morel season

It is morel hunting season in the Missouri River Valley North of Omaha. They taste good sautéed in butter, but usually are griddy with sand. So I soak them in salt water, use a toothbrush and clean them under tap water after soaking. Whatever their chemical stucture, they give a sense of contentment after being consumed. If you are lucky it takes about eight hours of foraging for a meal.

Things I Want Teen Wolf To Answer This Season or Perhaps Next Season (If They Get Renewed)

- What the hell happened to Gerard
- Stiles real name
- Where the hell Danny is
- What Ethan and Deucalion have been up too
- Why Allison didn’t get a funeral
- What happened to Stiles mum
- Where is Scott’s dad
- An update on how Issac is
- How Chris is doing
- Is Kate still alive or do the hunters have her
- If there is more to Deaton
- Where is Ms Morell
- Is Peter still stuck in Eichen house
- Does Lydia’s mum know about the supernatural
- If there is more to the story on why Scott’s dad left