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Have you all figured out the storyline before you develop? Or do your whole team collaborate on progressing/changing it as you develop the game?

It’s got a SOLID general idea, and as the game is developed I mold it constantly and see how I can change things to make more sense or hurt people more emotionally. I believe Studio Ghibli does the same thing with their stories. I’m sure @lynxgriffin would disagree, though.

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  ❝Whomever sheds a tear upon this amulet
This powder? Brew it in a tea and your
next three endeavors shall be FRUITFUL.

  ❝Don’t waste all day debating, now.
You future is slipping through your
fingers as you DAWDLE, sweetheart.

My entry for a Studio Ghibli Zine @akyia my friend is running! I chose The Secret World of Arrietty. I always liked the idea of tiny beings living among us and movies like The Borrowers and The Secret World of Arrietty captivated me. I tried some new techniques with this illustration so this illustration was pretty challenging. Doing this makes me want to do more Studio Ghibli fan art!!!