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It was supposed to be a quick in-and-out. Nox was, at most, to be on call in case anyone had the poor fortune to slip and get themselves injured, but the target was civilian with maybe a few security guards posted about. Nothing the standard Talon trooper couldn’t handle on their own, and with a half-trained squad such as this, acquiring the samples should have taken minutes at most.

Except they couldn’t recognize what they were dealing with, despite Nox’s specific directions, necessitating their direct appearance.

And then someone, apparently, missed one of the guards - because that was sure an alarm system going off.

Muttering curses under their breath, Nox waved their escorts ahead to clear a path as they tucked the final samples in to their kit. Come hell or high water, they were going to get something out of this, even if they were the last one out. They just hadn’t realized how large this place was, taking a turn that was…not where they wanted to go. And were those footsteps?

Nox ducked in to another room, and had just enough time to register another person- civilian- before reaching out to take a grip at her hair, raising their biogun to her chin.

“Make a sound, and I shoot.” 

TW Rewatch 1x09/1x10: Peter - a previous Eichen house patient?

…and did his blood possibly help activate a chain reaction?

I know the idea that Peter might have been at Eichen house isn’t a new one, but it re-sparked with me as i was watching 1x09 and became even more compelling after 1x10. So I thought i’d lay out some thoughts I have involving Eichen House, some dubious looking medical equipment, blood, telluric currents, the nemeton, the spooky appearance of nurse Jennifer and the people that frequent this weird facility. 

Wild speculations and lots of images below the cut

It’s a widely accepted theory that Peter seemed to do something to Jackson in 1x05 at the video store. His claw marks glowed and it is after this that Jackson starts his creepy pursuit of Allison.

We know from seaon 2 that Peter has the ability to influence others, to take control of their mind and manipulate them. It happened to Lydia too after she was bitten. And Jackson’s weird (or weirder than usual) behavior starts after he hallucinates Peter’s claws coming out of his mouth. In the very next scene Jackson shuffles towards allison looking like a drug addict and starts his creepy flirting like someone had pulled a switch. and someone likely did, namely Peter.

A link is clearly established and in 1x07 Night School Jackson is also affected when Peter alpha-roars Scott into a trance.

There is a point to all of this and i’m getting to it :) 

In 1x09 Jackson takes a trip to the doctor’s office to have his scabs checked out. And this is an enlightening experience because look who’s the doctor

Hello Dr Fenris, fancy seeing you here. If you haven’t already watched the Search for a Cure webseries you definitely should. And not just because Dr Fenris features heavily in it, it also mentions berserkers and the Hales among other things. And it can be considered canon as well so yay clues. 

In Search for a Cure Dr Fenris claims to Stiles and Scott that he doesn’t really believe in werewolves. But of course we now know that he does more than believe - he also works with then and other creatures at the secret sub level unit at Eichen House, because he’s the one showing Dr Deaton around in season 4

So Dr Fenris works at Eichen House. And Jackson clearly is sharing some of Peter’s memories. We know that memories can be shared and also tampered with by a werewolf’s claws. And Jackson both remembers and knows stuff he shouldn’t…. 

Doctor: What did you say it was that scratched you?
Jackson: It was - it was just an animal. Look, can you hurry this up? I’m missing first period.
Doctor: Have you had trouble sleeping lately?
Jackson: Kind of. I’ve been having dreams.
Doctor: Dreams or nightmares?
Jackson: Nightmares. About a fire. It’s this - this house, and I can hear screaming - Wait, what does this have to do with anything?
Doctor: Nothing. I hope.

In episode 1x10 Jackson also reveals to Derek that he remembers the Hale house but has never actually been there. Probably another remnant from Peter. 

But if Jackson has gotten memories of the fire, the Hale house, knowledge about what Wolfsbane is and more - maybe he’s also gotten some memories from Eichen House if my theory of Peter staying there is correct?

Because Dr Fenris is pulling out some really disturbing medical equipment.

Jackson: What is that?
Doctor: Just taking a closer look.
Jackson: Look, I really don’t have much time.
Doctor: Hold still.
Jackson: I thought you said you were just gonna take a look.
Doctor: Yes. But in order to do that, I’m gonna have to dig a little deeper.
Jackson: What are those?
Doctor: Holding still, please. That didn’t hurt, did it?
Jackson: No, I’m just - I’m just cold.
Doctor: Good. Because this actually will sting just a little bit. Holding still, please!

Jackson: Oh - hey! Stop! Stop! It hurts!

And is it just me or does this look more like some kind of restraint that you’d expect to find at a mental facility of the more questionable sort rather than a doctor’s office?

and true enough, when Jackson snaps out of his hallucination the examination table looks nothing like that. 

My theory is that Dr Fenris sparked a partial memory from Peter that mixed with Jackson’s own worries. I think Peter was in fact in Eichen House after the fire, where he probably met both Dr Fenris and those scary instruments.  And of course Meredith. 

What other proof do i have of this you might ask.

Well firstly I’d like to point you to the memories Peter shows to Scott in 1x10 in an attempt to make him understand where his revenge spiral is  coming from

My first thought - WATER! Water is never good n Teen Wolf. And my second thought was that drain does not look particularly sanitary. I don’t think we’d see anything like that at a normal hospital. And third - what kind of medical practice is this for burn victims? Seems more like torture than healing. 

Also notice the wheel chair and all the white tiles. All white, not a single colored tile in sight. Not one. 

Do you know where there are a lot of white tiles? Eichen House.

When Peter taps into Meredith’s memories in 4x10 we see them lying side by side in something that Lydia only calls “the same hospital” - it’s never actually named.

Lydia: She was in the hospital. The same hospital.
Deputy Parrish: Same as who?
Lydia: Peter.

Again white tiles…

(and is that the same wheel chair from before?)

We’ve had our character’s visit the hospital a fair few times and while there are tiles in some of the rooms they all seem to be in two colors - white and green or white and blue

Another hint that this is in fact not at Beacon Hills long term ward is the patient journals. 

This is Meredith’s

This is Peter’s

And this is Claudia Stilinski’s - someone we know was a patient at Beacon Hills Memorial hospital - this was the journal Melissa found in the hospital archive. 

It looks nothing alike - the layout is different, so are the fonts used. 

And I wouldn’t be surprised if part of what Peter got a glimpse of when he stared into Dr Valack’s eye in 4x12 was that he’s now back where he once was, and by the look of things he was subjected to different kinds of  uncomfortable “treatments”

And take a look at that bed Peter’ is laid down on - the headboard with the white bars - it does look suspiciously like the beds in Eichen House

Okay - so we have clues pointing us to Peter possibly being a reluctant Eichen House patient. So what?

Well this is where it gets interesting. 

Because during that little flashback  we get not one, not two, but THREE (which makes it a pattern and possibly very important) looks at Peter’s blood from when he’s cruelly hosed down in the shower mixing with the WATER and disappearing down the drain.  

There are signs pointing to Eichen House being a place situated on  the telluric currents we know are running below much of Beacon Hills. And the telluric currents seem to be connected to the Nemeton. 

And we do know that blood spilled on the Nemeton gives power to it - Derek did it with Paige and it was just enough juice left in it to help a dying Jennifer Blake/Julia Bacari. 

What if Peter’s blood was fed back to the nemeton via the telluric currents? It would be like a little ember being lit and who do we see in Peter’s flashback appear all omnious and spooky like after he’s been showered and has bleed?

Nurse Jennifer. Who many believe is in fact Jennifer Blake. Did she feel it powering up and came to his aid to use him to power it up even further?

Or is Jennifer part of the Eichen House staff helping them do experiments and this is all part of a greater plan? No matter - Peter was later moved to Beacon Hills Long term wing, so someone clearly pulled some strings probably to allow Peter to more easily roam free at night. . 

Peter even looks mostly out of it when he Laura comes to find him in the Preserve - i think Nurse Jennifer was manipulating him in his weakened state to draw Laura to Beacon Hills because as an alpha she would provide even more juice for the nemeton and as an added bonus Peter would become alpha. 

And let’s not forget as well that Deaton clearly both knows exactly what goes on at Eichen House and is chummy enough with Dr Fenris to get a meeting with Dr Valack when he asked politely. 

Chris: But while it does work, the Oni won’t go after Stiles, right?
Deaton: I hope. Eichen House has an unusual history. It might not be all that safe for the Oni there as well.

And with Morell actually working there - well let’s just say that i’m not really comforted by this news.

And what are we to make of this Dr who’s been turning up in many episodes over the seasons? Is he part of it too? It would seem that way. He was for instance the Doctor doing the MRI on Stiles when nogi took over. 

Did the other missing Hales also end up in Eichen House? Was Cora here as well? And if so why was she released? 

This also begs the question What Is Eichen House and who runs it? Theories have been put forth about it being government run and part of some sort of military experiment, possibly to make super soldiers of some sort. I think it’s a fun theory and i will be looking extra carefully for more clues as i continue my rewatch.

I did notice that the State Police officer that came to aid Sheriff Stilinski was also a Hunter working with the Argents. So members of law enforcement is clearly involved and knows about the supernatural

And i do believe Eichen House is what Chris was talking about with Derek in 4x when they were discussing what to do with Kate when the found her. 

Derek: What are you gonna do when you find her?
Chris: There’s a place I can take her.
Derek: You saying you have some kind of werewolf jail?
CHRIS: Something like that.

Which again really only strengthens my belief that Agent McCall also knows way more than he’s letting on… 

This was one long ass post, i’m gonna go sleep now. 

TW 4x10 - benefactor twists, Scott's spiralling and Stiles is definitely somthing.

Another action-packed episode that i probably should rewatch before i launch into this post. But my time is limited this week so here it is..

As always this will be long, so hit the read more to partake in my musings and half-assed theories based on an episode where the benefactor arc was assumedly wrapped up, Chris dabbled in herbology, Scott is itching further towards his dark spiral and Stiles is … well still something.

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Shipping Patterns of Derek Hale in the Teen Wolf Fandom

Ok, so I offered dallisons some hard numbers on Derek ships since I had a lot of this data on hand from the investigation that amorremanet and I did for twrarepairexchange.

These stats are based on the following factors:

  • Number of fics on AO3
  • Number of fics on AO3 when Sterek is excluded (some ships obviously can’t provide numbers for this, this stat is provided as a clearer guide of the number of fics actually available for a ship, given that most fics with the Sterek tag are Sterek with other ships in the background, non Sterek numbers are found using a filter of ’-“Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski”’).
  • Activity in the tumblr tags (based on how long it takes the tag to hit ten new posts)
  • Requests and Fills for the last round of twrarepairexchange and activity in last years rarepairnovember. (No data for Sterek in these cases as it was excluded).

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