Hi! I’m Yoongi. I work full-time as a videographer and photographer (and occasionally take part in cinematography work). 

I’m currently staying in Korea and taking a break from travelling and trying to focus on professional projects based in Seoul.

If you’re curious about anything like my work, equipment, my personal life, or anything else; don’t be shy and come ask me here!

Min Yoongi, a 26-year-old videographer based in Seoul, South Korea, is gaining popularity from his cinematic youtube videos and short film productions, as well as his occasional work in blockbuster movies! But in his seemingly normal life 


Admin here, I’m formerly @ask-mintwinsarchive and fuckedy cookery I said a few months, it turned into a week. Anyway, I’m back, and I think I’m going to enjoy this AU and it’ll be organised for once. So, enjoy Yoongi’s lil adventures and ot7 shenanigans whilst I try not to fuck up lmao.

jesuisunefillemagique-deactivat  asked:

Oh my gosh imagine Athena surprising Apollo with hugs almost everywhere from the agency to the courtroom she'll just hug him at random times


She’d totally do it. It’s more funny to do when he doesn’t expect it.