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  • This may be the first time Rick Pitino has ever wished for less head.
  • Rick Pitino’s book is titled “Success Is a Choice”. Today it certainly was.
  • “If you think I’m gonna succumb to negativity you’re right!”
  • “Pervis Ellison isn’t walking through that door! Francisco Garcia is not walking through that door! Samardo Samuels is not walking through that door! Reece Gaines is not walking through that door! Terrence Williams is not walking through that door!”
  • This is the first time Rick Pitino wasn’t able to get it done in under 5 seconds.
  • Danny Ainge fired Rick Pitino AGAIN today.
  • “Everytime I think I’m out of the tournament they pull me back in. Oh, wait, I’m being told I’m officially out of the tournament.”
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First upset victim of the 2011 NCAA Tourney: #4 Louisville

#13 seed Morehead State’s Demonte Harper hit a 3-pointer to give them an one point lead over Louisville, holding on for the victory and the upset.



All rise in Morehead for the newest star on the team! Marsell Holden, a 5'11 point guard from Farrell, Pa. We could talk about his stats and all the awards he’s won of course….but I’m here to talk about something else. When it comes to basketball, it’s bigger than that to him. Everything he does on the court is motivated from something inside of him. He has heart and every time he steps on the court he brings what expected of him. He’s a nightmare for defenders, he doesn’t miss from the line, and he’s very active on defense. He has the will to win! He’s a winner, he’s always won, and he will continue to win. He’s a big time player and everybody watching should take a look as he sets in with his new team. Good Luck Marsell “Captain Knapp” Holden.