I try to normally laugh when people post silly things on my posts, but when you start calling me a knee jern nationalist over my taste on oatmeal, I’m going to kindly ask you to go forth and multiply in the Biblical sense.

And in case that’s too complicated a phrase for your darling brain to comprehend: Go fuck yourself.

  • Henry: So how did he propose? Romantic cruise on the Jolly Roger? Serenade?
  • Emma: Well actually it was with the waft of rum and a sense of imminent betrayal and I may have said yes before he even proposed...
  • Henry: Why the hell am I supporting this relationship?
  • Snow: As your mother should I step in and question this?
  • Emma: It wasn't that bad.
  • Henry and Snow: Yes...yes Emma it was.

So… while Vivi definitely has a LOT of my traits, she’s more like me at my best, definitely not 24/7… so I figured I’d design a fatesona based on my WORST attributes to kind of rival Vivi — say it’s for the Ying and Yang balance of it all, idk. I’m not really planning to use this gal for anything, but thought it’d be a fun little warm-up for my wrist. We’ll see what comes of her.

Some pointers;

  • Why Hoshido? Probably Nohr-born, but come on. Hoshido is peaceful and bountiful. It’s probably an easier life over there. Definitely not a fighter, so healer it is — and for that you’ll have to become a priestess. Suppose in Naga we trust then.
  • No haircut in months. I picked bleach-blong hair for the color since that’s pretty much what I get stuck on at my worst periods, when I have the energy to bleach my hair but not color it for some reason. If you see me with white hair it usually means I’m in the middle of a depressed period lmao
  • Workaholic with a terrible sleeping schedule. Pretty much lives on caffeine and sweets.
  • Under severe stress 24/7. Jittery and without much energy, but pushes through everything with sarcasm.
  • Speaking of which, handles everything with self-depricating jokes or ruthless sarcasm, including her mess of a mental state.
  • Azama-levels of nihilism. Numb to life’s ups and downs. Just in it for the ride, basically. Might as well let loose once in a while since we’re at it.
  • Becomes a completely different person when relaxed and having a good day. Probably after sleeping for a solid 16 hours.

anonymous asked:

How was Canada ;)

canada was good!!!!!

im gonna compare it 2 seattle bc they’re really close 

- everyone carries an umbrella. like wtf. if ur in seattle and u carry an umbrella around ur seen as a dorky tourist. idk why but america is dumb and we should carry umbrellas 

- everyone was super fashionable?? like maybe it was just bc i was in downtown vancouver but literally everyone was dressed super nice and it was weird. did not see any flannel or northface despite the fact that this is the PNW. even the gotdamn dogs were all well-groomed and purebreds like wtf 

- all the cars are super $$ and nice. i literally only saw BMW’s and Porsche’s in downtown vancouver. i was hoping for like a beat-up shitty car but no even the cars are nice here 

- THE TRAIN SYSTEM god bless ok the train system was so easy and so nice and so SIMPLE like wtf Seattle doesn’t have any sort of train system and getting around is a nightmare

- ppl stand only on the right side of the escalators??? i don’t understand this one at all @ canada wyd 

- the streets were super nice!! like there were tons of cool stores along the streets and it felt very…chic? like you could just walk around all day and not get tired of it. idk but seattle has a much more…”grunge-y” feel to it and i didn’t get that vibe from BC at all 

- despite it being a port town there wasnt much of a ocean smell??? like there was a bunch of seagulls and stuff but it didn’t really have that “ocean spray” smell to it. also was very VERY quiet at night for a big city which i was surprised, i.e. not very many sirens or cars honking or just night-life noise