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ivan i’ts around 30 , joseph died at 35—[around…. i still don’t decide it well- x’D]


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Yooo I finally found your blog again after,what-2 years? Yup. 2 years. Your art is really cool and the way you draw link is really cute! I wanna see more of your ocs too in the future...You're an awesome person too!! Thanks for taking the time to read this, have a great day/evening/afternoon!

omgosh thank you so much hehe!!! I really wanna try drawing my OCs more! some have been left in the dust for too long ; _ ; ))9 thank you for the amazing encouragement!! ^.^///

Title: Broken Bonds [Chapter II]
Previous chapters: Chapter I 

Characters: OC, Libertus Ostium, Cor Leonis, Luche Lazarus (mentioned), Titus Drautos | Glauca (mentioned)
Warning: SFW for work, next chapters might not be but there will be warning.
Notes: Second chapter takes place right after the first one. Not much happening here but gives more insight on the OC and how things are running in Lestallum (thanks Square for not going into these details). 

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The Marshal was called away at the gates due to some sort of trouble and Libertus was kind enough to take her to his own ‘home’. He was living in one of the buildings within the barricade, a small apartment that probably before all that was a bigger apartment but now was split so it can accommodate more people. Even with that he had pretty much everything needed. Bedroom, a bath and even a small kitchen which he said he never uses since food is usually distributed to everyone and people ate together in improvised canteens as much as possible.

“Can I take a shower?” she needed that badly and the idea of just being around water made her more than excited.

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GARY I JUST SAW THE POST ABT UR BROTHER..... that's awful I hope u guys can raise the money!!!! I wish I could help u besides sending a message bc ur always super nice to me and ur a great mutual !!!!

It’s okay!!! omg reblogs help a lot so if you could reblog his donation post that would be amazing ^ - ^ The surgery is on dec. 27th so we still have time to prep thankfully. I LOVE YOU and ps I’m soooo friggin happy you’re drawing more! All your ocs make me so happy ; u ; 

andrew keeps making their dragon oc more monstrous and with the longest fucking neck imaginable and keeps asking me “would you date her? do you think shes sexy?”


super self indulgent but because it’s my birthday here are some sketches of my DnD character, Sherry! She’s a dwarf paladin, team mom, and will absolutely kick your ass.


some know him as the keeper of the gods, a holy conduit molded from earth and bone by the creators themselves to better channel their will and whims to their mortal children.

others know him to be a powerful shaman, capable of manipulating the ebb and flow of luck and fate like one would conduct a symphony.

but even those who are usually suspicious of the fantastical know better than to disrespect greniveth.

alone atop the windstrewn slopes overlooking the sparse clusters of civilization in the valleys below, he watches and waits

unusual character stuff? part 2
  • doesn’t know the official names for dogbreeds but has their own names for them (etc. grumpy dog, big snowfluff, golden boy, spot™)
  • collects patches for their signature piece of clothing
  • refuses to run
  • mainly draws one collection of things (etc. mushrooms, gadgets, backs, dinosaurs, statues, sea creatures, clothing, trees, goats…)
  • horrible at spelling
  • gullible as heck
  • always has small wounds on their hands
  • flinches at loud sounds
  • knows way to much about how to get away with murder
  • always has to make a cool entrance
  • gets nauseous a lot but never pukes
  • stress sweats a lot
  • asks inappropriate questions without realizing they’re inappropriate
  • not good at showing sympathy or comforting people (still can be a good person!! just not their area okay)
  • writes notes and to-do’s on their hands and arms
  • collects blackmail and secrets about everyone
  • has a really loud laugh (bonus: and gets self-conscious about it)
  • has an obsession with words
  • has a very strange google history
  • cuts their own hair
  • uses a lot of 1920′s slang (bee’s knees, heebie-jeebies, cat’s pajamas…)
  • doesn’t understand how to use chopsticks
  • super innocent when it comes to sexual stuff and is very easily traumatized
  • makes jokes out of every situation
  • needs a few minutes every morning to calm down after their bad dreams
  • the ultimate loyal friend™
  • wants to be a detective
  • should not, under any circumstances, be trusted behind the wheel
  • irresponsible when it comes to their body and injuries (”eh, it’ll heal on it’s own” “at least put a bANDAID ON IT!”)
  • cheats at every possible game
  • has to take very long bus-rides to their work/school
  • Gets so occupied with examining their surroundings that they often walk into things
  • has a super good sense of smell
  • likes to put their feet up on things
  • wears glasses that make their eyes look smaller/larger
  • has a dad™ look
  • only owns 1 pair of shoes
  • has a habit of doodling on every surface they can find
  • always the first one to wake up
  • Talks a lot, even when nobody’s listening
  • Somehow gets away with the weirdest crap
  • makes up words and just expects others to understand what the hell they’re talking about
  • gets easily out of touch with reality
  • addicted to stationary
  • can draw a perfect circle (that’s a flippin’ superpower)
  • looks like a certain cartoon character and hates when people point it out
  • overuses the word ‘hate’
  • never ties their shoelaces