Love letters to strangers (more love letters)

Hannah Brencher’s mother always wrote her letters. So when she felt herself bottom into depression after college, she did what felt natural – she wrote love letters and left them for strangers to find. The act has become a global initiative, The World Needs More Love Letters, which rushes handwritten letters to those in need of a boost.

This is one of the most wonderful Ted talks I’ve ever seen.  I have already written five love letters to strangers who I don’t know. Hoping they will find even a sentence or a word a blessing…something to brighten their day.  The very act of writing them makes me feel like a better human being and I feel kinder to the world.  I encourage you to at least give it a try.  You don’t really even have to sign up. The website itself is cool, though because they post “found” love letters (include the url on your envelope, so they can look up the website and talk about their love letter).

And maybe we should do the same thing on Tumblr. Who cares about anon hate…let’s find random stranger’s at let them know that they are cared about and that they are loved. There are so many people who could stand to hear that more often. I know I could… (:

Here is the last love letter I wrote today:

Dear Friend,

Did you find beauty in the World today? And if so, did you walk by it without thought, did you stop for a moment and take it all in – the smell of the grass? The rustling of the trees? Did you notice the red birds. Or, perhaps in your observant solitude you noticed others like you walking by – Did they stop too? Did you feel united for just that moment? May you find beauty more often.


Your friend

Don’t forget to visit this website for more information:  (and always include it on your letter maybe you will inspire someone else to love a stranger and make the world a better place.

For me,

Now I have to go run some errands maybe hide this in the canned food row for someone to find. (:


I found this letter when I was walking in my dorm.

The letter says:

Hey there you!

I hope you’re having a wonder filled day. If you’re feeln’ blue, remember there’s only exams left, and then you get a break. Which is what everyone needs right now. Until then, make sure you take care of yourself this week! Sure, exams are stressful, but it’s nothing to get sick over! Keep calm, carry on, and Kick Ass! Have a wonderful break! Merry Christmas/ Hannukah [sic]/ Kwanza/ Festivous

Your friend,



I guess this letter for an online initiative called The website urges people to write letters in order to spread joy. It’s kind of cool. This letter did make me feel better. I might pay it forward and write my own.