I can't stress this enough.

A little bit of self love has the power to change EVERYTHING. 

Food tastes better when you don’t feel ashamed to eat in public.

Your natural, crazy hair looks better when you’re not afraid that people will look at you.

Music sounds better when you’re not worried that throwing your arms up will make your bingo wings jiggle.

Jokes are funnier when you can laugh at yourself for doing silly, awkward things instead of beating yourself up over everything.

Clothes look sexier when you’re not just staring at that one lump, fat roll or sagging part of your body every time you look in the mirror.

Sex, oh god the sex you’ll have when you’re not shy about your make up running or your boobs looking weird or your stretchmarks showing or your big thighs slapping. 

I promise if you even like one thing about yourself you can learn to love it and you’ll be amazed how fast you can make the negatives melt away. Keep trying beautiful. 


Woke up in a terrible mood today (no idea why) and then they power got switched off whilst I was in the middle of having a shower. Needless to say it set me off on some kinda sulk. Hence the faces here. Thankfully went out for tasty burgers and a long walk and now I feel MUCH better.

James would like me to add that it’s thanks to him. Might have been in a little less of a bad mood if he’d cleaned the bath tub in the first place. He’s reading this over my shoulder.

Dress - New Look (UK 22)

Body Suit - Primark (UK 18) 

Tights - Tesco (XL) - These make me feel like a bad fatty as they’re support tights but they come up so high and feel like they’re hugging my bum so I just have to deal.

Trainers - Adidas