more big ndrv3 spoilers

okay so i was comparing korekiyo’s sprites when he’s ‘possessed by his sister’ and when he’s normal and i feel like ive seen something i shouldn’t have

he literally grows boobs???????? like thats not even a sprite error that is a through and through Titty

and NOT ONLY THAT his irises like double in size and his skin colour changes completely???????? and not to mention the sudden eye makeup???? what the Fuck

Royal Cast Bonding part 5

~~~~~~~~~~Royal Cast: me~~~~~~~~~~

V got Blu out of there once the earthquake started, looking down at the ground with worried eyes. Blu heard footsteps to see Curse and CTK there.

“We gotta keep looking.” Blu said as V nodded. Curse and CTK nodded before all four of them goes down there.

“Blu, what do you know about Lucy?” Curse asked out of the blue.

“Why would you want to know?” Blu asked, slightly defensive at that question.

“Maybe so I can woo her with my amazing looks.” Curse said with sparkles around his head. V just whacked him with her hand as they kept walking.

“We’re just curious.” V said while CTK and Curse was silent now. CTK didn’t know Lucy too well either.

“Well where should we start?” Blu asked as they kept down they way they were talking.

“Maybe about her parents?” Curse recommended.

“Well her mom was Milliena Fairy and according to the guard, she committed suicide to escape some kind of fate. She didn’t know her father at all and her mom said he was a ‘bad man’.” Blu informed them with what she knew.

“Woah…okay what about fears?"Curse asked, getting more and more curious at the moment.

"Being left behind is her big one. It started since the moms death because she was her only family. No matter how much I tried, she wouldn’t smile for months since then.” Blu informed him now walking ahead of them. The past memories formed from when they were kids.

The three siblings stopped the conversation right there. They couldn’t comprehend what it’ll be like for that to happen. They still had their dad, Papyrus, and each other. They looked at each other softly and then speed up to next to Blu.

~~~~~~~~~~~Lucy’s P.O.V~~~~~~~~~~

I sat on a rock while mother wolf tend to her pups. I kept looking at the rock, expecting Blu or any of the Cast to be there. I could hear that voice at the back of my head, I tried to ignore it all this time. I guess I stopped.

“They abandoned you, Lucy.” It said in a demonic tone. I hung my head, hoping it wasn’t true.

“You know it’s true. They never cared for you.” It continued. I put my hands on my ears and shut my eyes tightly. I didn’t notice that tears had begun to form in my eyes as it continues to say it.

“They left you behind.”

“They never cared about a weakling like you.”

“They’re not your friends, Lucy. I bet they were happy that you fell.”


~~~~~~~~~~Royal Cast: me~~~~~~~~~~

V: @vzearia

Blu: @blutheboo

Curse, CTK: @perfectshadow06

Royal Cast, Lucy: @me

Original au Undercast: @anrez-op-skele and @perfectshadow06


some of my favourite moments from S21E02 (cause trust me there’s even more than this) contains spoilers for the episode obviously so if you haven’t watched it yet go do that now!!!

i’m so glad we got the moment jake realized he wanted to spend his life with this woman. it wasn’t magical or romantic or stars and sunshine, it was just a moment, a pure amy santiago moment, amy all tucked in with her jake and her crossword, and then suddenly, shocked, appalled - THERE’S A TYPO IN THIS CROSSWORD !!!

and that, that is what drove home to jake how much he loves her and how he wants her in bed every night and every morning yelling about crappy crossword puzzle editors and forcing him to drink more water