Happy early birthday, Victor! ^^

Aaaand here’s a lazy sketch–I’ve kept myself busy with these to relax. The past month’s been hectic, and I couldn’t think of anything else to do to enjoy the holidays, so I settled with drawing. I’ll post few more sketches later on, with pairings other than my favorite, victuuri. :D


this was supposed to be for a disney AU but its not really! My AMAZING friend @not-arisue​ called me to roleplay yesterday the little mermaid movie and we made a lot of changes to the plot so its basically a mermaid AU that shares similarities with the disney movie

In this RP Mermaids have delicious magic hearts, to consume one is to have power. Cartman is the big sea Wizard and is tired from eating low-class mermaid hearts ‘cause they dont seem to have effect for him anymore, he wants one from royal class to get all powerful again. He sets his eyes on Kyle’s heart ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), the prince, son of the queen-of-the-seas-mommy-Sheila.

We’re still roleplaying it so I’m gonna post more sketches about it later. dont ask me why kyle is holding that tiny stan, I dont even know why too

deathbycoldopen  asked:

For the prompt meme, could you do #33 for kic viktuuri? (◠‿◠✿)

The way you said “I love you.“ | On a post-it note

i changed it, kinda. special thanks to @katsukiyuuristrophyhusband​ for their help describing the outfit :) 

It’s got to be a mistake.

“Yuuri, oh my god,” Phichit squeals through a mouth of chow fun. His eyes are wide as saucers.


“Shut up, I can hear you thinking. You nerd.” Phichit rolls his eyes. He makes a beckoning gesture with the chopsticks in his hand. “Lemme see it again.”

Yuuri grudgingly hands over the binder mockup of HMC’s next issue. It’s thick; seventy-something pages long and covered in various notes after a full day of being passed around between each department. Yuuri’s meant to proofread them and deliver a report to Victor in the morning.

“Don’t get oil on it,” he mumbles. He helps himself to chunks of braised tofu as Phichit flips through the pages, thumbing at the pink post-it notes.

Pink post-it notes. Victor’s notes.

“One, two… three… four… five, six—six! Six love letters so far and I’m still only on page five,” Phichit exclaims. He slaps his thigh excitedly with his chopsticks hand, flinging drops of vegetable oil onto the hardwood floor of their living room.

“They’re not love letters,” Yuuri insists, blushing furiously. He squirms where he’s sat cross-legged on the floor at the coffee table and gives his friend a warning look. “They’re just…” He trails off, not really knowing how to describe the several post-its containing variations of

Show Y♡
Check with Y♡
♡Thoughts, Y?

And a very ominous ♡♡YK♡♡ over a Dolce & Gabbana advertisement of a model wearing suede hot pants and a matching cropped bralette.

“They’re just love letters, yeah,” Phichit finishes for him, snorting. He gazes dreamily back at the binder. “So what did he do, just hand you the binder and say, ‘Please give me a comprehensive report and your un-manicured hand in marriage by the morning?’

Yuuri grinds through the tofu in his mouth and swallows quickly. Glares at him all the while. “No. He said, ‘Please have the comprehensive report by the morning, I know it’s heavy so you can take your leave early. Don’t skimp on the details.’” 

He doesn’t say why he’s got this memorized. He doesn’t say that he’s almost no longer needed to take down notes on anything Victor tells him anymore because he remembers every word that leaves his mouth. 

Don’t skimp on the details,” Phichit echoes. He gives Yuuri a funny look. “He’s so weird. Why doesn’t he ask you out like a normal person?”

“He doesn’t want to ask me out. He’s just…” Yuuri makes an exasperated noise and runs a hand through his hair. “Confusing.”

So, so confusing.

When Yuuri hands Victor the binder and the report in the morning, the editor-in-chief holds up one hand to signal for him to wait. Yuuri waits patiently as he scans the report, watches Victor’s eyebrows knit together and his teeth sink into his bottom lip.

Victor nods when he finishes. “Very good. Yeah.” He coughs and looks up at Yuuri. “Was that all?”

Yuuri feels his face heat up. Was he meant to acknowledge the hearts after all? He did end up leaving a—

“Chris said he’d bring by more sketches later, didn’t he?” Victor asks, then.

Yuuri flushes, shoulder sagging. Of course. Of course. He doesn’t know why he keeps letting Phichit’s words get to his head; he always ends up wrong. “He said he’d have them in by noon.”

“Sounds great.” Victor gives a close-lipped smile and nods again, turning back to binder. Yuuri takes that as his dismissal and steps out, cursing himself all the while. He sincerely hopes Victor had missed the —YK♡ he’d left at the bottom of the report.

Alright, so I never thought I’d be designing Cuphead ocs, but here we are. Might work on the designs a little bit more, and while I have ideas for names, I still have no clue what I’m going to call the guy in the middle. And yet, I’m kinda happy with how they’re turning out.Hopefully I’ll find the time to work on more sketches later.

Kylo Ren and Rey, having a chat… sorta. 

I’m trying to draw a thing and this still isn’t quite the thing, but I thought it turned out ok, you know, for what it is.

To @unapologeticreylotrash re: my last post: I had an idea of what they were discussing in those scribbles. Maybe I will post about it with more sketches later. I’m glad you enjoyed them. :3 And about the teeth thing: I am missing my two upper canine teeth. I was simply born without them. My dentist and doctor couldn’t find any reason for it (like a health problem), but I did have to wear braces to correct a gap in my front two teeth caused by the lack of the two other teeth. Wearing braces suuuuuuuckks.


Finally got out some of my Fantasy AU! Voltron sketches ♡ i love drawing lil elf apothecary Pidge ♡ (i just noticed both pidge and alluras reaction to lance is similar LOL oops) gunna post some more sketches later and maybe do a lil comic if yall want! (main ship is klance) 

R76 Valentine’s Event - Day 4: Proposal

When Jack FINALLY says yes! and everyone is super excited that it’s happening!  

this is my first time drawing them (????) so of course this isn’t my best. 

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! even to those who, like me, are spending it alone :D  

i’ll be posting more sketches later >.>

Soo. Some time ago @fanatic-trash wrote me about their huge MM AU idea for making things a bit darker, just the way I like it - I’ve been always a sucker for ghost/scary stories, good horror movies, and a little bit of demonic stuff, so their idea totally captured my attention!

Imagine, what if some kind of demon or maybe dark forces posessed Rika, and that’s why she’s so unstable in her way, switching between true herself and obeying those otherworldly forces? Storytelling in MM could take totally another path from original, how others could safe her, and how everybody can take an intresting different role in this new story, please go read it

And there’s whole bunch of ideas and new interpretations can be born, I’ll make more sketching later, but first I really wanted to capture how Rika would strangle with this spirit of her, so yeah. ^^;;