s because things are getting worked out and compromises are being made
RFA+V+Unknown+Vanderwood knowing MC before

Yo I’ve seen this a few times but I wanna do my take on this. The crew and trio knowing you before the whole RFA thing let’s have fun shall we?


  • “MC I can’t wait to meet you in person!”
  • “But we already met once”
  • Hold up
  • “We’ve met?!”
  • You were a little upset but then remember he doesn’t know what you look like
  • “Yup~ you’ll find out who I am at the party~”
  • MC you tease
  • You actually worked at his favorite Cafe when he was in high school
  • When he had long days studying he would come to the cafe
  • He didn’t really notice you at first because he was so focused on school
  • But then one day he walked in the shop with lifeless eyes
  • you actually grew to like him and seeing him like this hurt
  • so as you place down his drink you sit across from him.
  • “Are you okay?”
  • He was really confused
  • just some random pretty girl
  • is talking
  • to me?
  • “Ah yeah…”
  • “You’re a terrible liar”
  • He was taken aback
  • “I’ve seen you for awhile and you don’t usually act like this…sorry if im prying but do you want to talk about it”
  • You do your whole cute thing and it works
  • He explained that someone close to him died
  • You were very understanding and he noticed that
  • You have to get back to work but you hug him
  • “You’re strong! you got this!”
  • When he went back again you weren’t there anymore
  • Fast forward to the party he was very surprised when he saw you
  • “Omg it’s you!?”
  • He was very happy
  • He actually had a crush on you 
  • it was like it was meant to be


  • You were part of his middle school theater club!
  • “Hey Zen do you still play guitar?”
  • ???
  • “How did you know I used to play? are you a fan~?”
  • “Well I was in your theater club-”
  • “You were?!”
  • He tried to narrow it down
  • but a bunch of girls would come and go because they only joined to see him
  • “I wasn’t very good so i did all the props”
  • He remembers very clearly about how beautiful the set was but never knew who did them
  • “That was you?!”
  • You were a bit hurt that he didn’t bother to find out who you were, but it didn’t bother you much you’re just glad he’s doing something good with his life
  • Once you went to his house when he was healing he just saw you and
  • “I do know you!”
  • And you’re confused because you never would have guessed that he knew you
  • “You’re the one that kicked my mother out of the dressing room when she tried to pull me out of the play”
  • Oh yeah
  • She came barging in trying to pull Zen out by his hair and you just went off on her
  • “Zen has been working very hard on this play and if you pull him out right as he’s about to get on stage so help me god I will give you more problems then just your obvious jealousy over how beautiful your son is”
  • Savage MC in the house
  • His mother was angry and flustered
  • “How dare-”
  • “OH! do you hear that? It’s the sounds of people cheering for your handsome son! you must be so proud to have a son that’s more well liked then you!”
  • que deep offended gasp
  • mama was gone
  • He still thinks of that day
  • He tried looking for you after but he couldn’t find you
  • “You are my hero”


  • “So Jaehee do you still tap your forehead with your pen?”
  • “Wait? how do you know that??”
  • You told her that you knew her from a long time ago.
  • She has a very good memory so she was quite frustrated when she couldn’t remember you
  • “Maybe you blocked it out? it was a pretty sad story”
  • She was very confused but you explain it was around when her mom got into that car accident.
  • You were part of the car crash, you were in one of the cars that got hit
  • While in the hospital you heard the news about the woman that died and her daughter was around waiting to be picked up by her uncle
  • You first spotted Jaehee filling out some papers at the front desk
  • hitting her forehead with the pen
  • remembering what she looked like and feeling bad you left your hospital room against your nurses wishes
  • You saw her outside by herself with lifeless eyes
  • without any words you just sat beside her
  • “You look very injured, you should go back into the hospital”
  • She was very cold to you
  • “Naw I’ll just sit here”
  • She was annoyed and tried to get up but you just pull her down to sit again
  • “You should sit here two, it sucks to be alone”
  • She just looks at you but doesn’t move
  • That’s all that really happened is you sat with her while you two waited for her uncle
  • It was only a half hour of silence but it was nice
  • You noticed that she started to quietly cry but you didn’t say anything but put your hand on hers
  • When she sees her uncle she wipes her tears and goes to him
  • “I barely remember that”
  • she was more trusting to you
  • more willing to talk about things and even bring up her mother more
  • “It’s funny, I thought you were helping me now, but you’ve been helping more far longer then I thought…thank you”


  • “I see those etiquette classes did you justice Jumin”
  • “How are you aware of my classes? I don’t remember telling you
  • “I was in your class, I was your partner”
  • He thinks about it
  • “I don’t recall”
  • “I would be surprised if you did, you didn’t like me because I was a girl”
  • “haha so does Jumin Han is gay is true!”
  • “Shut it seven”
  • “Well that wasn’t the only reason..”
  • you were the girl that he practiced on to properly treat a lady
  • He was very good at pretending but you caught on his bull shit
  • “you could at least act like you like me”
  • Jumin was taken aback that you were able to see through him
  • “Isn’t this the point of the class? is to act?”
  • “Well you’re not wrong, but you seriously act too much. loosen up”
  • He didn’t like your chill and laid back attitude
  • it rubbed him the wrong way
  • It wasn’t until you saw first hand how the woman treated him and how his father was and you just
  • “Yeah….you have a good reason for being an ass”
  • He appreciated that you understood but he still requested a new partner
  • “I never knew why you switched partners…what I that forward?”
  • He remembered who you are after you told him about this
  • It’s wasn’t until he was ready to tell you that the reason he switched was because he had a crush on you and thought the feelings he felt for you were hate
  • “You mixed up the feelings of love with hate?”
  • “Ya”
  • you had a lot to teach this man

Seven (also some spoilers~)

  • “I still have that astronomy book if you want it”
  • “The what???”
  • “You know…the book you forgot at church, I still have it”
  • “wHAT?!”
  • He was so confused
  • He did a very thorough background check on you
  • and he was well hidden so how did you know it was him???
  • before you could talk anything more about his past he calls you
  • “God seven would like for you to not say anything to the others about what you know about me mmkay?”
  • “I wasn’t planning on it, I was just curious if you still wanted the book”
  • Of course he wanted that book. It was the book that he read with Saeran
  • But he was an agent now, he cant go over there to get a childhood book
  • But when “Unknown” Came in seven had to go.
  • When you saw him it was like
  • “…Saeran is that you?”
  • you recognized Unknown before Seven could
  • When Saeran left and it was just you and Saeyoung it was really quiet
  • you still tried to get close to him and he still pushed you away
  • But one night you just sat against his back with the book in hand
  • “MC not this again I’m trying to-”
  • He stopped when you started reading from the book to him
  • He had relaxed, it was like he was safe again
  • Your voice reading these words were perfect.
  • once you finished the book you move to sit beside him
  • “If you want the book back it’s still yours.”
  • “How did you even know this was mine?”
  • “You had that thing glued to your side how could I not…besides”
  • You open the book and pull out a picture
  • “The bookmark said it was yours”
  • He hasn’t seen this in years and you had it this whole time
  • He knew this was fate
  • You were his fate

V (spoilers?)

  • “Jumin long time no see how is Jihyun?”
  • It was your first day but you already knew about them so it raised some red flags
  • “Are you a stalker? how do you know Jihyun?”
  • “haha I’m sad you don’t remember me Jumin, we were all in the same  etiquette classes, I was your partner and then you made me switch and I became Jihyun’s etiquette partner.”
  • “oh yeah, well if you want to see how he is, I’ll inform him of your worries”
  • “Wait no that’s not-”
  • Jumin has left the chatroom
  • You actually got a call from Jihyun
  • “MC? I didn’t know that was you”
  • You two did a bunch of catching up, although you noticed something was up with him
  • “I hope you’re okay Jihyun, you seem off…”
  • “Me off?”
  • “Very, you have to remember I knew everything about you”
  • “Sorry”
  • “This is just like you, stop saying sorry. If you need someone to talk about you can call me okay? I care about you”
  • that hit his heart, something that he didn’t feel for a long time.
  • he found himself calling you more and more
  • one day he was showed up in the apartment in total shambles
  • “What do I do?”
  • He was a mess, he was in a mess
  • Mint eye, his eyes and Rika
  • you were there for him, he needed you
  • With you around he didn’t even think of his mistakes 
  • you were the light he needed  

Unknown (Spoilers hardcore Spoilers)

  • “Hmmmmm I don’t see the lock”
  • “that’s strange,there’s really nothing? there’s really nothing to put the password in?”
  • “There’s nothing”
  • “I can see with my own eyes that you are standing in front of a password door lock…are you going to continue to lie to me?”
  • “what? You can see me?”
  • “Yes I guess that’s it then”
  • “Plan failed”
  • You were so confused and then you see this tall lanky guy but then you’re like
  • “Saeran!”
  • You run over to him
  • “Whoa Saeran you’ve changed…are you okay?”
  • ????
  • ????
  • What?
  • “What?! how do you know me!?”
  • He was super aggressive
  • “We were friends…how could I not remember my best friend?”
  • He stopped
  • “friend? I had a friend?”
  • “Well yeah…we were pretty close but then you were gone…”
  • He saw how upset you were that he left you and he was so confused like
  • you like and miss him???
  • “You’re lying”
  • You pull out your wallet and there’s a photo of you and him hugging
  • “We took this when I snuck you out of your mom’s house and we spent the whole day together before your mom noticed.”
  • He actually starts to remember you
  • He was brainwashed so bad that he forgot you
  • He still planned on making you his a assistant and you agreed so you could keep an eye on him
  • You saw how corrupted he became and you wanted to help
  • Slowly you helped him get better
  • he was very against you and angry about everything
  • but he didn’t hate you he actually enjoyed you being there with him
  • you made this hell hole more bearable 
  • Rika wasn’t very happy about how you were changing Saeran
  • She wanted to brainwash you too but he didn’t want that for you
  • He didn’t quite understand these feelings he had for you but he felt them
  • So when Seven came and got him you were right by his side.
  • he wouldn’t go anywhere without you
  • it would take time but you would be the reason Saeran would be happy again


  • it was actually him that recognized you through the CCTV
  • “agent 707…that woman…”
  • “Oh~ do you like her?”
  • “I know her”
  • exe.agent 707 is frozen
  • “You know MC???”
  • “personal you don’t need to know”
  • “Why is she there?”
  • He explained that you were the newest member of RFA and might or might not be in danger
  • Vanderwood volunteered to watch you 24/7
  • Seven tried to dig up anything and found out you were his fiancé
  • Dramatic god seven gasping
  • New mission for agent 707 is to be match maker
  • Seven actually brought you to his home for “safety”
  • “Seven where’s MC? I don’t see her on the CCTV”
  • “She’s here”
  • What?
  • “She’s here I figured it would be easier to watch her this way”
  • He was so ready to get out of there before you could see him
  • But alas he was found by you 
  • “Vanderwood? what are you….how?”
  • “ I should go…”
  • “Vanderwood sit your ass on that couch so I can think!”
  • Que obedient Vanderwood
  • Seven is internally dying of laughter
  • to tame the Vanderwood you must out rude the Vanderwood
  • “I don’t know what to think….should I kiss you for seeing you or should i slap you for leaving so suddenly”
  • “As a hardcore shipper of you two I would prefer kiss first, slap later”
  • “Agent 707 shut up”
  • you make him explain what happened
  • After his long tangent of him trying to justify him leaving you before you two could get married you had your answer
  • “You know seven I’m thinking Slap first kiss later”
  • “As long as there’s a kiss between my ship I don’t care”
  • there was a slap and a kiss
  • seven took pictures
  • for both
  • You forgive him and Vanderwood takes up Seven’s offer of leaving the agency
  • He had to buy you a new ring to start over with you

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Master list of my headcanons

Ray’s headcanon

Human Hearts

Human hearts were never meant to tread
upon the tired dust of old familiar streets
they were made to fearlessly sail instead
upon rolling waves of turquoise sheets 

Not designed or created to be tied down
following their herd forever afraid to try 
instinctively yearning for something more
on wings human hearts were born to fly 

Oft disdainful of this world’s tried and true 
human hearts desire the great unknown 
could they be expected to settle for less
each having been conceived in love alone

Seungwoo as your boyfriend

A/N: There is nothing of Victon when it comes to writings, so I’m taking the initiative to start filling up their scenario tag – feel free to request things of them :) (Help I’m gonna’ wreck myself while writing this)


  • Affectionate boyfriend right here
  • Honestly he’s so caring and will look after you at all times
  • ”Seungwoo, can you help me reach that?”
  • ”Of course, sweetie.”
  • Husband and wife type of relationship
  • Except you’re stuck in the honeymoon phase for so long
  • He smiles at you ALL THE TIME
  • Because you make his heart light up
  • One time you apologised if you were being grumpy because you were on your period and he came home with chocolate, flowers and takeaway pizza
  • Serenades you with Beast ballads
  • Is always very thankful if you compliment his voice
  • If you babysit with him, you’ll probably fall even more in love because he seems like such a good dad
  • Since he has a very calm personality, only his presence would be very soothing to you if you were stressed or sad
  • He’d pull you close, wrapping his arms around you and resting his head on yours
  • “It’s going to be okay, baby”
  • He loves holding you in general – he’s always holding you while you sleep
  • Sometimes he pulls you on top of him and lets you use his chest as your pillow
  • He carries your bags if you’re out running errands
  • Cute lunch dates where you take candid pictures of him and he is smiling in ALL OF THEM, when does he ever frown
  • I’ll tell you when, if you ever deny him something
  • Like if he’s going in for a kiss and you’re like “Seungwoo, not now.”
  • Fighting between the two of you is very rare – It only happens when it comes to very serious things like moving in with each other and you’re both unsure about how to make it work.
  • It’s mostly because you both want to be together as often as possible but are scared if it will affect your relationship negatively.
  • It always works out though
  • Oh and in bed he’s a soft dom
  • It’s very sweet and loving, nothing too crazy (very very nice though)
  • Kisses your temple a lot because he’s too lazy to lean far down
  • You watch tv shows together at night, but are too lazy to get up when it’s over so you just sit there in the dark talking about everything and nothing
  • You lie down in his lap and he strokes your hair while you talk
  • Your parents LOVE Seungwoo
  • “He’s a keeper, I wouldn’t mind having him as my son in law.” –Your mom
  • You freak out a bit because wow your parents love your boyfriend
  • It makes you love him even more
  • On the way home from your parents’, in the car:
  • “Seungwoo, I love you.”
  • “I love you too, Y/N.”
  • ·      “No like – I really really love you, so much.”
  • “I really really love you so much too.”
  • This is one of those kinds of relationships you should really treasure because it is intense, but only good intense and so healthy and wonderful and please please take care of this beautiful boy who deserves the world.

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My Time Away From Me

My head hurts
My heart aches
My eyes burn
My mind turns
My feet can’t walk no more
On this road alone.

Time is needed to focus and think
Time to myself
Time away
Time off
Time to figure out
How to go on.

Away I need to get and be alone
Away from doubtful matter
Away from trouble
Away from clutter
Away from what drives me mad
And makes me feel dead inside;

From what I think about each night
From my insecurities
From my fears
From myself
From the way I can’t seem
To please me;

Me is all that’s troubling
Me is all that’s haunting
Me is all that’s left
Me is all I need
Me is in need of quality time
With myself and I.

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aokaga for the otp meme


  1. Who is the most affectionate?
    Probably Kagami. He can be really cuddly. 
  2. Big spoon/Little spoon?
    AOMINE INSISTS ON BEING BIG SPOON cause it makes him feel manly. Kagami doesn’t mind. 
  3. Most common argument?
    probably who gets to top lmao
  4. Favorite non-sexual activity?
    playing basketball together or watching movies after work
  5. Who is most likely to carry the other?
    Kagami picked Aomine up bridal style one time and Aomine never recovered (it was also probably in front of Kuroko and all their other friends and Aomine gets teased a lot for it)
  6. What is their favorite feature of their partner’s?
    Aomine likes Kagami’s shoulders, Kagami likes Aomine’s jawline (it can cut a man)
  7. What’s the first thing that changes when they realize they have feelings for the other?
    probably the pair of them losing their virginity tbqh
  8. Nicknames? & if so, how did they originate?
    Aomine calls Kagami Taiga (and in a really low, sexy voice and it IS VERY EFFECTIVE), Kagami also calls Aomine Daiki tho sometimes when he wants to be a little bitch he’ll call him Dai-chan. This is usually when he wants to piss Aomine off (and it works)
  9. Who worries the most?
    Actually Aomine. Kagami’s really chill while Aomine worries about him a lot (as in, Kagami’s so dumb he’s probably gonna injure himself somehow right?)
  10. Who remembers what the other one always orders at a restaurant?
    Kagami remembers because food is Important
  11. Who tops?
    they fight over it and they usually decide with a basketball game. Aomine usually wins. 
  12. Who initiates kisses? 
    I love Aomine being really romantically needy so he is always looking for kisses from Kagami and often will just pick him up and start smooching him. 
  13. Who reaches for the other’s hand first?
    Aomine again because I love him bein kinda needy
  14. Who kisses the hardest?
    probably Kagami he gets really into it
  15. Who wakes up first?
    they both sleep in but probably Kagami. I like to hc he has trouble sleeping (not just because he’s too excited but because he has insomnia) so he can’t stay asleep for very long
  16. Who wants to stay in bed just a little longer?
    Kagami he’s like ‘pls god let me go back to sleep i wanna die’
  17. Who says I love you first?
    Aomine and it was disgusting
  18. Who leaves little notes in the other’s one lunch? (Bonus: what does it usually say?)
    Kagami makes all the food and packs Aomine’s lunch with pink heart shaped sticky notes that says “love u baby” and Aomine blushes A LOT and all his work colleagues tease him about it (nicely, they think it’s cute)
  19. Who tells their family/friends about their relationship first?
    Aomine tells his fam first because Kagami’s kinda disconnected from his parents due to them being in America. 
  20. What do their family/friends think of their relationship?
    Aomine’s family is REALLY surprised he’s with a guy. They were convinced he was going to end up with Momoi and they keep asking him “r u sure about this???” and Aomine gets really annoyed. Kagami’s family don’t really have an opinion they’re like “eh do what u want”
  21. Who is more likely to start dancing with the other?
    Probably Aomine I like to hc him as being a total dad when it comes to dancing. He starts goofily dancing while Kagami’s cooking and Kagami’s yells at him to fuck off but it only makes Aomine dance more. 
  22. Who cooks more/who is better at cooking?
    Kagami. Aomine can cook but he likes eating what Kagami makes so he usually doesn’t do much. 
  23. Who comes up with cheesy pick up lines?
    Aomine he probably enlists Momoi’s help with it
  24. Who whispers inappropriate things in the other’s ear during inappropriate times?
    Also Aomine he’s a horndog
  25. Who needs more assurance?
    Kagami he can be a bit of a baby sometimes
  26. What would be their theme song?
    I’m rlly bad with music. Just listen to their duets lmao they’re amusing
  27. Who would sing to their child back to sleep?
    Probably Aomine he can be really sweet and A+ dad
  28. What do they do when they’re away from each other?
    Aomine masturbates LOL you know he would. Kagami gets really moody and aggressive and usually snaps at people a lot more
  29. one headcanon about this OTP that breaks your heart
    one of them making it big in basketball and not the other probably. since they’re really similar in terms of playing style and closely matched it would kill them if one of them became famous but the other didn’t. they’d probably be kinda bitter about it since they love basketball so much
  30. one headcanon about this OTP that mends it
    both of them ending up on the same NBA team and when they have a good luck kiss during a game yOU KNOW THEY’RE GONNA WIN
florist!park jihoon
  • the birthday of your aunt was tomorrow, and instead of always giving her cards and chocolates, you decided to buy flowers for her
  • so you went to the florist that was nearest to your apartment that you moved in a few months ago and decided to buy a simple bouquet of white roses
  • the small bell above the door rang as soon as you entered, and you saw a guy with his back turned to you presumably working on some flowers
  • he turned around quickly and you swore that you felt like someone punched the breath out of you
  • you never expected the florist to be that handsome and young, he seemed like your age
  • ‘‘hello!’‘ he cheerfully greeted with a cute smile, looking extra cute in his pastel blue apron
  • ‘‘h-hi’‘ you stuttered, slowly walking towards the counter ‘‘i.. uh, i was wondering if you sold bouquets of white roses here?’‘
  • ‘‘of course!’‘ he said, walking to a certain section of the small shop and then walking back to the counter with the bouquet in his hand, ‘‘would you like to buy it immediately or do you want to look around for a bit?’‘
  • ‘‘i could look around for a bit,’‘ you said, ‘‘i want to buy flowers for my aunt’s birthday and i thought that white roses would do, but all the flowers are so pretty so im kind of thinking about what kind of other flowers i could get for her’‘
  • he nodded and then told you to wait for a second, he quickly ran towards the back of the shop, coming back with a bouquet of pink roses
  • ‘‘maybe these?’‘ he asked, placing them on the counter, ‘‘white roses actually mean marriage, spirituality and new starts, but pink roses mean love, gratitude and appreciation’‘
  • you nodded in understanding, ‘’ah, i see. they’re very pretty’’
  • you admired the flowers for a while and the boy couldn’t help but smile a bit
  • ‘‘i really like your admiration for the flowers,’‘ he blurted out, making you look up at him, ‘‘most people just brush it off like they’re nothing, but the meaning behind the flower is important as well’‘
  • ‘‘you’re right,’‘ you said with a soft smile, ‘‘i never really tried to learn the meaning behind the flowers since i’m majoring in other stuff, but it would be fun’‘
  • ‘‘you can come here and help me out if you want to,’‘ he offered, ‘‘i mean, the only people that i ever talk to are the customers but they never stay for longer than ten minutes. my friend worked here with me first, but he moved to another place to study’‘
  • ‘‘that would be nice,’‘ you answered
  • so ever since then you started visiting him a lot more
  • his name is park jihoon, and turns out that he’s majoring in art, just like you!!!
  • the visits were about once or twice a week, but it soon turned into four or five times a week
  • after jihoon’s shop got more popular, you decided to officially work there to help him out more
  • one day after closing the shop, the atmosphere suddenly turned a bit awkward
  • you could sense that there was definitely something wrong with jihoon, and you being the straightforward person, immediately asked what was wrong
  • ‘‘(y/n),’‘ he said, his tone dead serious, ‘‘i have to tell you something’‘
  • ‘‘what’s wrong?’‘ you asked again, ‘‘you know that you can tell me anything, jihoon’‘
  • ‘‘these past three months that we’ve known eachother really felt like a long time, huh?’‘ he said, chuckling awkwardly
  • ‘‘just tell me what’s wrong, jihoon’‘ you said, not liking the atmosphere
  • ‘‘i just,’‘ he sighed, ‘‘i really like you, (y/n). i really had a lot of fun hanging around with you, and i started realizing my feelings for you about a month ago’’
  • you dropped the broom you were holding and stared at him, ‘’are you serious?’’
  • he nodded, shifting from one foot to the other
  • you suddenly started smiling and walked towards him. you brought him into a hug, and he immediately responded by wrapping his arms around you
  • ‘‘i like you too, jihoon’‘ you muttered into his shoulder
  • !!!
  • after you started dating jihoon, he became even more caring than he already was
  • he would stay over at your apartment and purposely leave his sweaters there just to see you showing up at work with them (he secretly takes pictures of you because he thinks that you look way too cute)
  • you would tie eachothers matching pastel colored apron’s
  • all the customers would love the two of you and visit more frequently just to see you and jihoon
  • your first kiss was at the back of the store, but you didn’t mind, because it was perfect
  • basically your relationship is just 101% see what i did there ;) perfect