My first collab video, made together with the oh so talented BleedGirl! :D We wanted to make a tribute for Disney and Studio Ghibli (with a touch of Kingdom Hearts) and this is our little baby! <3

I decided to only include my own manips here, but make sure to go watch the whole video if you wan to see more characters like Belle, Howl, Ariel, Ponyo, Totoro and many more! (^-^)


BotW x Mononoke Hime

They are inspired in screencaps from the movie (the hug one is a redraw thought )  I’ll think I’ll do more ZeLink X Studio Ghibli crossovers ~ I have some in mind, I’m looking for similarities to match them, but I’ll probably do TP x Howl’s (Cause is my fav design and fav movie hehehe)

Oh, and someone give me a headcanon for Link cutting his hair in a certain context, I’ll do that one later too for practice ‘cause the pose it’s actually difficult to do for me. And I’m working of the rest of the ideas you guys gave me * - *