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Silver Songs

For ever I hid in the dark
I thought I had a voice that made a mark
I thought I had eyes that were intense
But I knew not of my skin

They did

They told me I had silver skin
They told me that was what I had always been 
They looked even while I hid
But I knew not what to make of it

They did

They took control of my mind
Created darkness all the while
They told me that silver would lead to more
Created a shallow fear that I wore

They did

Only in the moonlight did I go out
Pranced and sang, let out a shout
And when they brought their lanterns to pry
I would guiltily shy away and cry

They did

It took some years for me to see
How I had everything within
So I raced out of the dark
Too hurt to be stopped

I did

In the Sun my skin did glow
I felt them look, I felt them slow
I grew more beautiful it is said
The silver in me, called every other silver thread

I did

Fantastic was the day when the ‘Silvers’ ruled
Gold was abolished, Gods were fooled
I can sing my song now in a single note
I can hear their melody from afar, float

I do

But I am scared if I let them in again
They will win and it will all be the same
I will loose
My life will be theirs to choose

I am

Always let it be a battle of sorts
Sharks eating sharks
in a pond, we call the world
Equality, Freedom, Justice, are just words to be hurled.

(Written and submitted by soulreserve)

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