“A bit clichéd, but I quite like it.”

(phil’s DH is on his arm!) MORE TATTOOED YOUTUBER BOYFRIENDS AU OKAY i had to get this out of my heAd but this is the last tattooed!phil i ever draw because i have carpal tunnel now from drawing the designs god bless


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so kit and alex and i decided to each draw our takes on phil with tattoos!!! which is both important and incredibly necessary (my theme here as u can see is Lame Patterns and maybe some cute things…… i hope it’s alright!! ♥)


Anonymous asked:  can u post a tutorial of how u draw faces (front profile and side profile)?? Thank you <3 it’s ok if u don’t want to dw x)

ft. dan and phil! :) keep in mind that different people have different facial structure so this is just a general process. after drawing a bunch you’ll probably use fewer and fewer guidelines! read more for side profile:

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