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Blog PSA - i’ve received multiple messages asking for advice about people’s art being reposted and having rude and bad comments made on it (they’re asking me because well - pokemon -  and i’ve had to deal with similar situations) and it’s very disappointing that this has been happening a lot tbh – anyway, for them (us) it’s kind of like that time in elementary where people would take your sketchbook and show it to everyone in class and some people would make fun of it and shame you for trying.

i’d like to tell those people who are experiencing this that i’m always open to talk about it with you (or for those with other problems you can always let me know – i’m bad at replying but if it’s important i really do my best to reply or open a tumblr chat with you if it will make you feel better) ♥ and also i hope fan account admins would monitor their comments because the artists whose work is reposted might/will eventually see it and just feel bad about their art.

i get over it in a day or two bc it’s been happening so much recently but i can’t say the same for other artists especially those who are just starting out. please respect each other! remember, it costs $0.00 to be a decent person ^__^ thank you!

(tbh im thinking of disallowing reposts altogether like other artists since most of us don’t want to be introduced to people who aren’t really our audience anyway. that’s one less problem hehe. we just want to make art and make our own followers smile)

(please don’t reblog)


i’d literally drop my phone if he came up to me

Down To Mephisto’s Cafe PT.3

Slow Down

After the BBC Sponsor Party, fleeing from the mess that is ruined polyester and an angry fashionista, the girls go to leave.

Ginny: Well, I guess it’s time to bid you farewell *bows*

Pansy: *laughing* Absolutely not!

In your state you’ll end up half way across London!

Ginny: Are you trying to take me home, Ms. Parkinson?

Pansy: *deadpans*

Ginny: What are we looking at?

Pansy: Nothing darling.

I am trying to keep you safe, and that just so happens to mean you come home with me.

Don’t worry, I have a spare bedroom.

Ginny: …… A SLEEPOVER!

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Can we get more older beefcake Adrien hc's? Please??

oh man i almost forgot i had that headcanon xD

  • so adrien p much fell into working out completely by coincidence
  • kim gets a membership for a new gym that opens up in the city, and if he recommends a friend, they’ll both get ten euros off their first three months
  • so he gives it to adrien bc the dude’s sporty and kim could use a workout buddy
  • lacrosse, basketball, fencing, and being chat noir have all kept adrien in pretty good shape, so he’s never actually worked out at a gym before. but kim extended the invitation and the membership is so cheap, he figures he might as well
  • first couple of times, adrien just stays on the cardio machines and does some light conditioning on the mats, but kim steps in and says “dude you’re never gonna see results like that.”
  • and adrien is like “results?” bc he kinda just came here to stay fit, have fun, and keep kim company
  • so kim says “next week, you’re gonna try my workout”
  • kim starts introducing adrien to the free weights and the weight machines, and adrien learns that people were serious when they devote an entire two hours to just working out their back muscles
  • it’s tough work (kim’s been doing these routines longer and adrien realizes he’s not quite as strong as he thought he was) but the burn after a good work out is really addicting. 
  • it reminds him of the exhaustion that comes from a long patrol or a satisfying akuma attack. so adrien sticks with kim’s routine for much longer than a week. 
  • he starts talking to a few of the personal trainers at the gym and looking up new workout regimens online and starts shaking up his workouts with more exercises that he wants to do and he finds it fun
  • he enjoys being able to push himself and likes that he gets to work on himself on his terms and at his pace
  • he and kim get into a routine, and after a few months, adrien’s starting to see a huge difference
  • he’s seeing some definition, his waist is more trim, and pretty soon he can handle close to twenty more pounds of weight than he could when he started 
  • adrien even starts eating more than he was used to so he can make up for all of the energy and calories he’s burning
  • kim pretty much acts like a proud papa bear when he sees adrien getting results and even shadows adrien’s workouts for a week bc damn adrien can push himself hard
MLMiraculous Shipping Tropes/Inspo


  • Bromance->Romance
  • Probably the only person allowed unsupervised in Adrien’s room; make of that what you will
  • Adrien taking Nino with him on vacations to exotic locals 


  • Art class modelling 
  • Superhero nerds
  • Chat checking up on Nathanael after Evilustrator 
  • Adrien attempting to wingman for Nathanael/fails miserably by making out with him


  • Workout buddies
  • Post-game showers
  • Kim: “Holy shit, this guys is half my size and bench more than me, wtf??”
  • Kim asking Adrien for Chloe advice->Kim realizing pretty blondes are his type 

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What do you think Ford looks like when he thinks no ones watching?

his usual self but with 150% the internal monologues (which, with no one to interrupt his train of thought, just keep running) and heroic poses (within reason). occasionally enhances his actions with drama or flourish for no actual reason and while it should look ridiculous it’s just kind of impressive, actually. maybe a bit of murmured narration or spoken mental notes that he usually tones down when in company

I really like how in Seraph of the End they show that despite Mika and Yuu both vowing to save and protect each other, they do it in different ways. Mika keeps Yuu safe on a mostly physical level- he helps him in battle, carries him away when he’s injured, and tries his best to keep Yuu from rushing into dangerous situations. On the other hand, though, Yuu helps Mika on a mostly emotional level- he’s his support and stability. Mika doesn’t always need physical protection because his body is practically invulnerable, but his mental and emotional health is pretty bad. Not only does Yuu help him to be happy again, but he also encourages him to keep on living despite the difficulties and tries his best to support him (though he really does need to actually sit down and *listen* to what Mika has to say on things). And Mika’s mental health/depression is treated as something that he genuinely needs saving from just as much as Yuu needs to be saved from physical harm, which is nice.

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am i the only one who hates gardienne/Erika? she's so stupid

cut her some slack the poor girl has been imprisoned, lied to, used as a bait, almost chocked to death by a psychopathic plant, nearly drowned and died and she just lost her family and friends and her whole life basically bc the people she trusted betrayed her in the worst way possible

{Blue, Purple, Pink and Red gradient background with white bold text saying “it’s okay if you believed that you knew your gender but are now questioning again. There is no right or wrong time to discover parts of yourself”} my image no reposts or removing caption