ICONING. literally DO NOT have a child with my muse because i will literally go through hell and back picturing the little thing and tracking a perf FC and making icons of ‘em — that being said, jxsontodd i am so sorry i have dragged you into this mess bUT LOOK ANOTHER ICON OF CHIPMUNK !!


tagged for the 20 pretty ppl tag? ofc im talking about the toilet paper…
so, rap-minister # gyulseok # dianabtspanda (tell me if u didnt im not sure) and a lot more ppl tagged me but you should do it for me to reblog it only aighty ;-; i lost the confidence i had bout my face ,_,

i tag cherry-stains # nonbinaryjhope # sugavearsadboynerd # kingnamjoon # pinkfliphone # ohmybum # and u can self tag too, just tag me plz

how do I get more ppl to follow me. Should I post tits and weed or my views & thoughts on America today ? What are the young people doing

sageburnings asked:

*does the dougie* sageburnings

my opinion on;

character in general: MAN [frank ocean voice] i’m. in. loooveee…
how they play them: so well? like i love the banter it just flows so easily

the mun: v nice v positive v encouraging dude and there should be more ppl like them around here

do i;

follow them: yes!
rp with them: yes!
want to rp with them: i don’t do shit i dont wanna do!!
ship their character with mine: heck yeah i’m fully on the drake/ale ship atm

what is my;

overall opinion: i’m really glad sageburnings exists and plays cute lil witches with me!! also ima need to thread with that rad aubrey plaza fc real soon cool thnx ;)

**Note: Mun’s answer are all to be completely honest. Don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty.

anonymous asked:

I really like your no trigger warning concept :) i think more ppl on tumblr should do it

Aw! Thank you love! You’re one of the only people who’ve said about my no trigger warning tag… Just thought it’d be safe for my followers and anybody who stalks on my blog ;).

i’ve seen a bunch of posts hating on taylor swift for only speaking out about feminism but never talking abt other social issues, which is a legit criticism. i’ve kinda missed all the posts abt p much all other celebrities saying the same thing though, bc a lot of celebrities choose to speak abt certain issues over others (i know that one of the main things abt t swift is that she doesn’t talk abt intersectional feminism) … it just feels like if we’re gonna go with the whole ‘why aren’t you talking abt issue x?’ when someone is talking abt issue y, we should do it to a lot more ppl…