morelia spilota variegata

anonymous asked:

Hi! So I have an Irian Jaya carpet (my first ever snake) and after the first couple weeks of adjusting to his new home he NEVER went into his hide (not once, literally), but since we did our first super thorough tank cleaning on Sunday he's barely left his hide. Is tank cleaning a stressful thing for snakes? I want to make sure my baby is doing okay. Thank you!! <3

So first off I want to say I do not care for any carpet python species. I know chondropythons and glitternoodle do though! I wanted to say that first because certain species react differently depending on certain situations! Now, a deep clean (relocating the animal while you remove all substrate and clean, disinfect and scrub all enclosure components) is going to put stress on most species. You’re basically removing all the scents that they have become accustomed to and putting them back into a brand new environment that they will need to reacquaint themselves with in terms of scents and scenery. As well as the entire ‘removing them from the place they are familiar with to put them into a weird temporary enclosure while a lot of new activity/vibrations/smells happen at the same time’ is going to be stressful.

edit: I don’t feel comfortable even giving general advice about the species since I don’t care for them (in regards to how I react when I see my animals displaying certain behaviors).  I’ve kept the general ‘deep cleaning is going to be stressful’ blurb and messaged someone about your question.  I don’t want to spread misinformation even in a general sense when it comes to your animal’s well being :)