when ryder confronts reyes over lying to him, that point where reyes looks at ryder and tells him “i liked how you look at me” is like a punch in the gut it’s so poetic. that point where reyes looks at ryder like hes worth the whole of the galaxy

and then ryder tells him nothing has changed and reyes kisses him like is like👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

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I'm probably being really stupid but just finished the April fools day dlc and got the normal end I didn't understand it at all, was zen having a dream, was it all just breaking the fourth wall/inside jokes to us from the writers, were the other characters messing with MC and Zen? What's your interpretation? I feel so stupid cause I just don't get it Omg >_<

I don’t think the DLC is meant to be made sense of, so you probably shouldn’t think too much of it (or else you might get a headache, hah) and is just for fun. That being said though, I’ll give my own interpretation after the cut to avoid accidental spoilers. Do note that I talk about the Good End.


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Dust of the Wild

This is a short story inspired by the awesome blog HERE @jaune-refaire-arc I had stumbled across their answer to an anon at some point, and got their permission to write a short story. This takes place in the universe of Breath of the Wild, but in a more peaceful time. No spoilers or relation to the story, but it’s in that universe though if you have a basic understanding of Zelda you can understand this easily enough. Enjoy!


Pyrrha wandered through the streets of the village she was passing through, hoisting up the straps of her backpack. It had been over a year since she had set out to find a mate, yet she seemed to be having no such luck. Before she had left on her pilgrimage her parents had carefully explained the situation to her. The Gerudo tribe was almost exclusively women, so in order to maintain their populations they had to seek out mates from outside the tribe.

Pyrrha had been aware of the fact from a young age, and her mind had always daydreamed about meeting a wonderful Voe to call her own. What she hadn’t expected to find when she set out on her long awaited journey was the tensions that existed between her tribe and the Hylians.

Her combat prowess had meant that she had been held in high regard in her tribe. Her strength something envied, and she was placed on a pedestal, being called the new future champion of the tribe. It was an honor for sure, but Pyrrha feared remaining up there alone. She feared that her childhood dream of finding a wonderful Voe to stand at her side would remain just that, a dream.

Never one to back down, she had set off on her own, determined to find her mate. The world was large, and surely there had to be plenty of potential suitors out there. Even if she could be a bit… intimidating. Though, over a year into her journey she was starting to doubt that there was anyone out there. She no luck at all before now. None of the Voe she came across seemed interested in her, or always seemed too intimidated to form any friendships let alone a romantic one. The others, well, Pyrrha couldn’t find herself interested in them. Of course, those were only the ones who didn’t shun her for her heritage. Still, the thought of giving up went against her very nature so she’d keep trying.

Failing to attract a mate wasn’t the only problem that she was facing at the moment though. Her reserves of money had dwindled and she was faced with two options. Either return home, give up on attracting a mate, and take her place in the Gerudo army. Or, she could find work.

Ever the independent one, Pyrrha opted for the latter. The problem was, she wasn’t exactly the most adept at normal tasks. Give her a sword and shield, and no foe could stand before her. On the other hand, give her a ladle and a pot to cook in and no one would remain standing either. Her very Gerudo appearance also meant that many employers were hesitant to employ her, even if they were accepting of her it was still a gamble to have her as their public image. So she settled for what she did best, fighting.

She became a mercenary, a hired sword for anyone who could pay. Within reason of course, Pyrrha would never support someone looking to spread evil in the world, regardless of what her financial situation may be. Often times she would find herself accompanying some scientist or archaeologist exploring a remote region that was known to be a breeding ground for monsters. In fact, she had recently finished escorting a young lady who was hoping to harvest some rare vegetables from a remote forest, known for it’s monster infestation.

Hardly a problem for Pyrrha, the trip had gone off without a hitch. What had interested Pyrrha though was the little “girl talk” they had had along the way. The reason for Pyrrha’s journey had come up in their idle chitchat, and they had discussed what it was like to be in love. It seems the woman she had escorted was married, and was eager to finish the trip so she could return home to her lover.

The talk had both set Pyrrha’s heart fluttering in a sappy joy, and grow frustrated at her own failures. Perhaps she was too tall? Too strong?

So here she was, wandering through the back streets of the town towards the inn where she was currently staying. A nice, quiet little inn in the back of the city that didn’t mind her heritage and she could find refuge. What she hadn’t expected that night though, was to see a blonde boy her age fall to the ground in a back alley, two thugs standing over him. It didn’t take an expert to realize what would happen next.

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