Since I have been asked like three times already tonight about how I feel about the update pulling an “everybody knew” on Jack and Bitty:

I’m happy there was no Drama or Strife or whatever, and it makes sense that these very close friends would have been waiting for that kind of announcement for some time, 

but I want to make sure that their friends still congratulated them on their love and thanked them for trusting them enough to tell.

So, you know, good enough, not horrible, but plenty of space for fanworks to fill in to make me totally content.


But… It’s good, it’s material I can work with! :D Much better than what I feared for! An Open Ending with hinted KomaHina action and even a Nanami closure without her coming back to life :’)
Honestly, that’s all I wanted from the beginning. 
Why did I have to suffer through Despair for that may be an question I won’t get an answer to, but I’ll take it.

i have so much to say abt dr3 

alright (rubs hands) lets do this

so! i actually really enjoyed the dr3 anime. i felt like some aspects of it were rushed, sure. but pushing an entire storyline into 12 episodes per arc is kind of difficult! and while i would have enjoyed more episodes, funding and whatnot is tight, and i completely understand!

the hope episode really,,,, Hooh, gave me hope. and im the kind of person who is sooo happy about the happy ending. ive never been able to,,, deal sadnes that much with my favorite characters, and seeing them happy made me happy! 

im so glad that hajime had the heterochromia thing, and that nagito is kind of generally accepted among his class now.

also his arm. his arm is really really heckin cool. and the fact that fuyu took his eyepatch off just…everything. everything is so good and so wholesome. the sdr2 kids are angels. true angels.

but! i loved the anime and arcs, and i thought it was genuinely a great wrap up to the whole series. bravo!! 

i guess my one complaint would be when it flashes to makoto as headmaster,,,he still looked kinda young. aye well, scoob.


It’s amazing how Hinata always knows the right things to say to Kageyama. Being rivals in the same team doesn’t get in the way of their development as volleyball players but is able to provide mutual support to each other. I know that the whole team supports Kageyama and accepted him and his flaws, but Hinata never saw anything bad about being called “King of the Court” and somehow saw it as something positive because being King means you’ve got some high level skills. Right from the start, Hinata saw how good he was and saw a different meaning behind it.

The last panel this chapter was so good because it tells us the depth of Hinata’s belief in his partner (actually crowning him) and how Kageyama’s acceptance of this belief constantly changes and improves him.

Hinata got your back, Kageyama. What a beautiful friendship.

Is it bad that my first complaint about DR3 Side:Hope are the outfits that Class 77 wears when they save the day?

Class 77 are much older than the Despair Arc, but they look like their game counterparts… you know, the ones from BEFORE they attended Hope’s Peak Academy (barring Saionji). They’re wearing their clothes from their first year of high school before transferring to HPA… You know, when they were 15 going on 16?

It has been 5 years at the very least and none of them look a day younger. Actually, comparing them to their Remnants of Despair attires, they possibly DE-AGED! They’re 20-21 years old! They can legally drink! And yet, they look like First-Years? I mean, their RoD attires made them look older and more mature! And how did they even get their old uniforms, anyway? I guess Naegi gave them old clothes as gifts to remember who they were. (Or possibly Miaya, as a therapy treatment).

Either way, I wish they had come and saved the day in new outfits or such. Hinata and Komaeda had slight changes so they don’t need to change, the Imposter as Munakata should have been their permanent disguise for this episode, and Saionji can keep her kimono. But what about Souda with black roots in his hair? Sonia in a designer blouse with her hair done up? Akane with a baggy shirt and shorts? Nidai in a suit with greasy slicked hair? Actually, Kuzuryuu in a white suit and Peko in a mahogany suit as well. Gundam should have outgrown his chuuni phase by now and look a bit presentable. Mikan with short hair and a labcoat. Ibuki with a ponytail and a soft-grunge look. Mahiru with a summer outfit and sunhat. Teruteru……… should be taller?

I kinda wanna draw them more mature now. But either way, had we seen these visual changes, we could have believed that Chisa’s kids have matured AND have come to terms with the guilt they carry for their actions. Seeing them in their SDR2 outfits…. It feels like they’re absolved for their crimes, and just feels like a let-down.

i have never in my LIFE been this legitimately anxious about watching a show. i’ve been worried before, i’ve been nervous before, but before there was the “i trust the writers” thing, which DOES NOT exist in critical role. oh yes, i definitely trust their spectacular DM, but there is literally no way to be sure of what’s gonna happen, because they are rolling dice. it is LUCK, it is CHANCE, it is UNPREDICTABLE and at this point with so much attention i’m not sure lying about a shitty roll behind the screen is even doable. then again matt mercer is an actor so maybe he COULD pull off lying to thousands of people obsessively intently watching him like someone’s life depends on it???? I DON’T KNOW??? I HOPE HE CAN??????????

New Heart secrets
  • Aristocrat (female): She first learned she could get away with murder at only twelve. She pushed the servant girl off the balcony, and no even made the slightest fuss over the incident.
  • Aristocrat (male): He brought her dog to the pits, and had it placed in a fight. Of course it was torn to shreds.

Dishonored 2 tidbits

  • Think vertical, even while stealthing: Clockwork soldiers in Jindosh’s mansion will pursue you across levels if you’ve alerted them to your presence, as in they will jump down from a different floor and attack you
  • Clockwork soldiers are pretty much invincible: Even after emptying an entire round of explosive bullets into one, it was still up and walking
  • Clockwork soldiers will not only be able to see you, but also hear you (sentry mode) even if you take off their “head”
  • Clockwork soldiers also use an electrical discharge, think lightning bolt in close range
  • The only safe way to take them out is to sneak up behind them, or to try and not activate them in the first place
  • Shadow Walk: The ability can not only be used to rip enemies apart, but also to lower your visibility to sneak around

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