*deep sigh* OK LET’S CLEAR THIS UP

  • You got 1 or 2 OCs? Good for you! They must be incredibly well developed and you must have put a lot of thought into creating them
  • You got 100+ OCs? That’s great! It must take so much work to keep all of their personalities unique and interesting
  • You got some number of OCs in the middle? Guess what? That’s impressive too! Ensemble casts are tricky to do right, but when they are, they’re so much fun to watch
  • There’s no such thing as too many or too few OCs. As long as you feel that it’s appropriate for your story/universe, then it’s the correct number of characters
  • My personal issue isn’t when people brag. I love it when people are proud of their OCs! My problem is when people put down others and act superior for having more or fewer OCs than someone else

So, yeah, TL;DR: create as many or as little OCs as you’d like and don’t make anyone else feel bad about their characters. this has been a PSA

leia-in-the-stars  asked:

Hi there! More OC questions :D As I saw that Miles went through quite the process of change since your first concept for him, I became curious whether Anti went through a similar process? Or did he just jump out of your head in all his full current perfection?

(psssst Miles is a girl)

oh man, Anti went through a LOT of change in the past 5 years!

he started off as an asshole antagonist(he’s a protag now), who was very very mean. But after some interactions with friends’ characters, he softened up a lot. He became the softie he is today, but he’s still rough and tough sometimes. 

Physically wise- he changed a lot. Started off white like most of my ocs at the time, changed his outfit, his ethnicity to Aztec/Arabic, longer hair, hourglass shape… and he’s still changing! Just a few days ago i decided to turn his hair brown!


eeeeeeeeeeee more art of my OC’s!!!

This time, I commissioned @lepetitjessie to draw The Artist, Arlene the writer, and Melanie the rabbit.

The moment I saw her art, I KNEW I had to see The Artist in her style and kjdghkjadfhgkladfhgklad <3 <3 <3

Rhythm! New skeleton OC!! 

Yeah so like it says he is


-a musician(singer)




-composer(song writer)

-has stage fright 

-expressive through music

He enjoys playing the piano and guitar the most. Hope ya like him! 

hey there!

my name’s aqua. i’m a relatively new toonblr, but i’d like to introduce my toons!

first up we have big bizzentwist. he’s my newest toon i’ll be working on!

as of making this post (6/23/2017) he’s at 23 laff. he’s soft and actually loves the pink aesthetic, but it’s hard to come by that, since most products (like the pink bed) are gendered. but he’s trying!
he’s meant to be my new main, as my previous was made when i thought i was still a girl

next we have saoirse! (seen in this post) she’s more of an oc than anything now.

she’s at 65 laff, and currently is stuck at lil oldman (another reason i’ve made a new toon)

i won’t be on her much, but she’s back there in case i ever need something higher up again.

if you see me ingame on either of these two, feel free to screenshot and @ me! 

see ya real soon!


As a g/t artist I am slacking I am sorryyyyyyyy

I promise I will get something out soon, especially since my birthday is next month. I wanna do more with my ocs and cute prompts, I’ve just been busy!

I did quit my job and I don’t start my class until next month, so I just gotta figure out free time because I’m helping out with family plus I’m still unpacking my room.

I have cute things I wanna draw I just wish I have time toooooooo I’m sorrryyyyy and I feel bad that this blog doesn’t consist of my art as much anymore ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Five stages of having oc’s
  1. Denial – “No, I can’t twist this fandom universe!”
  2. Anger – “Why can’t I?!”
  3. Bargaining - “Ok, just one more oc. It wouldn’t make any harm”
  4. Depression – "It would. It doesn’t fit right, maybe, I should just remove it…”
  5. Acceptance – “I can’t fight it, let it be” - talking about your oc’s, writing about your oc’s, doodling your oc’s, making billion au’s with your oc’s…