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Supermassive Black Hole Has Major Flare

Nothing  escapes a Black Hole, not even light itself, right? Well…

New observations from NASA’s two space telescopes Swift and the Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuSTAR) caught a supermassive black hole in the midst of a giant eruption of X-ray light, helping astronomers address an ongoing puzzle: How do supermassive black holes flare?

The results suggest that supermassive black holes send out beams of X-rays when their surrounding coronas – sources of extremely energetic particles – shoot, or launch, away from the black holes.

“This is the first time we have been able to link the launching of the corona to a flare,” said Dan Wilkins of Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Canada, lead author of a new paper on the results appearing in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. “This will help us understand how supermassive black holes power some of the brightest objects in the universe.”

Supermassive black holes don’t give off any light themselves, but they are often encircled by disks of hot, glowing material. The gravity of a black hole pulls swirling gas into it, heating this material and causing it to shine with different types of light. Another source of radiation near a black hole is the corona. Coronas are made up of highly energetic particles that generate X-ray light, but details about their appearance, and how they form, are unclear.

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The End

I no longer have anything to lose by sharing this story, so I might as well. My audience should understand what is going on in my life. Not everything will make sense immediately, but as you read on things will become more clear. The first thing I want to show you is a statement regarding an incident that took place on Saturday, November 15th, 2014. It is as follows:

On Saturday, November 15th, I went to [town redacted] Kentucky to visit my boyfriend Kyle who has only recently gotten out of the hospital and was staying with his Mother Shannon [last name redacted] and his step-father Rick. Kyle and I had discussed several times the possibility of him leaving to come back home to Columbus, Ohio with me when I was set to depart on Monday, November 17th. Kyle emphatically stated on each of those occasions that he did want to return home with me.

When I arrived at 2:40 pm, no one was at Kyle’s house. I found this unusual, because I had told Kyle that I would be there at precisely that time thanks to me GPS. When I called Kyle to inquire why he wasn’t there, he told me that he would be home in 30 minutes. Kyle and his mom did not arrive under 3:50 pm. I thought it highly odd that he would be so late when he was so excited for the meeting. I could infer from hearing Shannon’s voice in the background of the call that she was the one causing delays.

When Kyle finally did arrive, he gave me a big hug and I lifted him up into my arms. We helped his mom carry in and put away groceries. Then Kyle and I say on the living room couch where I proceeded to chat with him, smoke cigarettes, hold him and play little lover’s games with him. He was happy and in good spirits for the most part, though his diagnosed schizoaffective disorder with depression was sometimes apparent. Over all though, it was clear that he was very happy with my presence.

It was around 6:30-7:00pm when Rick returned home from some sort of dispute with a family friend. He seemed to be in good spirits and was jovial. I asked him how his leg (fresh from several surgeries) was doing. He answered that it was doing much better. I told him that was good.

Very shortly after arriving, Rick looked in the fridge and saw the he had no beers. He turned to Shannon and suggested that she and Kyle run next door to their friend Ace’s house to get a 12 pack. After a moment of discussion, Kyle and Shannon left for Ace’s house and I was left alone in the house with Rick.

As soon as Kyle and Shannon were across the street, Rick’s demeanor changed completely from jovial to threatening. He said in a very hushed and gravelly tone: “I looked on the internet and I saw some stuff. And I think you are one sick, twisted, evil son of a bitch.” I was caught off guard by this remark, as Rick had hitherto been very friendly towards me in all of our meetings and telephone conversations. “And you ain’t takin’ that young’un”—(Kyle)—“anywhere.”

“I ain’t taking him anywhere,” I said. Kyle is 22 years old and an adult. It is neither my right to take him anywhere he doesn’t want to go, nor Rick’s right to keep him anywhere he doesn’t want to stay. But it seemed like a bad moment to make such a point.

Before I knew it, Rick pulled a handgun from his pocket. He was standing at a distance of about 15 to 20 feet, so I knew that there was no possibility of wrestling the gun from him before being shot.

I reached for my pocket. I don’t know why, exactly. But this alarmed him intensely and he instructed me to keep my hands visible. He informed me that if I moved too quickly or in a manner he didn’t like, he would shoot me twice. His words were, “I’ll put two in ya.”

He then instructed me to put on my jacket and leave the premises, get into my car and drive away. I saw no alternative but to oblige his request. I complied with his demands. As I was putting on my jacket, he mumbled something about me being “cannibalistic.”

As I was outside walking to me car, he was following at a safe distance behind me. He instructed me, “Don’t call. Don’t write.” I got into my car and drove for an hour or so before I arrived in Morehead Kentucky, where I sent the following text message to both Kyle’s phone and Kyle’s facebook:

[In my message to Kyle, I outlined what had happened between Rick and I]

I do not know if this message ever reached Kyle or what he knows about the incident that took place. As of the writing of this statement—11/17/2014—the only response to the text message I sent was the letter “F.” And I have since been blocked from Kyle’s facebook page.

I do not have any assurance at this time that Kyle is even staying in [town redacted] of his own volition. The last we spoke, he wanted to leave. Unfortunately, that choice was stolen from him by a gun-toting lunatic.


A few days later, after not hearing from Kyle, I figured that I should at least make sure that Kyle’s stuff got returned to him. So, I wrote his mother the following letter:


A good deal of Kyle’s stuff is still here, so we need to make arrangements for it to be returned to him.

Either you and Kyle can come get it, or I can ship it back to you at your expense. Rick is not welcome here under any circumstances, since he pointed a gun at me and threatened me with death if I did not leave (as you no doubt planned with him previously).

But, I am not here to further stir the drama pot. You have won. I will make no further attempt to contact Kyle or be involved in his life. Congratulations on isolating your adult son from someone who loves and supports him with threats of violence.

You will ship me back my clothes, my suitcase, and the iPhone that I bought for Kyle. If you do not, these items will be reported as stolen. Alternatively, you can bring them with you when you come to pick up Kyle’s stuff.

Thank you,

P.S. I believe you also owe me $140 for when you deluded me into thinking we were family and I gave you financial assistance.


First off, I have no idea what your talking about with Rick. Second of all we know now that the weed you gave her (NOTE: Kyle is Transgender and much of his family still refers to him as her, despite his strong wishes to the contrary) was laced, no it dident show in a blood and urine but it showed in a hair folical and exacly when it was with you. Her doctors, caseworker and Family have been working together this whole time to get to the bottom of her break down. We know about the sick fantsay about [specific accusations of deviant sexual fantasies redacted] of course Kyle talked to you about it with you. You have been grooming him for a year he went with you to a motel and then to Ohio and came back fucked up so bad because of you ass hole he would have done or said anything to please you. Well it’s like this if you had really cared for kyles well being and health you would have brought him immediately home or let us come up there but no you drag him to St. Louis and he dident want to go you made him feel obligated to you with guilt you said you needed your family well so what Kyle needed medical attention immediately your fucking uncle in law was already deAd but you put kyles life in jeopardy 7 days longer well that is exacly why I got you out of my way Tuesday when he got out I had court on wedsday I dident need you around. I have complete guardianship of Kyle and he dident have to sign anything it was done on his behalf the doctor wrote a letter to the judge that his mental breakdown happened up there and he did not receive the support he needed furthermore medical attention was delayed 7 more days because you Tj Kirk took him to St. Louis so go ahead TJ do what you wish if you want to take kyles phone away fine we don’t care what’s one more thing on you to do but let me say this

We also know that Kyles social security number and also his computer passwords have been compromised its a good thing that kyles dads sister works for the IRS and her husband is a lawyer so if anything of his gets compromised you will hear from them. If you Don’t believe me their names are Larry and Ramona Bailey then you better think again we will do everything to protect him from you if it takes our last dying breath to do so we also know about the concent. Movie. And interview no wonder Kyle flipped out he made up shit to make you money that’s real manly of you if you were a real man you would have explained the reason for the paranoia he was having instead you took a cowards way out and probably got your rocks off of everyone’s pain including kyles it would have been much easier for everyone if we could have really talked from the beginning but no you are a coward and wanted to maintain control of him and cover your ass the only crime committed was the one you did to him mentally I am not afraid of you you can’t have him to be your slave or daddy or muse or to do your dirty work probably the next step you would have done was Try to get him [accusation redacted] or some other sick shit well get your wife todo it for you she was never leaving anyway if you would have really loved Kyle she would already been far as kyles things you can be civil about it and give it to his aunt she lives in Ohio close to you when she has it then I will give her your things kyles things may not be expensive but they are important to him that is the least you can do after all this you all can meet in a natural place because I never want Kyle close to you again he is healing slowly and you are not to interfere directly or indirectly understood.!!!!! P. S. You are not to contact him in any way through your friends either


First off, you know exactly what I am talking about with Rick. I have already written a statement and had it notarized. Here is that statement:

[at this point I share with her the statement that I already shared with you, regarding being threatened at gunpoint]

Second of all, I never gave him any laced weed. At least not to my knowledge. The weed we smoke is, as far as I known, just weed. Why would I even have any interest in lacing his weed?

You have it extremely twisted if you think that I have been a corrupting influence on Kyle. If you don’t believe me, go check Kyle’s fetlife profile. Go look at his list of fetishes and how he describes himself. Most of the profile was written before he even met me.

[link redacted—but it was a link to Kyle’s Fetlife profile. In the profile, written before Kyle ever met me, Kyle describes his deviant sexuality in explicit detail, including a list of fetishes a mile long.]

I did not create this aspect of him. It was these aspects that attracted me to him in the first place. To say I “groomed” him is ridiculous. Hell, he used to have [name of Kyle’s ex redacted] dress up as a baby in their play sessions. He once beat [Kyle’s ex] unconscious. He once made me sit on thumbtacks.

The point is, he was a deviant long before I ever met him or had any chance to influence him. And if you don’t believe it, then you’re not only a detriment to his relationship with me, but you’re a detriment to his recovery. And by the way, when his illness got bad, I phased violent fantasies out of our play so as not to trigger him.

I took him to St. Louis with me because he told me that he wanted to go. He wanted to be a good boyfriend and support me. I do see that in retrospect it was a bad idea. And you’re right. He should have gotten medical attention sooner. I freely admit that I fucked up there. And I am sorry about that.

I don’t even know what Kyle’s social security number is, nor do I remember any of his internet passwords. Even if I did possess such information, I would not use it. I guess you don’t realize it, but I love Kyle with all my heart. Even now, with so much of my own life on the line, all I can think of is his well-being. All I can think of is whether or not he is okay. Every night, even though I don’t believe in prayer, I send positive thoughts his way. And I cry constantly. I cry for him. And I cry for how barren my life is without him.

The Consent movie is nothing that actually happened on any level. It was an idea that I had and told Kyle about once. Anything further he’s said about it is part of his delusions. There is no such production. The only thing I ever did was mention to Kyle that I had an idea for a documentary. I have done nothing towards the film, other than have the idea for it. You need to remember that Kyle is not always a reliable source for information.

I think that you have grossly misread my character. Because instead of bringing these concerns to me directly and having a conversation, you chose to make up your own narrative and just declare it to be true.

I want Kyle to have his stuff back as badly as you do. And I have never used him. I have always done everything in my power to help him, to prop him up, to try and see what is in his best interest. I admit that I have, at times, been selfish. I think if you are honest with yourself, you will see that you have been selfish at times as well.

It’s important, for the sake of both Kyle’s recovery, and your impression of me, to realize that Kyle was extremely sexually deviant long before I entered the picture. Maybe I did too much to enable those desires. But everything we discussed was fantasy and understood to be so. Kyle and I had several conversations about the moral line that exists between right and wrong and how it should not be crossed. Just because we both mutually enjoy “sick, twisted, evil” thoughts doesn’t mean we are “sick, twisted, evil” people.

If you don’t want me to be part of Kyle’s life, I’m going to remind you once again that that is not your decision. It’s his. But, obviously you are Kyle’s puppet master at the moment, so he will obey you. It’s funny that you accuse me of being controlling, but I always have told Kyle “If you want to stay in [town redacted], you can. If you want to stay with me you can.” You have always said, “Stay with me! It’s the only choice!” Which strikes you as more controlling?

I think that what you really hate is that if you didn’t play your dirty tricks and fucked up games, Kyle would choose me. He wanted to come back with me before your husband–with your full fucking knowledge, Shannon–decided to point a gun at me and force me to leave the person who means the most to me in this entire world.

And let’s think about this: in the past few months, Rick has attacked you, attacked Kyle and pointed a loaded gun at me. He seems like a really positive influence for Kyle! And you? You are nonstop bickering with people on the phone and bickering with Rick too. If you really care about Kyle, then you need to

1. Stop fighting with Rick. And I mean at all. Even minor tiffs make Kyle feel extremely vulnerable.

2. You probably shouldn’t even be around a loose cannon like Rick at all, but I know you haven’t got much choice there.

3. Stop letting Kyle fucking drink. That not only might have a bad effect with his medicine, it actually worsens his symptoms.

4. Stop talking over him when he’s having an episode and actually listen to what he’s saying. You are constantly blathering when you should be listening.

5. Stop overloading him by dragging him all over creation to run a million and one errands with you. Being out in public for too long makes his anxiety shoot through the roof.

6. Let him see his fucking boyfriend. Because all of the reasons you gave why I’m a bad person are total bunk. I never laced anything. I didn’t manipulate him into anything. I didn’t create his sexual deviance. I didn’t “groom” him to be anything he didn’t want to be on his fucking own. And I may have some strange fantasies, but so does Kyle. And that’s all they are is fantasies. We’re both good people who would never hurt another living soul.

I think you just want to blame me for what happened to Kyle because blaming me is an easy answer for you. But I didn’t cause it. If I did cause it, I would kill my fucking self. Because all I think of every day is how he’s doing and wishing he wasn’t having to go through what he was going through. I would do anything to take this burdensome illness away from him. I hate that he’s not able to be his true self.

Onto the more practical matter of Kyle’s stuff, I would be happy to give it to his aunt. I want Kyle to have his things back. Even if he can’t have me back. So, let’s arrange a date when his aunt can come by and pick some stuff up. I will go ahead and box everything up for her so that it can all be picked up easily.

Your Scapegoat,

P.S. When I thought Kyle was just going in for an MRI, my plan was to take him to the OSU Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health at the expense of $435. You can corroborate this with Angy. And if you recall, I was even willing to pay for Kyle to stay longer at [hospital] from my own pocket if they wanted to keep him longer than your insurance covered. Do these strike you as the actions of someone who is trying to keep Kyle sick to control him?

And for the record, despite the animosity between us and the disgusting and unfounded accusations you have levied towards me, I will continue to be open to financially supporting Kyle in any medical procedure on need that he has that you cannot afford. You don’t even have to tell him that the money is coming from me. His well-being is of the utmost importance to me.

You should take him to get a neuropsychological evaluation at some point. Their tests can give you a better picture of exactly what areas of his brain are being effected and can help his therapists know where to focus.

Also, I hope you are taking him to Cognitive Behavioral Therapists and not just “talk about your feelings” therapists. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy has been shown to be much more effective in dealing with Schizophrenia and Schizoaffective Disorder than traditional therapy.

P.P.S Kyle should still get that MRI if he hasn’t already. I can’t believe that at this late stage of the game we still haven’t ruled out physical causes.


If you really wanted Kyle to get help that he needed you would not have text him a message the day he got out of the hospital “ I implore you not to sign anything you did that once and signed away your rights to make your own decisions and got stuck in that he’ll hole for 10 days if you sign your rights away. Then you can’t come and go as you please” you made Kyle feel bad for signing a paper that he was suicidal at the hospital does. That sound like someone that has his best interest at heart uh. No it does not I am his mother and I know him better than you ever did so from my viewpoint you are unhealthy for him anyone that fantisizes about [violent sexual fantasies that Kyle and I shared] is not fucking normal themselves you need help and remember you can’t lie about it there is proof of it I have it regardless of anything you don’t need to be around him and you will not be no matter what if you are so stupid that you need proof of guardianship I will gladly fax it to you give me a number this means that you do not contact him Kyle will have the MRI and whatever he needs it is no longer your concern or buisness so get over it one thing that was also. On film at the hospital was Kyle got worse everytime you visited once we all figured out the root of the paranoia it all made sense there is always a shred of truth in there somewhere just because we allowed or made you think certain things when you were here doesn’t mean we was not on top of our protection of him all anyone has to do is look on the Internet and see that your beliefs and morals are really fucked up and I damned sure dident want you making money from a video if Kyle would have committed suicide like you did the poor girl Amanda as far as Kyles issues goes he will get everything medically he needs and you are the one that pushed him over the edge with whatever games you played he is also showering 2 or 3 times a day because he feels so dirty I wonder why? Also that was real fucked up that you gave him a sketch pad that had a picture you drew of yourself holding a rope with a pulley and don’t say it was his cause I know better like I said stay the fuck away from him put your wife back in the bedroom and go on I will contact you when and where you are to meet kyles aunt Ramona at a later date look at it from my side tj


You’re more delusional than Kyle is. You are determined to believe that this is my fault, even when I present well-documented evidence to the contrary. You are a selfish bitch, Shannon. And when Kyle gets better, he will see through you. As he always has. Why do you think he is always so eager to leave? When his identity reasserts itself, he will come to me on his own. Or, if not me, someone else who offers him an escape from your clutches. I just hope you don’t drive him to suicide in the meantime. Contact me when you have a date in mind for his stuff to be picked up. I will see that it is ready.

And I texted that message because he hated that hospital and it was a joke. He could have received a far greater caliber of medical treatment in Ohio. They didn’t even give him an MRI when we were breathing down their necks to do so.

And you think you know Kyle better than me just because he came out of your pussy? I’m sorry, but you didn’t even know his sex life at all. And even when I show it to you in all its glory, you ignore it. Another thing you don’t know about Kyle is that he is a fucking BOY. And when you misgender him, it doesn’t just hurt his feelings mildly, it makes him feel like you don’t even respect his identity. How can you claim to know him better when you don’t even acknowledge his gender? When you allow everyone to call him “she” and “kayla” as soon as he’s not around? That’s bullshit, Shannon.


Realizing at this point that the conversation is futile, I disengage. So, Kyle and I are, for all intents and purposes, broken up. And not because of a choice that Kyle has made for himself, but because his mother has no understanding of mental illness and it is more convenient for her to blame me for Kyle’s issues rather than doing research. I will take no questions on this issue. I will address it no further. At this point, I am moving on with my life. There is nothing further that I can do.

I’d like to state as a matter of public record that I love Kyle very much and that if he ever chose to contact me, I would take him back, even with his crazy family attached to the deal. But, I cannot possibly fight these forces. I cannot fight mental illness, spurious accusations, deluded mothers, gun-toting step-fathers and overwhelming ignorance.

I would thank you all not to attempt to involve yourself in this matter. I ask for your emotional support during this difficult time in my life. Nothing more. Thank you.

Kentucky governor removes clerks’ names from marriage licenses

NBC News: Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin issued an executive order Tuesday saying the state will no longer require the county clerk’s name to appear on marriage licenses, in an effort to protect the religious beliefs of clerks such as Kim Davis.

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Photo: Kim Davis addresses the media just before the doors are opened to the Rowan County Clerk’s Office in Morehead, Kentucky, on Sept. 14. (Chris Tilley / Reuters)