blech, my computer crashed and I’m too angry to redo this. here you go


high school au where Ben Solo has never had a crush on anyone before but then this super calm and aloof guy joins his english class 2 weeks into sophomore year and he starts feeling all weird and flustered and he’s just like what the hell is this feeling? why am I blushing all the time? Am I dying?


Why I am fucking useless as an artist:

1.) Someone thought the dragon-bird hybrid with mineral veins in its beak was a naked eagle.
2.) No one thought the scales were scales.
3.) Someone told me they do better dragons in their sleep. It was a freshman.

My self esteem for my art is low as it is… But…

I was inspired by asktehbowz to draw the bird-dragon, dont ask why, but I was. I wanted to submit it to them, but now I am afraid to follow through once its finished….

Ugh….. Am I really that bad…?