not pictured: “”formal”” battle (more ‘legendary business’ outfit with the classic Darkrai Spikes). battle outfit here was designed by @burntcandycorn!

the battle scarf turns into the same jaggedy mess his casual scarf does since it’s still channeling his… void cape thing it just ~looks pretty~. both are in constant motion and act the same way his ‘cape’ does wherein they can extend out + he can sit on them (usually not the red scarf though it looks weird)

IDK WHO ELSE I’M GONNA DO OUTFIT LINEUPS FOR BUT MOMO’S BEEN WAY OVERDUE FOR ONE it’s weird drawing him so… officially since i’ve been so scribbly with him lately

DOODLY-DOOSH. Some of you may not remember Professor D, but I’ve been drawing him here and there. Recently I’ve tried to design a younger design of him just for kicks. But I didn’t realize that he’d look SO MUCH LIKE MOMO. So what to do? DRAW THEM TOGETHER OF COURSE.