Can we talk Yuri! on Ice? Part 3

Or about how Georgi looked like he was on a date and moving on?

Or about how Sala texted Seung-gil?

Or about how she apparently texts so often Seung-gil doesn’t feel like answering?

Or about how Emil is still trying to hang out with Mickey?

Or about Yuuri and Chris poll dancing together?

Or about the people in the background of the banquet photos?

DeanCas kinda coda to 12x08: Lotus

They leave them in the middle of bumfuck, nowhere.

It takes them two weeks to get home.

But when they do, when Dean and Sam finally knock on the Bunker’s door exactly one year later, it’s Castiel who opens it. Castiel, who is dressed in a pair of Dean’s sweats and his AC/DC tee. Castiel, who looks like he hasn’t slept in weeks. Castiel, who is holding an angel blade in one hand and a baby in the other.

A baby.

Dean’s plan to plant one on his angel falls short at the sight of the bundle in Cas’s arms. Castiel, on the other hand, stand in the door with wide eyes.

The baby fusses.

“Dean,” Cas breathes. “And Sam. How…?”

“Got tired of us, I guess,” Dean manages. “Um. Is that…?”

“Oh!” Cas tucks his blade into the band of his sweats, cooing at the kid as he holds the tiny thing closer to his chest. “This is Tabbris. Her, um, her mother left. She didn’t fully understand what raising a nephilim means.”

“Kelly?” Sam asks, cautious.

Cas nods. “She’s safe.”

Dean bite his lip. “So, uh, can I hold her?”

Castiel considers them both for a moment before nodding and carefully handing off the bundle of joy. Her face scrunches up like she’s about to cry and Dean quietly shushes her, bouncing her in his arms. He’s filthy, and scared to touch her clean, baby soft skin. “Hey, Sweetheart. It’s okay, you’re okay. There you go… hi, there. Hey. How you doing, huh? You know, you’re real cute.”

Dean’s eyes flick to Cas’s and get stuck there. “You couldn’t’ve chosen a better name?” the hunter asks gruffly. “Tabbris? Really? Poor kid’s gonna get reamed in grade school.”

Off to the side, Sam rolls his eyes. he steps forward to give Cas a hug and steps inside, mumbling something about a shower.

Castiel narrows his eyes. “My daughter is named for my fallen sister, the angel of self-determination and free will. She is not her father.”

“…Your daughter, huh?”

Cas tenses. “Yes.” He reaches for the kid, carefully settling her in his arms and holding her close again. “Is that going to be a problem? Because if it is we can’t—”

Reaching over, Dean presses a soft, light kiss to Castiel mouth. “It’s not,” he says, hands moving to rest on the angel’s hips. The baby gurgles happily between them and Dean kisses Cas again. “It’s not a problem.”

“Good,” Castiel says faintly. His brows furrow into their next kiss. “Dean.”


“I missed you.”

Dean traces his fingers across Cas’s jaw.

“…I missed you, too.”


1) Bakugou actually DOES pay attention to Midoriya as a legit opponent and has analyzed his fighting style to better defeat him

2) Izuku realizes that Bakugou’s style is once again improving, insinuating that Izuku’s been so preoccupied that he hasn’t been paying much attention to him


@eyewitness production team

so I’m gonna need the finale to be like 10 min of plot and 40 minutes of epilogue where the boys are cuddling and Helen and Gabe get a dog and Kamilah’s happy and someone’s giving her hugs and Tony gets to sell his granola and make potpourri and Anne Shea has recovered and Ryan’s dead and Helen’s dancing on his grave. k thnx

When Non-Whovians Watch Class (Part II)
  • Dorothea: <Tries to explain herself to the Governors>
  • Me: <Tries to act like I'm not staring at my Whovian friend and waiting for her reaction>
  • Dorothea: <SCREAMS>
  • Whovian Friend: <Points dramatically and generally flails>
  • Me: <Claps with glee over her reaction>
  • My Precious Non-Whovian Friend: <Utterly unimpressed> So is that the angel of death?

My thoughts on the KOTET pve aspect so far.

I’m actually more pleased than I thought I would be, so here’s my apology for going apeshit when I first heard of the new system. My guilds have stayed together and still do ops together and that’s what worried me the most, and we also don’t need to be apprehensive about loot ninjas anymore.
As of right now, the thing about the game is a big grind again. Instead of just beefing up one character through ops and legacying the gear, I have to grind at least one of every adv. class in order to get my set pieces.
This is fine, actually. Because of the way it allows more soloing, I can actually get more done because I game at odd hours. It also gives me more reason to play my neglected babies.

As for the KOTET story, I’ll just say– Sometimes you have to pay for victory. In the end, it’s up to you whether the sacrifices were worth it or not.

I… am not going to let myself get too excited over this yet. I’m just not. They probably talk about it and then Charming finds out that Hook killed his dad or something…

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again–it’s hilarious that they call this a “show about hope” when it’s taught me so many times that having any kind of hope is a really bad idea…