So I wad reading a fanfic where Botan asks Yusuke who he trusts the least out of his teammates. And I was like.. Really? Completely baffled for a moment. Hiei would have been my first choice. Then he explained it like this, which is interesting:

“Nah, I trust him. But you did ask who I trusted least. I mean, Kuwabara’s out of the question, I’ve known him the longest and he’s the only one who hasn’t been in trouble with the law.” They hadn’t known then who their fifth fighter would be. “So that leaves Hiei and Kurama. And I know everyone would expect me to say Hiei.“

"Well, yes! Hiei tried to kill you and Keiko-and me, by the way-and Kurama helped you…”

“I know, Botan. But the thing is, I understand why Hiei tried to kill me. And I understand why he’s not trying to anymore. I know exactly how far I can trust him, and I know where not to trust him too. I can understand how his mind works, just like I can understand Kuwabara. I’d be lying if I said I understood the first thing about Kurama’s mind.”

“But Kurama saved you…”

“And I don’t know why he did it!” Yusuke had paced a bit, frustrated. “I know what he said, but it doesn’t make sense to me. So because I don’t understand him, I can’t trust him.“ He had looked at Botan to see if she understood. “I think I could put my life in his hands, and I would come out alive on the other side; I think I could put Keiko’s life in his hands, or the fate of my mission, and it would be alright. But I’m just guessing. I don’t know. I can’t trust him not to do something I can’t understand, or anticipate. So I can’t really trust him. Do you see?”

It’s so well thought out. When you put it like that, then you really can’t trust Kurama. Here’s where I think him and Yusuke are similar. Yusuke is unpredictable too. Sure you could put you’re life in his hands but trust him to make a level headed decision and you’re gone.

I don’t know man. This just really grabbed me. It made me see there loyalty and friendship on a whole new different level.


FFFFFF This trailer. Where did my heart go? I know a lot of fans didn’t like the Chapter Black saga but damn, you can’t deny those feels okay?

Who would have thought that, four people who were driven to fight against each other, would eventually fall in to each other. Fall together to form a line up of four individually skilled fighters in their own right. Not only that, but together, working as one, they would become unstoppable. Regardless of wins or losses, they’d brave it all head on together because in each other they trust.