Fergus Kelly, lowlife

DOB: July 4th 2259
Factions: Minutemen (sort of)
Romance: Cait (Formerly MacCready and Magnolia)
Friends: Hancock, Daisy, KLEO, Arturo, MacCready, the Bobrov brothers.

An ex-street fighter from South Bronx, he left home in 2282 after causing the accidental death of his closest friend. He robbed and killed his way across the North East US until in December 2285 when he decided to settle in the Commonwealth.

@itstimetodrew furries are just apparently insanely skilled as a group

like i read about a furry neurosurgeon and he had this one artist he really liked to buy from and he would spend thousands with them

because he was a neurosurgeon

and a furry

anonymous asked:

Heya, I would like to know more about you OCs ~tidie anon

Ooo, I have many Ocs actually!

This is Jay Jay

She’s a extroverted artist who really likes alligators, memes, and mozzarella cheese. Her best friend is Boxhead, who she usually calls “Boxie”.

This, on the other hand, is Boxhead

Boxhead is an introverted boi with anxiety who likes to read, draw, and be around close friends. He has a boyfriend, who is @floralconversesations ‘s OC, so if you want to know more about Boxhead’s boyfriend, Zer0, then go ask!

Boxhead and Jay Jay are roomates and go to the same art college.

Now, this is Crescent 

Not really much to say about him, he was an abandoned project by his unknown creator, so he ended up attempting to finish himself. Of course, that led to him having many flaws in his code, so he temporarily lost control of his actions and killed a man who was trying to help him. Crescent was then labeled a rogue, though when he recovered from the malfunction he had no memory of what he had done. (NOTE: This does not take place in the same universe that Jay Jay and Boxhead live in)

I’m not sure what to do to develop his character any further, so if you have any suggestions, please pleasE PLEASE tell me.

This is all I have for now, I’ll try to add more later once I’ve introduced more characters.