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what brush settings did you use for your redraw? its soooo amazing btw <33

thank you!!! :D i used maki suchirolle‘s pencil brush for my lineart, but it’s meant for sketching (i just really like how natural it feels) so i duplicate the layer a couple times and mess with the opacity until it’s at a good density

(after duplication)

then i do base colors and rough in shading with the basic pen tool

then this is the brush i used for blending n stuff!

after that it’s just coloring lineart with the basic pen tool, maybe mess with the density setting for more gradual color transitions

(also i usually work a LOT bigger but i already had the lines resized from my face tutorial) hope this helps!!


Anonymous asked:  can u post a tutorial of how u draw faces (front profile and side profile)?? Thank you <3 it’s ok if u don’t want to dw x)

ft. dan and phil! :) keep in mind that different people have different facial structure so this is just a general process. after drawing a bunch you’ll probably use fewer and fewer guidelines! read more for side profile:

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i asked for some song recs and then drew some d+p stuff based off of them! thank you guys!!! even if i didn’t draw for it all ur songs were soo good *__* from left to right, top to bottom:

18 - one direction // fall for you - secondhand serenade // homewrecker - marina and the diamonds // astronaut - simple plan // i don’t dance - hsm2 // polaroid - imagine dragons // lost it to trying - son lux // all about us - he is we // angel with a shotgun - the cab


Anonymous asked: oooh um do you have any tips on shading at all!!?? i am a n00b at art and wouldnt know one thing for another, aaaa thank you so much!! you are so awesome okay love you!!!

ahhh thank u so much!! ;w; this is just basic stuff i could think of, if you google around there are lots of resources that go more in depth, but i hope this helps!!

“A bit clichéd, but I quite like it.”

(phil’s DH is on his arm!) MORE TATTOOED YOUTUBER BOYFRIENDS AU OKAY i had to get this out of my heAd but this is the last tattooed!phil i ever draw because i have carpal tunnel now from drawing the designs god bless